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Another perspective: AI can NEVER become conscious, according to Morgue.

Original video on youtube

But, I don’t think Morgue adequately explored the possibility that mankind could merge with AI in some way, and so perhaps AI can become conscious in this sense?

He talks about humans possibly linking to a virtual avatar, but philosophically believes transhumanism is not possible (if one defines that as creating consciousness itself in a machine). About 30 minutes into the video he gets into this discussion …… interesting.

He still believes a sentient link is possible between humans and machine, but if future tech gets that sophisticated, how much more effort would it take to totally transfer consciousness over? And if many humans share a collective consciousness inside a machine one day, then will we become the “evil” sentient AI that already exists, according to the Gnostics?

Finally, if future humans link to AI and speak through it, then why can’t Archons link to AI and speak through it right now, deceiving humans? Perhaps we will be made to believe we created the Archons of our own destruction.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
Borg Resistance
Resistance is NOT futile! Section about the technological singularity, and ways to educate yourself & others on what on earth is happening, regarding this. Technology used correctly simply amplifies natural human abilities, but literally putting chips in your brain and other such nonsense is asking to be assimilated. This section will also contain organic truth(s) and understanding(s) to naturally assimilate into your psyche, through study and application. No quick Borg tech solutions exist!