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THE END OF HUMANITY - As Planned By The Global Leaders

......the Borg encroachment may seem like fantasy, but so would life-like realistic online role-playing games seem fantastical in the old Atari days......

I think the title AND subtitle pretty much say it all, so I don’t need to comment much.

While pretending advances are just happening rapidly, the controllers of the world already have all this dystopian tech ready to go now, but they role it out quickly in order to keep people too stunned, busy (struggling to survive), and distracted (fearporn with wars and such) to mount an effective defense.

Welcome to the matrix, Neo.

More commentary below from another substacker:

Humanity United Now - Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
Must Watch Documentary: The End Of Humanity - As Planned By The Global Leaders
Here is the link: The End Of Humanity Stop World Control created this excellent documentary about the totalitarian technocratic transhumanist agenda happening now. The Expose also wrote and article about this If you have any doubt that this surveillance under the skin is already going on, please look at this video…
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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
Borg Resistance
Resistance is NOT futile! Section about the technological singularity, and ways to educate yourself & others on what on earth is happening, regarding this. Technology used correctly simply amplifies natural human abilities, but literally putting chips in your brain and other such nonsense is asking to be assimilated. This section will also contain organic truth(s) and understanding(s) to naturally assimilate into your psyche, through study and application.