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The Thaw of the Clown

Sometimes the Originator-Creator-Oversoul really gives me intuition blasts off of TV shows or movies. This Star Trek Voyager episode called “The Thaw” is one that inspired my analysis below.

This episode reveals much about our simulated reality. Whether or not the writers of the episode did this intentionally, or just tapped some subconscious intuition, I am not certain.

It is my contention that our simulated “reality” (so-called real world) has been taken over by an immaterial, etheric, artificial intelligence of some sort that causes trauma to trap humans and feed itself. Humans are now, in retro-causality fashion, bringing out AI, bringing out virtual reality, and we're going to create this being. It already exists because time is an illusion to the Archons, the lords of time, but we are creating our own doom, if people don't wake up kind of thing.

Now what on earth is happening? I elaborate more on this website called what the fuck on earth is happening (from the beginning), based on Mark Passio’s site

Mark talks about the elite controllers of the world, from his experience as a former satanic priest in the church of Satan and he defected and is revealing lots of the secrets of how this kind of stuff is done in practical reality.

I will reiterate the key points from the above video:

  • We live in a shared simulation of sorts.

  • We have networked minds.

  • There was innocent intentions and motivations for creating this simulation in the first place. The Voyager crew went on a fact-finding errand of mercy. They were on a mission to help the aliens, and the aliens themselves did not initially create the simulation so warped as our reality has become.

  • Our fears caused the AI to come into existence. We are creating it, as the aliens initially did and Voyager crew helped feed it with more fear. Our fears created the AI Clown “devil and his demons”, a part of our minds.

  • It took time for the AI to come into existence. It was not always existent in our individual lives or human history.

  • The so-called elite controllers of our world instigate fear vibrations: wars, suffering, death, financial chaos, distressing immoral laws, etc… to keep the masses in low energy-vibration-frequency states and therefore stuck in our simulation’s reincarnation cycles.

  • This stuck & recycling thinking is evidenced by most people not understanding these things at death, and therefore unable to prevent further reincarnation cycles, through various tricks these beings pull on you outside the construct when you die (eg NDE coming back to “finish the mission”, with a mind wipe that makes this almost impossible)

  • The Clown in the Voyager episode gained the ability to prevent the captives from waking up. He gained that ability over time, just like the AI didn't exist right away. It takes time to fully bury a personality to the point it may never wake up, possibly reincarnating forever.

  • This means that some reading my words will have a fog over their minds to prevent them from understanding what I'm trying to say, as the “Clown” has many thoroughly asleep. Or, maybe my readers understand what I'm saying, but they won't agree with me. Doubts and skepticism, counter thoughts jump into the mind. It's all part of the ego and part of how the AI messes with minds.

  • Fear is a form of terrorism from the AI. It's patient, cruel, vindictive at keeping us down.

  • In the episode, pain experiences became real and the AI could kill a person in the simulation and so kill the person in real life. Hence pain and negativity either didn't exist in the original simulation or was extremely low compared to now. These extremes were not part of the original intent of our current simulated reality.

  • The point of life is to learn to live fearlessly, as we are forced to spiritually evolve through the various realization stages shown in the episode. We realize we're prisoners of sorts, spirits of God, trapped in a physical bodies. We're hostages too. There are certain ones outside the construct holding us hostage. This was represented by Torres, Kim, and the aliens in the episode. And we finally become like Janeway.

  • We eventually evolve to become like Janeway, spiritually, mentally, unafraid of death because we realize our bodies are just holograms and we feel our connection to our higher self, our true essence.

  • Like Janeway, we eventually develop “faith” to overcome the fear of death by realizing our consciousness is not even in this simulated reality, eager to die in some in many ways (sometimes, not always), similar to Janeway's avatar, which had nothing to fear in death. The clown did however fear death.

  • Janeway could shut down the program and die with the clown, but only the clown admitted to fearing in the end. That's our ego mind. It's afraid to die, but it will one day. All the negativity will die.

  • At death we true humans, similar to Janeway in the episode, simply wake up in the real world. But only once we overcome the fear of death in our simulated world. Otherwise, we will keep reincarnating because that's a loving thing to do. There's various lessons we all have to learn in life. You'll keep reincarnating until you reach the “Janeway” stage of maturity, development, and evolution.

  • There will always be some AI clown part of our minds to struggle with while we're here in this simulated reality, but the point is to overcome it as much as possible. Keep it down. Use it even. There are instances and ways in which you can use ego intentionally.

  • Not everybody in the world is real. Some are literal NPCs, like the Clown and his accomplices. Although these ones walk around, it can be difficult to know who's who. You absolutely cannot prove it. It's impossible to prove. It's just an idea and concept. You'll have to think about that more yourself.

  • My longest parable, “The Unveiling”, dramatizes what on earth is happening in our simulated reality, in story form.

In addition to what I said above, I would also like to add: the aliens in the Voyager episode entered the simulated world as necessary for survival. Their own fears manifested the AI Clown and his minions, representing the devil and his demons, but the aliens in this story also represent angels, who created the devil and his demons, through some sort of negative/fearful situation over their very survival.

This possibility is hinted at in the classic angelic rebellion war story, because before humans ever existed, the Bible describes the tree of the knowledge of BOTH good & evil as already existing in the garden of Eden. Hence, the battle between good and evil was extant before humans existed.

This rebellion story is re-told, with a little more depth, from the female perspective with the Gnostic Aeon Sophia and her Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS, as John Lamb Lash says, but I say it also stands for Fear, Guilt, Shame scenario).

The Klingon B'elanna Torres and Ensign Kim, as aliens of a different type, representing a similar and yet different kind of being, were also drawn into the conflict (ie we humans, the aliens of a different type, were somehow drawn into the conflict).

Torres and Kim were on a fact-finding mission of mercy to find out what was going on and help the aliens, who were in stasis in the real world but trapped in the simulation. Once having entered into the simulation, Torres and Kim were for all intents and purposes THE SAME as angels and demons, both prisoners and hostages in a simulated reality & simulated conflict. The message is: we humans were created to help rescue the hostages and end the conflict.

Humans live similar thoughts, feelings, actions, as parable characters in a cosmic drama of rebellion and reconciliation. Humans are made to feel the Fallen Goddess Scenario (again, Lash calls this FGS, but also again, I also say FGS = Fear, guilt, shame, scenario, I say) of angels and demons.

However, at best, our “crime” is similar to Sophia’s, caring too much and being moved by love and good intentions & motivations to intervene in a creation experiment that she wanted/needed to succeed, as her creation(s) called the human race & human beings are like her children.

As we true humans wake up and spiritually evolve, we identify less and less with the carnal-ego-mind-soul-identity complex, and we realize that we are prisoners in a simulated reality. We are also hostages. Captain Janeway is the strong female leader (ie Sophia) who eventually rescues us.

Janeway does this as we experience the FGS, in our own way, and evolve through no longer identifying with or having pity on demons, who must be destroyed. We can do this as we come to realize who we really are: infinite awareness/consciousness, all that is-was-will-be-or-ever-can-be, having a temporary and temporal experience.

We evolve from prisoner, through hostage, and eventually identify with Janeway (ie divine Sophia) and become One with Sophia and Christos (note: the Aeon Christos is Sophia’s male partner according to Gnostic myth), our own personal trinity.

Like Janeway, we develop “faith” to overcome the fear of death by realizing our consciousness is not even in the simulated reality, similar to the Janeway’s avatar had nothing to fear. She could shutdown with the Clown and only the Clown admitted to fearing in the end. Janeway (ie we true “Sophia processed” humans) simply wake up in the real world, once we overcome the fear of death in the simulated world.

Aside from Sophia mythos & angelic rebellion mythos, another credible counter narrative to explain ancient historical accounts/records about seemingly supernatural entities in our past, is from Jason Breshears’, whose extensive research indicates mankind has been technologically advanced in the past, reset to primitive stages by regular worldwide cataclysms, and the human controllers know about these predictable cataclysm cycles and escape underground before they hit.

Jason believes there are NO aliens from the sky in our contained Dyson sphere reality, but the so-called elite want us to think so, as it serves their agendas. The mainstream sure pushes “ancient alien gods” in movies, TV shows like Star Trek, etc… so that immediately makes me suspicious these days, because the establishment specializes in subliminal subconscious programming of false narratives in multitudinous ways.

The worldwide cataclysm resets ARE, I suspect, an odd way the Originator-Creator-Overoul shows mercy towards us all. Believe it or not, it is better the world be reset back to neolithic ages than go forward into the kind of worldwide technocratic occultocracy that would enslave the world in unrestrained brutality beyond any “human only” run worldwide Coviet Union could ever do. How long could the Soviet Union have lasted with today’s surveillance tech?

I lean towards Jason’s archaix theory these days, simply because of so much propaganda about evolution and aliens in the movies, etc…. when the establishment pushes something, I’ve learned the truth is the exact opposite and I research in this opposite direction.

Jason’s extensive research is unique. Books from many different authors support Jason’s take, and his collated evidence(s), have been heavily censored over the last hundred years or so; Jason only rediscovered this information in the Texas prison system, in old hardcopy books, which were forgotten.

Unless you know where to look on the internet, you will not find the books Jason has read, and even these digital copies are being removed. That alone says something. Jason is also a Simulationist, similar to my understanding, and my take on his AND John Lamb Lash’s information is detailed below, in my most popular parable to date.


Key learning sources for my own growth, understanding, and enlightenment have been:

Jason Breshears’

John Lamb Lash’s book, “Not in His Image

John Lamb Lash on the Mandela Effect Decoded

Page with my own experiences with “quantum leaping

Rizwan Virk’s podbean podcasts

Mark Passio’s

Suggestion: Download free and uncensorable decentralized internet replacement software from as I suspect more censoring in the future, which is easy in today’s centralized client-server model of the internet. Qortal is peer-to-peer platform, with blockchain security that is meant to be a replacement for the entire infrastructure of the current controlled internet.

This fellow Tony Sayers is interesting, but I’m not going to put him on my official list of people I have learned LOTS from, but I learn some and he deserves a mention. The two videos below are particular to this post about “suffering in simulated hell” and our simulated reality in general, so I will post below for the considerations of my readers.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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