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Have high tech "humans" under the earth always been here, and always roll out their Borg assimilation tech before the worldwide cataclysm? Distraction technique?

Is their Borg assimilation tech just a distraction because the controllers know the 2040 cataclysm cannot be stopped, unless this understanding becomes common knowledge???

I think the title and subtitle says it all. Decide for yourself, but I suggest to do your own research, and I think is a good place to start this research. I would only add that some degree of tech freedom can be regained if people learn about internet replacement platform qortal data network (QDN).

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It seems the controllers are prepping people for the traditional internet to be taken down, and QDN is just the thing my readers might need soon.

In case my readers don’t understand: when Schwab’s WEF (World Economic Forum) warns what “might” happen, the “warnings” are really about what they are planning to do, and, as part of worldwide mental conditioning, WEF then positions itself as the “experts” who warned what “might” happen.

If the dark occultists are successful at implementing their plannedemic cyber attack, Schwab and his WEF then swoop in with their “solution”, which always involves more removal of freedoms, rights, and more imposition of tyranny……internet “driver’s license”, no more VPN encryption allowed on the internet, full tracking & surveillance, no more Tor browser, no more encrypted communications apps like whatsapp, telegram, etc…

I suggest to learn about, and start using decentralized & uncensorable internet replacement platform Qortal Data Network (QDN), while you still can. I would also suggest learning about & transferring wealth into decentralized & control-resistant Bitcoin.

Realize central banksters are evil

Also, Bastyon is good decentralized & uncensorable tech, as Mike Adams talks about below:

Never give up, never give up……never, never, never, give up!!!


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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Resistance is NOT futile! Section about the technological singularity, and ways to educate yourself & others on what on earth is happening, regarding this. Technology used correctly simply amplifies natural human abilities, but literally putting chips in your brain and other such nonsense is asking to be assimilated. This section will also contain organic truth(s) and understanding(s) to naturally assimilate into your psyche, through study and application.