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Good summary from Jean Nolan

Not much to add, as I think Jean Nolan from has a pretty good grasp of the big picture.

I would only say something about the beginning of the video, when Jean says, “we are ‘winning’, at least we try everyday”.

The latter words are more accurate at this time, and at the end of the video, he even admits it may be impossible to turn things around worldwide. But at least he knows merging with tech is NOT a good idea, and so he is a good addition to “Borg Resistance”.

Jon Rappoport on the dangers of AI

Another “Jean”, Jon Rappoport has been warning about the evil medical cartel for decades, and here is good interview with Jon.

Also, the colluding governments (remember how they coordinated about the fake covid vaccine and still push that shit???) know how to keep people distracted with the struggle just to survive, since the central banskters are created just for that purpose. You will walk right into a digital prison one day, and not even realize it.

Recent 2024 interview: Mark Passio & David Icke discuss both AI enslavement (David mentions AI at 00:34:00) & general occult philosophy


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
Borg Resistance
Resistance is NOT futile! Section about the technological singularity, and ways to educate yourself & others on what on earth is happening, regarding this. Technology used correctly simply amplifies natural human abilities, but literally putting chips in your brain and other such nonsense is asking to be assimilated. This section will also contain organic truth(s) and understanding(s) to naturally assimilate into your psyche, through study and application.