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What On Earth Is Happening with Mark Passio?


Tony makes many good general points in this video, such as nature is beautiful and can be very healing, but our reality got “overlaid” with matrix/Borg takeover mind control programming.

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We all fall victim to the Borg assimilation process, sooner or later. We become either partially or fully assimilated mind controlled Borg.

In Star Trek Voyager, Seven of Nine was fully assimilated but was able to become human again in time. In Star Trek Next Generation, a Borg named Hugh had been assimilated for years, then became an individual again, through interactions with the Enterprise crew. Then Hugh got assimilated again, but retained some humanness and was able to change other Borg once reconnected to the hive mind.

I’d like to think some humans can resist the process, and eventually reject the Borg technology all together BEFORE full assimilation, although I don’t remember an episode dramatizing that. Point is everybody gets affected/infected, and the process of resisting and/or re-claiming your humanity is always difficult. Don’t believe the Borg mantra, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!”

Anyway, I suggest watch the whole video. I mainly wanted to post this video and talk about Mark Passio a bit, as Tony mentions some things about Mark at about the 15 minutes and 30 seconds spot (00:15:30). And Tony goes on for about 10 minutes worth of his unique brand of logic, reason, commonsense, intuition, etc…… about Mark Passio!

Tony admits that Mark helped him see through many deceptions, and Tony really used to be “into” Mark Passio. But Tony also started to develop some suspicions that Mark could be “controlled opposition”, or at least has some serious issues. Mark has said that he often gets accused of being controlled opposition, but claims it is not true.

Tony says the “jury is out” for him about Mark, and I am starting to feel/sense that too, for various reasons. I won’t comment more, but let my readers watch Tony’s video and decide for themselves about the good points Tony makes.

I still plan to transcribe Mark’s videos into text, to make his work more available to readers, because I still think his information is 90%-95% accurate. However, I pin this caveat to the top of my site and remind people to always exercise discernment. There are many complex psyops going on around the world, double agents & controlled opposition everywhere, many manipulated by invisible negative entities and don’t even know it.

It is possible to be controlled opposition and not even know it! I would like to think, at most, Mark is one of these. A man overworked perhaps, a little burned out even, not intentionally trying to discourage people with a big show about how terrible it is to try to follow natural law conscientiously, because who wants to become “hangry” like him all the time (Tony’s word, not mine).

More on Mark's unrealistic truth?

As for my personal testimony, I took Mark’s “How to Become the True Media 2023” seminar, which I recommend. I was very active in the class, asked Mark lots of questions, and even offered my computer skills to help him out. I have computer programming & web development training and experience, and I was willing to come to Philly to help him personally.

Click above image to go to Mark’s true media site

Other classmates can confirm my interactions with Mark and offers to help him. Mark agreed that he wanted to meet me. He often complains that he might have to stop his work, because he doesn’t have enough help.

Mark requested that I contact him in telegram, which I did many times and he never responded. I also sent Mark several emails, but he only responded to one, after my prodding. Even then, I sense his return answer was only due to his obligation to send me the course completion certificate, which he had not done. He subsequently ignored any further emails from me.

My readers will have to decide for themselves if these seem like the actions of somebody who really wants tech help from somebody with the time, skills, and willingness to help. Is Mark controlled opposition, fully funded by the CIA, and doesn’t really want/need help? Is his real mission to subtly discourage people with unrealistic demands/expectations, turn people off with his rage, and subliminally & subconsciously program people to stay inactive, a very clever stand-down operation? I mean, really, who wants to become like him? “Become knowledgeable but stay inactive”, is the subtle discouraging subconscious message many get, IMHO.

I don’t know for sure, but the psyops going on are very sophisticated and I can’t help but wonder about Mark, as Tony does too. People must decide this for themselves, of course. I take the 90%-95% true information, discern the potential pitfalls, and discard the rest.

Note: you will see in the email(s) below that I mention a serious concern I have with the date Mark chose to open enrollment for the “How to Become the True Media 2024 seminar”. I KNOW he has read these emails AND YET has said nothing, nor has he changed the opening date for the 2024 seminar.

Since I KNOW Mark has read the emails AND YET (as of today anyway) he has NOT changed the enrollment date, what does that say about his sincerity? Perhaps the dark occultists (with whom Mark is quite possibly still working) refuse to give him permission to change the date? A little occult mockery on Mark’s followers??? You will understand if you read the email(s) and I think you will agree with my concerns.

The buttons below contain the email exchanges between Mark and myself, so people can read and decide for themselves. Clicking the button(s) should download the email(s) to your downloads folder as an email file, with the extension (.eml). You can double click this file, and your email client should automatically open & read the email. If you have problems, you can contact me at and we can work something out.

Dec 27, 2023 - Download eml file

Jan 15, 2024 - Download eml file

Jan 26, 2024 - Download eml file

Feb 6, 2024 - Download eml file

Mark presents himself as a brave, tough, guy and often calls his viewers cowards for not getting more active in battling the tyranny rising. But isn’t it rather cowardly to NOT answer a simple email, with an honest answer about what problem he seems to have with me? Are his screams that “everybody’s cowardly” more bluster-show to discourage & shame his audience into inaction?

After all, he seems rather cowardly himself to NOT even respond to my emails with a truthful answer. Why do his actions show he does NOT want tech help, when he claims he does? I can’t reach through the computer and beat the crap out of him, can I? So what’s he afraid of? I wouldn’t even bother driving to Philly to attempt any violence against him, so why is he so afraid to give back an honest email answer?

For a guy on the side of truth, as he often shouts so loudly, it seems to me that he may still be on the side of lies, albeit very sneaky dark occult controlled opposition, if that is the case.


Like Tony says, Mark looks down on you if you believe in flat earth, but Tony thinks it is true. In a subjective, observer based reality, we can be given information to feed our “5 sense confirmation bias desires”, whatever we want/need to believe to keep a person closed-minded, hence under a form of mind control itself, IMHO. Mark talks a lot about consciousness, but does not emphasize the truths in the below video. Much of it resonates with me, and I suggest it is good for people to assimilate, not Borg style but rather organic style. :-)

P.S. In addition to Tony’s point that natural law is just repackaged karma, which he believes is bullshit, primarily because we are being massively manipulated and karma doesn’t touch vicious pedophiles who run the world, Mark has publicly admitted to grinding through something like 8 years of intense shadow work, research/investigation, etc… to get out of the Satanic mindset, raise his consciousness, connect with truth, and get active.

Also, he claims to have over 150 IQ (very high), and very experienced for 10 years in the occult, and technology training/skills/experience that few will ever have chance to achieve, let alone put into practice, AND THEN ALSO VICIOUSLY HAMMERS & BLAMES people for their situation and insists they must do similar to him or we’re all fucked and deserve more blame???

Does this resonate with people to “do similar to him” or the opposite? Mark often speaks with admiration about the dark occultists he worked with, because they are so intelligent, expert world manipulation “chess masters” at obtaining their goals, driven, etc… To me, these days, such declarations resonate-vibrate a message as to whom he may still belong and secretly works for & with.

Countering all this, the gist of the Gnostic narrative says the Aeon Sophia fell, not humans, so we are NOT to blame for anything, but we are living in Gaia-Sophia’s lucid dream, so it feels that way sometimes.

The below video agrees with Tony that karma is bullshit, and you can transcend the law of cause and effect, if you master imagination and mind. Karma can trap you by “placebo” effect if you believe in it.

At about spot 6:30 the video talks about karma

Original video on rumble

The “split duality” experienced here in hell-realm has us often believing both good and evil come from the same God, which is only true in the sense of what transpired in the Pleroma (ie Gnositc heaven) between Sophia, Christos, the Originator-Creator-Oversoul, other Aeons, and the Anthropos experiment they were running, etc… but nonetheless, humans are still NOT responsible for anything regarding our condition; overcoming the fear-guilt-shame (ie karma) bullshit is tricky for compassionate heart based people.

While I was deprogramming from Christian indoctrination and re-programming into a different way of thinking, I went into this concept in depth at this link, and I did if from a Biblical perspective. But the Sophia sacred feminine narrative has helped bring balance to my understanding of the psychotic god of the Bible, who claims to create both good and evil (ie the split duality of Isaiah 45:7, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.").

There is much symbolic messaging in Sophia’s story that can help apply the sacred feminine to each individual, regardless of physical gender. But according to the Gnostics, true unadulterated reality in the Pleroma is “two part duality”, where the Pleroma is only & all good, but confusion of this comes from falling into “split duality” here.

So, duality is defined as “two part” in the Pleroma, symbolized by Sophia and Christos working together as One, duality and yet unity at the same time. But falling into the Kenoma (our hell-realm) causes a shift & change in consciousness so that duality is defined as “split”, as in sort of split personality disorder, where Sophia and Christos do NOT work together as One, so duality exists BUT ALSO disunity. And yet these things are Archontic illusions created by the demiurge, a type of our egoic-Satanic mindset. Doesn’t Mark hint at such illusions at the bottom of his website, where he posts?

Since Mark is focusing on the sacred feminine for season 2024, I suggest John Lamb Lash (JLL) adds to this discussion, because he does a pretty good job of recovering & elaborating the sacred feminine Sophia messaging, so I recommend my readers check out some of JLL’s work at my other substack, available by clicking the below button.

JLL on WritePharma Parable Publishing

John says Sophia has “gained agency”, which means she is now consciously & supernaturally intervening in the human experiment, to counter the Archons, and reset the divine experiment. This is the true reset, not Schwab’s 2030 (You will own nothing and be happy) bullshit reset.

John claims the Mandela effect is caused by Sophia and there is a specific message to people in this paranormal phenomenon. I uploaded all 68 talks JLL does about Mandela effect decoded, which you can access by clicking the button below.

Talk #1 of JLL's Mandela Effect Decoded


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