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The Unholy Feminine - Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda - Part 2 of 2

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Everyone, we've all been waiting for Mark Passio. I am going to tell you that last night I realized that my inauthentic woman has been at battle with my authentic woman and it was really helpful because I could give myself credit for the authentic part and I could kind of recognize the inauthentic part for the first time, so now I can have a little more peace between those two parts of myself because one of them might have been inherited from my society, and fuck that shit.

So we have this brilliant man here. My husband Bob and I we went back to the hotel room and Bob said that guy is a genius. It's true

All of us have so much appreciation for you Mark and what you have done and the ability for you to communicate that to us in a coherent manner so without further ado Mr. Mark Wonderful Beautiful Passio.

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Thank you so much, you guys are so great.

So let's get into part 2 of The Unholy Feminine, Neo-Feminism and the Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda.

Yesterday I went through many of the methodologies that the Neo-Feminism agenda uses against women and men to divide the genders against each other and incite the gender war to weaken the entire population.

I called these methods the war against the goddess because they are a direct attack on the authentic sacred feminine that both women and men really carry within themselves so this part is called the war against the goddess continued.

After this I'll be going through solutions that I consider we can employ to heal the divide between the genders.

One of the next methods of manipulation I want to talk about is the concept of male privilege, this myth that is propagated by the neo-feminist ideology.


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(00:02:44) So-called male privilege is the neo-feminist idea that men are somehow given distinct social advantages over women based primarily upon their gender, just because they are men.

Now I don't know how many people in the audience are out there watching on the internet actually believe this but I'll tell you one thing nobody ever, ever gave me anything just because I'm a man. As a matter of fact, I've really kind of noticed the exact opposite quite in fact, that you know sometimes open hostility can be shown because you're a masculine man in many instances and things can be withheld.

I certainly never experienced this concept of being privileged because I'm male um... you know looking at these couple of photos here you know, women making this assumption are obviously really not too much keeping in in reality in line with reality as far as I'm concerned

If we look at the percentages of certain aspects of society, you look at deaths by combat, 97% of men, 90% of people who suffer combat death are men while only 3% are women.

Industrial deaths and accidents are suffered by, comprise 93% male deaths and only 7% female deaths. Homicide victims, three quarters to one quarter 76% men versus 24% women. Suicide victims, it's an 80-20 split and in custody battles after divorce usually the winner of a custody suit is women by a margin of 84% to 16.

The Corporate world is largely driven by women in so far as purchases of goods and services. We talked about that when we talked about rampant consumerism yesterday. 80% of consumption performed by women in society, females in society.

The numbers that I got recently said that it was closer to an 85-15 breakdown as I talked about yesterday. In politics, 54% of women are voters, 60% of the welfare recipients are female.

Infrastructural workers, meaning people who actually build all of the infrastructure and technology that we use on a daily basis, 80% of those are male, 90% of inventors and innovators are male, and 65% of the taxpaying population, which I think should go down to zero, of course, 65% currently feeding into that system are male.

So you know it's difficult to see by a lot of these ratios and a lot of these statistics how there could possibly be an actual real thing known as male privilege in society. I personally don't see it as anything that is real. I see it as an invented concept to further try to drive a wedge between men and women in our culture


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(00:05:55) Women and order followers. This is another huge dynamic that has to be understood when it comes to the neo-feminism agenda and the conditioned state of many inauthentic females.

Most order followers are men. This is what I talked about last year at the conference. Order followers and the destruction of the sacred feminine within themselves.

Order-following men are the creators, the boots-on-the-ground creators of what I call the Dark New World Order, the system of human enslavement because they're the ones who are actually doing the coercive action and the immoral, violent behavior against other human beings, but women consistently support dominators and order followers throughout their entire careers and lives.

How many women support what these dominators and order followers do? I mean they have mothers who support them and say that they're proud of their jobs and professions. They have sisters. They have wives. They have daughters and these women in their lives continuously support them.

Now, how many of their wives, mothers, sisters, or daughters would continue to sanction the behaviors of order-following men if they were to wake up to the agenda that they're being used for and what they're actually being used to create, the type of slavery system that they're being employed to create?

You know, how many women would actually say, no, I will not take part in what you're doing by supporting you in any way or even having a relationship with you in any way?

Some of the memes here show what the problems are. Supporting the troops. Not always logical.

It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his NOT understanding it. What a great quote.

And I would say it's difficult to get a woman to stop supporting a man who's doing an immoral behavior when his salary is contributing to benefit in her life, and comfort in her life. See, that’s what people have to be willing to walk away from, even if it creates temporary discomfort or temporary chaos in their lies, and that takes courage to do.

Women's support, and again I want to qualify, we're talking about the inauthentic woman throughout the ages, the mind-controlled woman, the socially engineered woman. The inauthentic woman has traditionally sided with conquerors, dominators, and tyrants both during and after wars throughout history.

Flocking to the side of the victor or whoever is currently in control of the resources has been a historical pattern for conditioned women for thousands of years. We see this pattern over and over and over again.

Women have been conditioned to simply go with the winner, with whoever is happening to control resources at any given time, in any given geographic region.

I mean after World War II in Germany when the troops of the Allies came in and displaced the Nazis, women who were, there are countless reports, that women who were with the Nazis one day were then sleeping with allied soldiers the next day, as if nothing had ever happened, and it was just a replacement of the physical male body that they happened to be around because they were now in control of the region and in control of the resources of the region.

And you know of course a lot of atrocities happen in warfare times and you know there's accounts that starvation was occurring and they starved out a lot of the troops, the Nazi troops after the war after their surrender, and I you know in general women didn't want to I guess be subject to that, many cases and just went with the winning side. They didn't stay loyal to the people who were defeated that they had supported right up until the very bitter end, but immediately went with the conquerors or the new winners.

And again I would say this is not a normal thing for them to do. People will make the argument that's just a natural normal thing. No it's a socially conditioned thing that they've been taught to do. That's a learned behavior.


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(00:10:13) Androgyny is one of the other main attacks of neo-feminism. It's a methodology to destabilize a population.

Another tactic of neo-feminism epi-eugenics is the deliberate androgynization of society. Androgynization slowly homogenizes and gradually erodes the distinctiveness of both male and female.

When genders and gender roles become skewed and blended, strong men and strong women sharing cohesive familial bonds become an endangered species.

As a result of that breakdown of the familial dynamic between men and women, society becomes weakened at a very fundamental level. Why is that?

You know and again this is not an attack on any alternative sexualities out there. I want to make that very clear. This is explaining that the vast majority of human sexual interaction is between men and women and when you androgynize that or you gradually erode the distinctiveness between the genders and you're breaking down that familial bond that they can create together, you're weakening a society because. You are ultimately going to create not only a divide between man and woman but a divide between parents and children as a result of that breakdown of that familial breakdown.

So then that translates down to the next generation especially when it comes to good parenting in many cases.

Hand-in-hand with androgenization is the again the feminization of the male gender okay. So we see the metrosexual in society and we see what is now known as the lumber sexual. Let me explain the lumber sexual sexual to people okay.

The lumber sexual is the type of man who really doesn't have inherent masculine traits but wants to portray them anyway, wants to fake them or feign them. So he'll dress up like a quote real man might look or a masculine man like might look a genuine man and you know this is a trend going around in hipster culture right now for people who are familiar with it.

The lumber sexuals are all over my neighborhood in South Philadelphia. Everywhere. This meme says I'm so glad I don't have to actually hunt I have no fucking clue where gluten-free tacos live. It's comical, it's funny, but it's true.

We're seeing this proxy of trying to be a man, not the real thing. Again, I'm not saying everybody has to be Mr. Macho. Don't twist my words or take it to an extreme that I'm not saying.

I'm saying there is such a thing as genuine masculinity, and you know instead of embracing that you know most men are becoming overly feminized. This is again part of the agenda through food through medication through things in the water supply and in the air and you know it's basically depleting testosterone levels in men as I talked about yesterday and creating this feminized male who then is trying to overcompensate by looking masculine even though he doesn't actually have those characteristics within him.

And you know, women are being conditioned to be attracted to that type of emasculated male as well.

Some of the other side effects of things that neo-feminism propagates is the types of negative repercussions that we're seeing in things like social media. You know, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Social media is furthering the agenda to create division between men and women. I mean you could see these types of arguments and threatened flame wars all over social media.

Many conditioned women are now employing social media as a mechanism for what I call collecting men. They're basically creating like shopping lists of men to find out what they can do for them and how much attention that they can garner from them.

They often will this inauthentic form of woman will actually view men as a commodity on a grocery item checklist and view the social media outlet that she's using to do this and to get these things done for her as like a shopping venue like going into the store.

Social media websites have further been employed to destroy real social interaction. This is the main thing that they're being used to do in this agenda. You know, you're not having people meet in person anymore. They're just talking online. And, you know, they're not actually developing real social interactive skills. You know, they're just interacting virtually.

And this is, it's done to destroy real social interaction between people, especially men and women, and also this uh... the secondary effect that this has is it emboldens rudeness between people, because the way people talk to each other online they would never talk to each other like that in person. They would definitely think twice about it you know doing that you know physically right in front of another person.

There's little incentive very little incentive to be nice to somebody when you can get away with saying anything in the virtual online world. This is part of how women are using social media and part of some of the ancillary effects that social media is having in the form of driving a wedge between men and women.

The so-called millennials, the millennial generation, the millennial quote woman, these are the children of the post baby boomer generation and were largely raised by state-run educational system, television and pop culture.

They've been conditioned by these systems to behave in ways that are complacent, compliant, unquestioning, unthinking and narcissistic.

They absorb large amounts of television programming, consume poisonous genetically modified food, are obsessed with escapist pursuits, and can only have vapid inane conversations and expressed an extreme lack of concern or interest in real-world issues. They are the absolute dream of the social engineer controllers.

The reason I brought this up is because I've had a little bit of interaction with millennial women over the last few years and when I see women of this age group, it's all they're all sadly very sadly almost universally alike in the patterns of behavior and the tendencies that they express.

I actually had a young woman just pre-college age like maybe a senior in high school age like 17 18 years old say to me directly to my face in person, I would prefer that someone else do my thinking for me. Actually made that statement to my face you know.

This is how conditioned they have this younger generation. This is what the school system is doing to young people especially young women. It's seen as uncool to care about anything anything serious. Any topic that is serious, the conversation has to be as inane as humanly possible as it can be made particularly among this this generational group.

There was a there's a common phrase in America in Western culture in particular that ignorance is bliss. I've said before ignorance is death. It'll lead to our destruction, but in the ancient Egyptian tradition, where the Kemetic tradition, there was a common phrase about ignorance and it's it said ignorance is evil. It is the essence of evil to ignore truth and I couldn't agree with that statement more.

The consciousness of the so-called millennial woman has been programmed from birth by the state thanks to the complacency of their parents' generation, a generation largely that surrendered their freedom, abandoned health and nutrition for quote-unquote convenience, traded their spiritual and moral values for those that they garnered from sitcom television and handed their children over to the corporatized state where their minds were molded like clay into the types of inauthentic males and inauthentic females that we're discussing here today.


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(00:19:05) Another technique that is being employed particularly on the religious side of this agenda, because again there's a political side to this agenda, a social side to the agenda, and a religious side to this agenda, is called Neo-Puritanicalism and this is rampant in our society it's a very very unhealthy attitude toward human sexuality

A religious puritanical mindset is being slowly re-infused into Western culture by religious fundamentalism. Such religionists are demonizing consensual sexual relationships between adults and pushing the notion that normal human sexuality is somehow sinful or even evil.

They try to convince people that everyone in American culture is obsessed with sex, when in fact all people in American culture are obsessed with, is the idea of sex, but not the act itself. This is due to the level of sexual repression that is taking place within our culture.

Every westernized culture is actually more sexually repressed now than ever before in its history and this dynamic is becoming worse and worse due to the growing influence of this neo-puritanical ideology.

This religious and cultural engineering to demonize a healthy attitude toward normal human sexuality, this is religious and cultural engineering to demonize a healthy attitude toward normal human sexuality and to reduce the human population through voluntary abstinence.

Now again, don't twist my words and make it into something extreme that I'm not saying. I'm not telling people go out and have rampant, wild, promiscuous sex with everyone indiscriminately.

I'm just saying that the attitude toward a healthy libido and a healthy sex life is constantly repressed in our culture and this is a religious it's a fundamentalist religious influence.

I could tell you a little anecdote about this story. A while back someone I can't remember where it was or who said it to me but I was in a discussion with a woman and she said something to the effect that for women to have any kind of a healthy sex life that is not deliberately being withheld by them okay is akin to someone standing outside of a bakery and giving cakes away for free and how would the people who own the bakery feel about that.

Now think about that for a minute. Think about that anecdote for a minute.

She said women having sex and having a healthy sex life is akin, is very much like somebody standing outside of a bakery giving away free cake.

Okay, now think about how unhealthy of an attitude that is about the normal sexual human sexual experience that is supposed to be about bonding with another person, emotions shared between another person, physicality shared between another person.

All they're thinking of it as it's some type of a monetary exchange, or it's some type of a thing where you could be so shamed for doing it it's like you're giving away the goods for free instead of getting something in return and you're making devaluing it for all of us.

Now that's more of a again a financial motivation for the withholding of sex but this goes hand in hand with the neo-puritanical religious worldview that sex should just be continuously withheld and it's something that is something that you know should only be like done for things like procreation.

Again, I don't have a wild radical sexual view about that it should be done completely indiscriminately. There is obviously emotions tied in with the act but to view this in the total biblical sense as something that should be viewed as sinful is definitely part of the neo-feminist agenda and part of a religious fundamentalist agenda that ties in with the neo-feminist agenda.

It's all there for population control ultimately.


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(00:23:05) Hand-in-hand with neo-puritanicalism goes the myth of hook-up culture and this is completely fake. Does not exist. Does not exist anywhere on the planet. It's an invention.

This is the idea that is brought up by the mind-controlled religionists, the radical Christian right, the fake Christian religionists. They spread this notion that hook-up culture exists and is rampant in our society, and what they claim it is is an atmosphere of total promiscuity, total one-night stands, and total casual sex going around everywhere in our culture, that Americans are totally obsessed with sex and are having it randomly and indiscriminately everywhere.

I don't know how many people here have experienced what is known as hookup culture. If you've actually experienced hookup culture, raise your hand.

A couple of people like a couple of people maybe five people in the five or six people in the entire room okay. I'm I'm saying it's such a limited thing that it is practically non-existent. This is an invention. They're taking small isolated pockets where some promiscuity might take place and they're saying this is going on everywhere and everybody's doing it and it's a rampant problem throughout society.

If anything, attitudes about sex are becoming increasingly more repressed day after day in this culture. And people make a radically wild bigger deal about it than it is. They're not looking at it indiscriminately and not looking at it frivolously at all.

Hookup culture is an invention of the religion of religion and social engineering to make religious minded people believe that there is a wild sex craze culture that they are being protected from or that they need protection from by buying into their puritanical religious ideology.

This is what the agenda really is doing, and again this is all to get people to think about sexual normal sexual activity in a completely unhealthy and repressed way, so that what ultimately happens is you end up with population reduction voluntarily conducted by the population that the eugenics agenda is designed to cull, getting the herd to cull itself.


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(00:25:30) Hand in hand with the fallacy of hookup culture is the fallacy of rape culture. So-called rape culture is also a PSYOP invention and is not actually taking place.

This is not at all to say that rape does not take place or it is not an extremely vicious crime and an overall problem in human society. Again, don't take my words out of context and twist them.

But the claim that there is a formally justified culture of rape being propped up within our society is patently absurd. If there is any institutionalized acceptance of rape in human culture, it is in the prison system where the highest number of rapes in America take place and those rapes take place upon men, not women.

That's where the highest number of rapes are taking place on a daily basis in the world, is in the United States prison system. The myth of rape culture is ultimately propagated by the social engineers to keep us in constant fear of each other.

Now once again. You know you can react viscerally if you want. Of course, does rape take place? Yes it does. It's a crime that takes place every day. We're not talking about rape. Look at the words on the screen: rape culture. The question is, is there a culture, a sanctioned culture of rape in America or any other country for that world?

In some Middle Eastern regimes, yeah, there may be. In some radical Islamicist regimes, rape may be officially sanctioned religiously and in law. But I'm talking about in the West. In Western culture, there is no such thing as rape culture.

Rape culture in the West is a myth. It's an illusion propagated by neo-feminists. It's done to propagate fear. Again, this is all about fear of normal human sexual interaction.

This is the theme here in this section.

Propagate fear of normal sexual activity. You get people in fear, they start procreating less, the population is reduced, you're seeing less of the traits you don't want to see in the culture.

This is done to keep us in constant fear of each other. It drives the wedge between the genders. For example, the phrase that you hear by a lot of neo-feminists, every man is a potential rapist. I mean, this is the most ridiculous, nonsensical thing I've ever heard in my life.

And it's total, it's man-hating. I mean, that's blatant misandry, blatant man-hatred. And all it does is further isolate the genders, creating the further war, divide in the gender war.

Here's one you can get as offended about as you like and I know Bob Tusken will love this part of the presentation.


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(00:28:26) The AIDS hoax. This is another thing. AIDS doesn't exist, ladies and gentlemen. There's no such thing as AIDS.

AIDS is a disease that is caused by lifestyle and malnutrition. HIV doesn't cause AIDS. There is no HIV test. There is simply an antibody test for HIV which over 60 different independent diseases can cause a positive result on an HIV test.

Luke Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV with Robert Gallo, has publicly stated that he himself no longer believes HIV causes AIDS and that AIDS can be cured with nutrition.

AIDS was used primarily as an epigenetics scare tactic. Again, it's fear. Get people afraid of normal sexual interaction.

That's what dominates the mindset in particularly Western culture when it comes to sexual interaction is fear, fear, fear, and more fear.

The AIDS hoax was an epi-eugenics scare tactic to make people fearful of having sex because this is a sexually transmitted disease that you can actually die from.

I have never met an individual in my life with so-called AIDS. Not one. Zero. As a matter of fact, I have never met a person who knows a person with AIDS. I might today. You might tell me you know somebody who had it.

But this is a disease that is brought on by lifestyle and nutrition issues. That's what causes the body to go into autoimmune response and attack itself. It is not caused by HIV. People have to get that through their head and start understanding HIV is not the cause of AIDS and it is not really truly a quote sexually transmitted disease. Thank you.

I knew you'd like that, Bob. I had to throw that in.

See, abstinence always slows down a population. It always slows down population rates for eugenicists who are seeking to keep the population small and manageable.

So you want to encourage abstinence as much as possible. You want to have an atmosphere of fear regarding sexuality and propagate that fear as much as possible. You want to propagate what we talked about yesterday, slut shaming. You want to propagate puritanical view of sex, okay?

One thing you don't want is normal attitudes about human sexuality and normal familial bonding between strong men and strong women. You don't want that. They don't want that.

Because that's what makes a population strong and independently thinking and freedom oriented in their mindset. You don't want that if you're a eugenicist social engineer that wants slavery.

You want to breed your cattle the way you need them to be bred. And here is the testing grounds for the farmers.

The testing ground for the human farmers is the nation of Japan. And let me tell you something. Everything they're doing there is coming here. It's already well underway here.

They have culled the Japanese population already. And you know, we could talk about Fukushima doing that even further. And what it's going to wreak on sexual reproduction in Japan. All right, and that's no accident. It's no accident.

You know, what happens in consciousness gets reflected on the grand scale when it comes to cataclysmic destruction in human lives and in the environment as well, because consciousness is directly related to those eventualities.


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(00:32:08) The Japanese Intimacy Crisis. If you haven't heard about this, I suggest you get online and start researching it immediately. Japan is experiencing what is being called, in their own media, in their own mainstream media they had to acknowledge it, because that's how bad the problem is, an epidemic intimacy crisis and Japan has the fastest declining population rate in the entire world.

Almost half the population of Japan claims that it is no longer interested in any kind of sexual intimacy. Let me just repeat that. Half of the population of human beings that live in the nation of Japan say that they are no longer interested at all in any kind of human sexual interaction okay. That's what the social engineers have accomplished. They're techno sorcerers ladies and gentlemen. That's what these social engineers are. They are techno sorcerers.

I want to get back to that point after I finish reading the stats on this slide because I want to make a point regarding what's really going on in Japan and it's starting to go on here.

This is happening because of destroyed sex drives in both genders due to extremely low testosterone levels which I talked about the importance of testosterone for normal vitality, strength, and human sexuality yesterday.

Japan is merely the social engineer's testing ground for their depopulation agenda. The American intimacy crisis has already begun. It is already well underway, folks. It's just unspoken.

Not many people will have the courage like myself to stand up here and talk about these issues because they don't want to be alienated from other people who they're afraid of what they think.

I don't care what you think of me. I'm telling you what's going on and what I know is directly, directly being directed by the people who I used to work with and for. I'm telling you they told me that they were conducting these eugenics agendas and I didn't believe it coming out of their mouth and I'm no longer laughing about it folks I'm no longer saying oh no you can't possibly do that to a whole population you're not that powerful.

They're getting it done and these statistics will prove it.

See the American Intimacy Crisis is happening now and our population is starting to plummet just like Japan's is. It's just unspoken and it's not going to make the controlled headline news because they're not going to tell you what I'm telling you.

Here's the statistics of the Japanese Intimacy Crisis.

Half the population aged 16 to 49 had no sex in the past month. 27% almost 30% of men have claimed, one in three men almost claim, they're not interested in sex anymore ever again. Almost a quarter of women when polled, they're not interested in sex anymore ever again. One quarter, one in four females, no interest in sexual activity. 61% of men age eighteen to thirty-four, not in any kind of a relationship, any kind of a romantic relationship with anyone of either gender. Half of women eighteen to thirty-four, not in any kind of a romantic relationship with either gender. 36% percent of men in that same age group eighteen to thirty-four are still virgins have never had sex. 39%, 40% almost of women age 18 to 34 in the nation of Japan still virgins, never had sex once 18 to 34.

Now you look at all those statistics together and you tell me that that's a naturally occurring trend you're out of your goddamn mind. You tell me that that's not psychological illness. You're out of your goddamn mind. You tell me that's not physiological illness? You're out of your goddamn mind. You tell me that's not social engineering? You're out of your goddamn mind.

That's human farming. Human farming is what that is. Get as offended about that as you like. That's what's going on.

People should be enraged about something like that about their ability to cull human population numbers like that. You should be enraged about it, because it's coming here now.


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(00:37:00) The rise of asexualism. Asexuals are people who do not experience any sexual attraction to anyone else. Asexualism is characterized by a total disinterest in all sexual behavior.

And that's what the human farmers are breeding in Japan and are going to start breeding here in the United States. They've already well begun this.

Contrary to the claim that asexuality is not a physical and or psychological disorder, that is precisely what it is. This is not a naturally occurring thing in the human genome or in the human population.

This is something that is brought about by absolutely demolished testosterone levels in both genders and it is brought about by mind control social engineering regarding attitudes about human sexuality.

I liken this. How many people have ever researched the people who think that their limbs don't belong to them? And and want to remove their limbs okay? This is one of the most disturbing things you will ever research. Look up like the phantom limb syndrome or something, and I don't mean like people who’ve had limbs amputated and think that they're still there. There are people who think my arm doesn't belong to me, my leg doesn't belong to me, I need to get rid of it to feel comfortable in my own skin okay.

This is an issue. It's a psychological issue going on in the brain. That is a is a profound imbalance in the being, in the in the in their psychological makeup okay. It's not a normal thing. It's a psychological illness. It's a disorder you know. These people you know wanted, I'm not saying they're committing any violence or anything like that against anybody or should be discriminated against but don't try to tell me this isn't a disorder. This is an illness. It's not normal.

To look at it as normalcy, it's like you're looking at someone who's affected with profound cancer. You're just normal. You're not sick. It's an illness, folks. Let's call it what it is.

It's an example of what social engineering and low testosterone levels in men and women will result in. And it's rising. By the day.


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(00:39:13) The sexodus is a term used to describe a movement in which men, largely young men, who have recognized the ubiquitous unacceptable behavior of the conditioned female are quote-unquote giving up on women altogether and no longer pursuing any type of relationship with them, romantic or otherwise.

I see the so-called sexodus as a reactionary stopgap and a short-term defensive mechanism that are employed by men who realize that there's a profound problem at hand between the genders but they only recognize the symptoms of that gender war at a skin-deep level and so they're reacting to the symptoms.

They have not yet penetrated to the root causal factors that underlie the condition, which is of course rampant social engineering that is utilized by the control class. Almost always when I look up on let's say MRA forums or MIGTO forums which I'm going to talk about a little bit later or you know type in the term sexodus and see what people particularly men are saying about it.

Almost zero. Almost zero of these people ever mention the term social engineering or mind control. Almost zero. It's negligibly talked about if ever at all. Because these people are unaware that a dark priest class that holds occult knowledge about the human psyche is absolutely wreaking havoc on the human population who don't know a goddamn thing about themselves.

And it's a piece of cake for them to do. It's like a chess master playing an absolute novice who's never looked at a chessboard. They're gonna get their ass kicked hard because they don't have the knowledge to combat these psychopaths who have it.

The playing field is not even close to being leveled. It's completely skewed and imbalanced and people aren't even trying to build their way up in the knowledge of themselves to combat these absolute control freaks who are doing this, and they told me they were doing this, to a point where I wanted to murder the people in the room who were telling me this to my face. That's how enraged I would get, and I knew if I did anything physical to them that I'd be killed. So I had to shut my mouth and hear what they were saying about what they were doing to the human population.

Falling birth rates in every westernized country.

Human births must be maintained at a 2.1 replacement rate for a population to remain steady. The birth rate in the United States currently stands at 1.86.

Now, see, like, right there, I know most people don't even understand what those numbers mean, because there should be an appalling gasp if you understand how low that figure is, and let me tell you something, that's nowhere near where Japan's is at. I don't even have the statistic handy right now, but it's nowhere near 1.8.

That's eugenics clear and simple. I mean as clear as a bell in my mind, because I know what these numbers mean. It's at 1.86 and rapidly falling and people think there's overpopulation. No.

Human beings are crowded like animals into farms called cities. That's what. There's no overpopulation on this planet.

The rate has been in decline. This birth rate in the United States has been in decline year after year. Not only in the United States but in every single westernized industrialized country, due to the success of the epi-eugenics agenda and I predict that birth rates will continue to fall year over year and the rate at which they will fall will continue to accelerate because what these farmers are doing is they're culling the herd to make it easier to control

Look at these numbers. 1909, 127 births per 1,000 women. 1960, it dropped to 118. 2007, they've over, cut it in half within 100 years. Within a century, cut the birth rate in half.

It's going to take four more generations. The population of every Western culture is going to be at one quarter of where it is now, and then you want to see the control system take off and go into absolute crazed mode. You're gonna see what happens when they can more easily control less people.

Stands right now at about 63 births per 1,000 women and rapidly declining. One of the biggest parts of the neo-feminism agenda is misandry, the open hatred of men. The accelerating rise of radical neo-feminism is bringing with it open misandry, the overt display of hatred and contempt toward men based solely upon their gender.


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(00:44:38) Misandry is a blatant form of prejudice and unwarranted discrimination that is sadly gaining more societal traction by the day. Men are constantly being portrayed as bumbling idiots in the media and television. More feminists are taking radical militant stances when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, even taking this gender war at times into the realm of bitter and hateful attacks upon children.

I mean look at this image that was put on a feminist forum. All the things that they wrote on this baby and then photographed: Pig, Looter, Arsonist, Runaway, Reckless, Violent, Rioter, Criminal, Hated, Wife-Beater, Sperm Bank, Dispensable, Deadbeat, Risk, Alcoholic, Thug, Rapist, Cash Point. I mean, you have to be kidding. Writing this on a child. You know? And this isn't a problem going on in society.

Let me tell you something. I have directly experienced misandry in my own life. The way that I've been discriminated against has not been racially. A lot of people experience racial division and racism.

I could tell you anecdotes about how I have been accused of being a racist by someone who didn't even come close to understanding the symbols that I had on me. I can get into that anecdote later.

I've experienced the most absolute bias and prejudice against me for being male during the course of my life, particularly recently because this agenda is going into full swing.

When I interact in society, when I go out socially with people, I do not initiate any force or aggression against anyone else. I'm about the most chill, peaceful guy you're gonna come across.

When I get up here and I talk about these issues, they fire me up a lot, because I have passion talking about the society of death and slavery that is presiding over humanity. Maybe that's something that should be upsetting us a little bit more okay, but you know when I interact with people, I interact according to the non-aggression principle. I don't bring aggression toward anybody okay, and yet it continuously finds me when I interact with a lot of people in society or when I even am trying not to interact with people and I consistently see that for some reason the hatred or the aggression is always coming from females.

I don't understand it. I can't personally understand it. The only thing I can conclude is that this is this rise of misandry in society, because I look like a masculine man, okay, and just that air of masculinity is perceived as a threat when I do nothing threatening behavioral-wise. I'm sure other men in this room have experienced the same thing.

So, I see this personally. This isn't something I'm just researching and throwing out there conceptually. I've experienced it in my life. I'm telling you it's real. It's going on. More and more people are seeing it.


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(00:48:00) Another thing that neo-feminism postulates is this notion called toxic masculinity. It seeks to abnormalize and demonize naturally masculine traits and behaviors.

This manipulation tactic seeks to equate things like firearms ownership with being violent. See, they're tools of violence, not self-defense.

Or a normal healthy interest in sexual activity as sexual aggressiveness. Okay?

Stripped of all its euphemisms, you go into this whole cat-calling thing that went viral on the internet. Men saying hi to a woman walking down the street. This is total abuse and completely infringing on her rights to walk down the street so-called unaccosted when all the men were saying was hello and complimenting her.

Stripped of all its euphemisms, this notion that is called toxic masculinity is just a way for neo-feminists to say that, quote, being a man is a bad thing. That's all it is.

We should stop sugarcoating it, cut to the chase, start calling it what it really is. It's just a way for them to say being a man is bad. That's all.

Look at this image in the bottom right-hand corner of this slide, I'll go back to it, of what a man is depicted as. A man having sex with a woman is depicted as a demon. A demon.

This was on a feminist blog that I encountered. Okay? I mean, just imagine that. Saying, what, men are demons because they find women attractive? A totally normal masculine trait?

I mean this is these are the notions that are being propagated about normal human sexuality in our culture and it's a real, very real and rising problem folks, and we better start addressing it now, because it's getting worse, not better.

Couple of anecdotes I have this these are these are you know, things that the neo-feminists say that men are doing, you know, man-spreading. How many people have heard of the term man-spreading? Much less than I would have thought, although I'll have to explain what it is to the bulk of people here.

Man-spreading is this term that neo-feminists have invented for when men sit on a chair with their legs spread, their thighs spread, because they happen to have these things called testicles. Well, some of them do, you know.

You know like on the subway they actually have signs on the New York subway “dude stop the spread it's a space issue”. They can ticket for this in New York City. Cops can give tickets. What do they have a ruler? They go around with a tape measure, oh that's that's 21 inches sir no that's manspreading. We'll have to issue his citation I mean. Are you absolutely kidding me?

I mean, the first time I ever heard of this term, Barb told it to me, okay? She was like, well, look at the stickers they're putting on the New York trains, the subway trains. I look at it and it goes, stop manspreading. And it has a dude with his legs spread out.

I'm like, oh, that's a funny joke. And she's like, no, no, no, it's not a joke. That's for real. I'm like, what? I'm like, seriously, that's for real? They're not just joking around. No. And they're going to start ticketing for it. They have started ticketing for it. Okay?

See, all this is, is to put the notion out there, men are oppressing women. Men are inconsiderate. You know, it's bad to be a man. They have inconsiderate attitudes. They have aggressive attitudes. You know, it has nothing to do with human anatomy. Okay?

I'll tell you an anecdote. I'm in a band called The Founders. You might have seen me wearing this shirt earlier. Old school hardcore punk.

But I went with a couple of members, actually two guitarists from my band, DJ and Mike, to see another band play at a local rock club in Philadelphia, and the show ended kind of early, and we were just sitting around, we grabbed a couple of beers and there's a pool table in this club and we were out near the exit of the building, sitting on the edge, like leaning on the edge of the pool table.

Nobody was blocking exits. We're not like, you know, the type of burly guys that are gonna go and start trouble with people randomly just to do it. You know, we mind our own business.

We were sitting there discussing, you know, things about music and things going on in the world while we were drinking a beer. Probably there was probably a hundred people in the place and the place started clearing out so we were toward the exit, we just were sitting there I'd say over 70 at least 50 to 75 people walked directly by us and went out the exit.

One woman comes toward the exit and jars into my guitarist Mike who you know most people obviously don't know him you might have seen pictures of him online on our Facebook page for the founders. Mike is probably one of the thinner guys that I know. He's a tough dude, but he has a thin frame. He doesn't weigh a whole lot. He does not take up that much space, let's put it that way.

This guy was not blocking anybody's path by any stretch of any human being's imagination, and as she slams her shoulder into him and almost makes his beer spill, she says way to manspread dude. Like really nastily and in a hostile tone of voice as if he was trying to block her pathway out to the exit, when he wasn't even close to being in anywhere in the aisle, maybe his elbow was if here was the pool table and here was the pathway to go to the exit.

His elbow might have been out here like this as he was sipping his beer, okay. So trying to go out of her way to incite hostility. Clearly one of these neo-feminists okay not a classical feminist which is about total equality between the genders in natural rights okay, not putting one gender above the other, anybody being in control over anybody else, but neo-feminism is about trying to invoke open hostility and a gender war between men and women.

And he responded in his own hostile way which, I took no objection to actually because if somebody wants to start aggression and bitterness with somebody when there was none, I have no problem with somebody getting up in somebody's face and telling them it's an unacceptable behavior. None whatsoever.

So it took me a minute to process what had just happened. I couldn't even believe it, you know, I was like oh my god I actually heard somebody use the term manspreading and it took me I had to do a triple take. You know, like, what did I just hear?

And then it even became more absurd because it was Mike and he's, you know, no way could he have possibly been even doing this, okay?

So, this is appropriate to the next slide, which is why I'm telling this. When he raised his voice to her, another guy nearby immediately stepped up like he was going to, you know, come to the damsel in distress' aid because, oh, this guy has raised his voice to a woman. How dare he say anything in any kind of elevated tone to a female.

And that's called the White Knight, which we're going to talk about on the next slide. And that's when I stood up and just shot the white knight a look. Stay out of it. I didn't even say the words. I just looked at him and my eyes said, stay out of this. And that was it. And he stayed out of it and let them handle it amongst themselves. Okay?

Because I have no problem with somebody stepping in and defending someone if they're truly in the right. No problem. That's called justice. I have no problem with that.

Don't come in and step up like you're gonna be the big bad guy and defend somebody who's clearly in the wrong. Then I have a big problem with it. And I guess my eyes communicated that to him readily.

So the other topic is manslamming. Now, this one has directly happened to me on five different occasions. I have experienced this in the streets of South Philadelphia now five times.

How many people know what manslamming is? Wow, only a couple of people in the whole room. Okay, I have to explain this one.

Neo-feminists postulate this notion that men are completely inconsiderate of the pathway of women as they're walking on the street.

Okay, and they think we're just gonna keep going and keep walking and keep moving regardless of where a female happens to be walking and slamming them at every opportunity.

Hey now, I don't know about you, but I don't think anybody in this room deliberately walks down the street trying to do things like that, especially none of the men. I know I'm overly considerate when I'm watching people's pathway to see where they're going to walk and try to project that so to avoid a collision okay, especially in the streets of South Philadelphia which can get narrow in some places and busy in some places okay.

Over the last I'd say three months, five women have walked, and I mean, look, I think my perceptions are pretty good. I think I pay attention to my environment pretty well, okay? And I don't think that I invent things that are happening. And for the first couple of times I thought maybe that was happening. Like, am I imagining this? Is this like really happening?

Because what they're doing is almost playing a game of chicken with men and trying to make a man deliberately go out of his way to move so as to avoid a collision, because they are going to not yield and just come right at a guy to slam into him as hard as possible okay. Which I don't even understand why you would want to do that to another human being or to yourself, but again this is out of rampantly out of control ego is what this is, to try to what prove a point? What? To say, what do we have to do now? Bow as you pass? Right? And go like that? Shall I curtsy? Shall I wear a skirt and curtsy as you pass? Okay?

You know, we can't walk on the right side like traffic does on a street or highway and just pass each other politely and cordially anymore? No. Apparently we can't due to this gender war, okay?

So you know and I this happened a couple of times I'm thinking well maybe it's my imagination, and then no after it happened a third and a fourth and a fifth time, I'm like this is a deliberate thing that's being done. They clearly are have this idea in their head that I'm gonna do this. It's always young women, it's always women like 20 years old 21 years old, college age, Okay. Coming directly out of the social Marxist, communist, communist-run schools, which we're going to talk about that this agenda is an agenda of communism, in addition to being an agenda of Satanism.

They're hand in hand, folks. By the way, they got the same high holiday, don't you know? May 1st, Walpurgisnacht. Okay that's not an accident. You think May 1st is the high holiday of communism and Satanism by accident? Yeah keep believing that.

So man slamming okay, deliberately walking into a man to try to prove he won't move for you. Now this happened to me five times and it was attempted a sixth.

I carry some solidity. I'm not the tallest guy in the world. I'm not the biggest guy in the world. I have a low center of gravity though. Ask my martial arts instructor if I'm strong Okay? All I did was shift my weight a tiny bit and stood firm. That person won't be manslamming anybody else, because they bounced off of me like a rubber ball……and all I did was stand where I was.

I didn't try to lay a shoulder in. I didn't raise an arm you know. I just showed, we want to play that game we'll play it, and you'll lose but I'll play. You know and you know, we'll see where your ego goes, if you fall over into the street, you know, and that's you know it's not it's it's a risky game to play you know. You fall on concrete you hit your head you know dangerous stuff can result, you know even doing aggressions like that just to prove a point is a stupid, stupid idea, okay. So um you know I just stood my ground on this one time and when she went bouncing off I just went, oh sorry about that and kept moving on my way like as if you know that was clearly an accident, right, when we both knew it wasn't.


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(01:02:34) White knights, you know here here's the men who come to the damsel in distress’ aid regardless of whether she's right or wrong.

Like I said, no problem coming to someone's aid who's clearly in the right and is truly being oppressed or being victimized. No problem.

But don't come to the aid of somebody just because they're a woman or a man or anybody or a rich or whatever just because you think that they're being somehow oppressed and that oppression is actually imagined.

That's what white knights do. They jump into battle to make women feel safe against threats that are real or imagined. Alright, and you know it's a way of trying to garner favor among women. This is done socially in conversation and on online blogs and social media and everything like that. Anybody says anything that it slightly goes against, somebody and even if they're not even involved in the argument or anything they want to immediately come to the defense of the woman as if somehow what they're going to get, you know all kinds of favors you know lavished upon them because they've come to the aid of the damsel in distress.

You're seeing men join the neo-feminist movement in bigger and bigger numbers. They don't even understand the distinction between classical feminism and the neo-feminist form of feminism at all. They just want the approval of women who are in this movement, to be looked at as cool by them and be looked at as on their side. That's all.

Part of the reason they do this is because of social ostracism taking place in our culture. Most men, quote-unquote men, will refuse to stand up to conditioned women and confront them on both the fallacies they’ve been conditioned to accept and their associated unacceptable behavior.

They do this because they don't want to be socially and sexually ostracized by women because that's another part of the neo-feminist agenda. If you don't agree with my cause or if you don't agree with my take on any given social issue or political issue, well I don't want to be around you. You're ostracized. You're not welcome to be here. I'm certainly not going to have any interaction with you on any kind of a friendly basis and certainly not on a romantic basis.

This is done to isolate people and to marginalize people.

Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf said, “We should allow and encourage women to act as stupid as imaginable and then denounce men as ‘faggots’ and ‘misogynists’ if they dare to criticize the woman's stupidity.”

This is what social ostracism is about. It doesn't matter how radically off basis with reality any female happens to be speaking, the male is not permitted to disagree.

You know, and another thing you're hearing more and more of is disagreeal of this kind of social Marxist and neo-feminist political opinions is immediately racist.

You're hearing this being used constantly, constantly as a deflection mechanism from any kind of an argument about the topic. You don't agree with me politically or socially, you're racist. Okay, it's bullshit. It’s bullshit, is what it is. I don't even see race. Race is not even a factor in anything I consider.

I told people from day one I'm about ending all forms of slavery. Slavery in all of its forms. That's what my entire philosophy is about. Slavery is inherently illegitimate and it needs to be ended in all of its forms.

And this isn't a eugenics program against any color population. It's a eugenics program against humanity. It's a war on you. That's what this program is. And it's waged through political correctness, politically correct speech.


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(01:06:50) Political correctness is a method of limiting free speech. Many women have been conditioned by the neo-feminist agenda to censor those around them not to talk about these gender related issues and other important political issues.

Men have been conditioned by the neo-feminism agenda to censor themselves. Self censorship is being conducted by men because they don't want to be socially ostracized. They fear the risk of being ostracized by most women if they dare to speak out.

Like I said at the beginning of this presentation, I don't give a damn who likes me. I'm speaking the hard, unpleasant, uncomfortable truth and I don't care if you like it. And I don't care if you like me. I'm not here to be liked. I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to speak the truth. That is what I am charged to do and that's what I'm gonna do.

MGTOW, M-G-T-O-W, standing for “Men Going Their Own Way”, an MRA, “Men's Rights Activism”, lacking causal factors and solutions.

Men's movements like MGTOW or MGTOW, “Men Going Their Own Way”, often portray women as evil, flawed by their nature, and solely responsible for the downfall of humankind.

They often push an erroneous and divisive belief that the current condition of the female mindset is the result of what they refer to as female nature.

When in fact this mindset is a product of complex lifelong social engineering that affects the vast majority of women and most certainly is not the nature of the female of our species as I'm going to get into in a future slide.

This is the problem with their analysis. They understand the symptoms but they do not understand social engineering as the causal factor. It's like somebody thinking that all psychopaths are primary psychopaths and they're just born that way, and they don't understand that there is a condition of psychopathy, the vast majority of psychopaths are not primary genetic psychopaths. They in fact are secondary psychopaths, that the psychopathy their inability to feel emotion or to experience human empathy is due to conditions that occurred to them during their lives, past traumas that they experience.

Well, social engineering is a form of mass trauma that's taking place against the psyche of the female of our species. Okay? And it is the reason that these behaviors manifest themselves. It is not that way from birth.

If this hidden hand of the social engineers were not continuously repressing true human female nature, the inauthentic women would not be behaving the way that they do in our society. We have to understand that.

You start blaming it on women as a species as just you know the gender, we're getting further down the line of the gender war and divisiveness between the genders. You're not working toward healing the divide, and you're actually missing, you're thinking from an absolute flawed axiomatic point of view, because you haven't actually done enough homework to understand how this is being done.

I told you when I go on MGTOW or MRA forums it's almost negligible when they are talking about any forms of social engineering and the term mind control just never comes up. If they do ever talk about it, they'll talk about the influence, societal influences. That's the euphemism they'll use.

They won't call it mind control, which is what it really is. They have no knowledge of it because they have no knowledge of the occult. Zero. These people have no knowledge about how occult knowledge can be wielded to affect the mind of someone else. None.

And that's the problem with these movements. They're correct in their analysis, incorrect in their causal factor analysis and incorrect certainly in their solutions.

Men's reaction movements such as MGTOW and MRA men's rights activism like many other activist groups will often correctly analyze the symptoms of the problem but do not have an accurate understanding of the causal factors of the problem and therefore also lack any true empowering long-term solutions.

A quote-unquote solution often presented by many in these reactionary movements is for men to completely quote drop out of human society or to no longer have any interaction whatsoever with women unless they are receiving some sort of overt benefit for the interaction.

Those within these movements should not expect any improvement in the conditions which they analyze. Until and unless the main causal factor of social engineering or mind control is recognized and addressed by them.

And that's why the idea to drop out and stop interacting with women is not a solution. The solution isn't about not interacting with women. It's about explaining what the hell has been being done to women to them. That's the solution.

And you know what? Most men want no part of that work and most women don't want to hear it. That's the truth of that. You know what? It doesn't matter. I'm gonna keep speaking it anyway. Doesn't make a difference who's listening, because that's the right thing to do.

I don't do this because I even expect anything to change. I don't do this because I care about specific people. I do this because I care about truth and I care about freedom and I'm gonna try to influence it for greater freedom. I'm gonna try to influence society to move toward greater truth and greater consciousness. Doesn't even make a difference if the effect happens long term or not. I'm doing it because this is what I'm here to do. This is how I'm investing the time in my life and most of all because it's right.

So I see things a little differently than even the MGTO community does okay. The blue pill you know the traditional blue pill path and then you have the red pill path which is what the the arrow jutting off that symbol is, well I think really you know the truth is in an entirely different direction from both.

So that is the end of the manipulation section now let's get into the solutions that I'm going to present here today.

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I call this section “The Rebirth of the Goddess”.

Solutions, the alternative title for this section, it's not only called “The Rebirth of the Goddess” but these are the “Solutions for Healing the Gender Divide”.


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(01:14:00) The first thing we have to understand that when we're talking with people about this, many people have been conditioned to believe these things or to accept these methods of manipulation and mind control their entire lives. So change is very difficult.

What we're really up against is religion. If you haven't figured that out yet, folks, I don't know what to tell you. These beliefs are religious beliefs.

They comprise a religious belief system in these people's minds. Religious beliefs are constantly programmed into the psychology of a person particularly into the subconscious mind never to be questioned. Okay. Just like the belief in authority. Just like the belief in money. Just like the belief in cultural religions.

It's anathema and heresy to question these religiously entrenched beliefs. So you know you see this politician asking people who wants change and everybody has their hand raised like oh give me some of that change and then he says who wants to change and then everybody's just like this. Hands down, heads down like no not me I'm fine the way I am. No problem here. Nothing required on my part to do or to change within myself. You know I don't want any part of that activity.

There are two primary choices in life to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them, and that's what you have to ask yourself ladies and gentlemen, which side of that coin are you on.

Either you're an agent who is trying to influence change or you are a person who's just accepted the default conditions as the status quo.

Why is change difficult? Why specifically is change so difficult? And I'm going to go to the words of one of the doctors who I told you to research in the epigenetics section of this presentation Dr. Joe Dispenza. Why is change difficult?

Most people spend a great deal of their day unconsciously feeling and thinking from past memories. They do this because they have hardwired those experiences by repeatedly thinking of them and by associating many other experiences with them.

Now what did we say epigenetics was? Epigenetics was changes in the physiology and the psychology due to changes in consciousness.

So if you are constantly wiring your brain to think a certain way, there's a very good chance it's going to continue to think that way, because that's its comfort zone, and you're chemically rewiring it to continue along that pattern and those pathways.

It makes sense that if most people maintain the same environment for long periods of their lives where nothing new is happening, where there is no change, the repeated stimuli will therefore produce the reactivation of associative neural networks, which will become more developed, strengthened, and refined.

As a consequence of that lack of novelty in their environments and experiences, they have become hardwired to their own worlds. No wonder change is so difficult.

Ladies and gentlemen, you gotta look into the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. It's amazing.


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(01:17:46) Initiation. The beginning of the spiritual journey. Okay?

So change, yes, we recognize fully change is difficult, but you have to start. Just saying oh it's too difficult so I'm not going to start, you're never going to go anywhere. You have to begin the spiritual journey somewhere. That's what the word initiation means. It means to begin, to start.

The dark occultists that I work with, the Satanists in the grottoes that I was a member of for brief periods of time, they had a phrase that they called the human herd. They called us the unbegun.

It's the most esoteric term I've ever heard applied to the bulk of the human, the masses of humanity. The unbegun. Because they said they don't even understand what initiation is. They don't even understand beginning a journey in consciousness at all.

They haven't started in any place, not even one place have they begun, and so they call them the unbegun. The other thing they call them is the dead. They refer to human beings as the dead because they say there is no activation in thought, emotion, or action within the population and therefore since those are the three main expressions of human consciousness and they are all essentially deadened, that for all intents and purposes, they are a just animated clump of matter that actually contains no life and therefore they call us the dead.

And they absolve themselves of their immoral behaviors toward the population because they say we're not doing that to any living entities. They're already dead. Literally call us the dead.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. So if you're one of the people who may be out there watching some of these manipulation tactics and all the aspects of the neo-feminist agenda and you're saying I have no problem with that, you're part of the problem yourself.

You should be horrified by the manipulation tactics and statistics and agendas that I talked about in the problems section of this presentation. And you should begin to make the realization that they are real and happening, and if not, you need to do a lot of research on your own and you need to do a lot more social interaction on your own among people who are not in your normal social circles so you get a more rounded and eclectic view of what's really going on.

That's a big problem for most people. They tend to hang out in their own little circles around people who are just like them and they think everybody's like this. Nonsense.

Come with me and let's hang in Philadelphia one day. I'll take you to some places where you'll see some of the lowest consciousness you ever imagined. You know, and those aren't even the worst places.

So you have to recognize that the problem is real and it's as bad as it is I'm telling you it's probably worse than what I've explained.

One of the great French spiritual philosophers Henri Bergson said:

“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through societal conditioning”.

Now, here's a spiritual philosopher, or who you might call an occultist, who knows what the hell he's talking about. Okay?

“They begin sensing that something is amiss and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to. And so begins their journey of awakening.

“Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd, and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance”.

One of the greatest quotes I've ever found, okay. Eastern philosophers said enlightenment is a destructive process it has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth, as a matter of fact folks it won't make you very happy, it'll make you pretty well pissed off if you're fully enlightened about what's really going on. You will become enraged rather quickly if you have a sense of justice and conscience

It is seeing through the facade of pretense. It is the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true. And here's one of the biggest things human beings need to understand.

I know this was one of the big topics of Jay Parker's talk yesterday. As soon, let me tell you something, as soon as someone starts talking about human nature to me, I realize they're a complete moron. Okay?

I'm not, get as offended about that as you like. Okay? As soon as someone mentions the term, oh that's human nature, you're a moron. You don't know what the hell you're talking about. At all. Okay? And I don't even need, I don't even need to qualify that. I'm just making that statement okay, making that statement.

There is no such thing as human nature folks. There is no such thing. Actually there is such a thing but it's so negligible okay, that it's it's barely even it's barely even worth attributing any of that to why we do the behaviors that we do.

That's like saying, you know, I take this computer and I take an identical computer and put it next to next to each other okay, we're going to ask what is the nature of this computer of these two computers, is one good and was one evil, is one flawed and is one okay?

Well hey there could be hardware problems. Let's just, let's say they've all been, can you know, quality control and the exact same specs, they're working perfectly to perform, the the hardware is working perfectly.

Two identical machines. What's the nature of those computing machines to compute data to take data in through input to process it in the processor okay and then to put it out through some type of output device. That's the nature of a computer. That's what you do with a computer. What determines whether the computer performs efficiently or not okay?

What are the qualities that the computer has to have to work efficiently? It's gotta have a good file system format on the hard disk drive. It's gotta have an operating system that is functioning properly and doesn't have a lot of bugs. It has to have good software programs that you could put data through and transform data with. And then it has to have good output devices to put the data that you're processing and reworking out onto the screen or on the internet or onto a printer or something.

So, the nature of a computer is that it computes information. That's all it does. Well, what is the nature of a human being?

It's very similar to the nature of a computer. Not to say the human beings are computers, because they are not computers. They're not just biological computers.

But we have a similar nature to a computer in that we take information into ourselves, we process it, we weed it out for inconsistencies, and then we act upon it in society.

This is the trivium method. This is the trivium process. Input, processing and output. Okay?

So, human beings, their actual nature is, like a computer, they are a programmable species. The nature of a human being is that a human being can be programmed to behave in a certain way. That's our nature.


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(01:26:16) This is what parenting is ultimately all about. You program into a child, parenting and education, you program into a child behavioral input data. It's processed in the mind in the psyche of the child and then they display the behavior on the screen of life that's the output called human behavior.

Human beings are programmable like computers. Like a computer, if a human being has a bad file system format, this is all the conditioning and all the data that a human child takes in during the formative years or the format years. You're laying the format down of the child's mind. Okay?

If it has a bad operating system, well, what's our operating system? Our operating system is our culture that we're operating in, our society. If that's already fouled and polluted and really messed up and people's brains are badly damaged and their behavior is really bad, you're already operating at a disadvantage because your operating system that you're working in is already totally screwed up. Okay?

And if they have bad software programs, if they've been given bad software programs full of bugs, okay, that's the rigid and erroneous and dogmatic beliefs that people have been conditioned to accept through social engineering. In other words, that's religion. That's false religion let me qualify it by saying okay.

If you have all of those qualities in place, well what do you think is going to happen? You think the person's going to be a well-adjusted person? You think they're going to really have a lot of knowledge? They're going to be a person who really behaves properly toward other people, who wants to uplift consciousness, who wants to uplift themselves and others? Good luck, good luck with that. You ain't ever gonna get that in those conditions. Never. Can't happen. Not only won't it happen, not possible to happen.

Okay, you have all of those things, the file format which is the formative programming of the child, the operating system and the software programs, meaning horrible belief system in place, you're gonna get bad output on the screen or on the internet or on the printer and those output devices are called human life. Don't expect any good output on those devices on that device called life. You're not going to get it. You're going to get junk output, garbage.

So if, you know, and once that's bad for multiple people, it collects, it grows in the aggregate sense and then you have deteriorating conditions in the aggregate scale, the mass scale of humanity.

Like a computer, the behavior of a human being will largely depend upon its programming or parenting, okay, or raising of the child.

So then the question has to become well who's doing that programming? Are people who actually care about the being and want to strengthen it and uplift it in consciousness doing that programming? Or, are people who want to make its mind mush so that that being is a good slave doing that programming.

I'll tell you who's been doing it, and it ain't good parents because if we had good parents in this world this shit wouldn't be going on.

The quality of the behavior that a human being outputs onto the screen of life is going to be largely dependent upon the programming that that being receives, and that programming means the quality of the information that that being is receiving, which enables it to process and create effectively, to understand its environment and to create its environment in a way that is bettering and uplifting for itself and everyone around it, okay.

Now that means all of the information coming in. That means food, air, water, and actual what we think of as information as data about things going on in the world. All of that has to be pure and non polluted okay, or you're going to get errors in the biological system, errors in this the psychological system.

If garbage goes into a human being, garbage comes out of the human being. If quality information and quality nutrients and quality energy goes into a human being, quality comes out of the human being. And they put out into the world good positive energy.

So what, if the world is the way that it is, by absolute definition what do we have to be programming our children with? Quality or garbage? Garbage, largely or the world could not be the way it is. It could not manifest itself the way that it is. So you know that's the hard truth. That's what human nature is folks.

Not just one one way. Oh, it's good or bad or this is just the nature of how people behave. They're always just gonna be programmed by their genetics to behave that way, and there's nothing they could do about it. Nonsense. We have free will choice. We exist in a free will universe. You always have a choice. You're not controlled by your genes. Consciousness precedes gene expression.

You change the way you think and believe, you can change the manifested result in the so-called external domain called the world.

My next solution beside, the first thing is you have to understand what human nature really is, and get this absolute bullshit notion of Darwinian scientism, so-called survival of the fittest nonsense, form of evolution out of your mind when it comes to what human nature is or why people behave the way that they do. And if you believe that shit, you're under total mind control folks. I don't know how else more plainly I could put it. It's nonsense.

It's a so-called theory that didn't even hold up to its own expectations through evidence in the fossil record. Okay?

And people need to stop accepting it as law because it has nothing to do with law. Human beings don't just behave a certain way by nature. They learn their behaviors. This whole argument of nature versus nurture is a crock of shit that has to be put to rest. It's almost all nurture. It's almost all what we're being taught or not taught, by the generations that came before us and our own parents and our teachers, so-called teachers and so-called leaders, that are supposed to care about us in society and don't give a damn.

They're programming us with garbage and we're expecting quality output in life. Doesn't work that way. Never gonna work that way.


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(01:33:25) Next solution: understand who directs this agenda and believe me it is being directed by these groups and individuals.

You don't have to believe me. Hey, it's your own funeral. You know what I'm saying? And people listening out there who are not in the room, I know the people in the room have a much more open-minded attitude about this. People out there listening, refuse to understand and look into these agendas put forward by all these groups I'm going to talk about. It's your funeral. Because believe me, they're working on it. And they're getting it done already.

The first group you gotta look into is the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. If you don't understand Tavistock, who's involved in it, what it does, what it puts out there, you're missing an entire part of the entire mind control agenda of the world. Because these are where the social engineers gather and formulate their plans. Okay?

The book by John Coleman is indispensable reading. Anybody who has not read this book, it's unacceptable. You need to read the book “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” to understand this mind control think tank.

Another group you gotta look into, Coleman has also wrote a book on this group, it's called “The Club of Rome” directly connected with the Vatican directly. Absolutely responsible for the implementation of the population control or eugenics agenda on this planet, okay.

I'm telling you it's interconnected with the religious agenda for population control, because trust me these ostensible front religious groups, the big three religions especially Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, okay are directly infiltrated and are being run by the dark occult groups. As a matter of fact these religions were created by dark occultists.

You gotta look up the club of Rome. When I was involved in Satanism, this is the organization that was continuously just dropped the name was dropped over and over again of some of the people who were higher up than me in the hierarchy saying, we think from just understanding a little bit about your qualities and your personality we might want to try to get you involved with.

Now, of course, I never went into that involvement, but that's what was suggested because they thought I had the mindset for being involved in a eugenics agenda. And you know what? I did. And you know what? I still do. How's that?

You want a shocking revelation for Free Your Mind 4? I am a eugenicist. A true eugenicist, not a disgenicist.

See, what a real eugenicist wants is for, it wants good breeding. That's all the word eugenics means. It means I want people to be bred upward in society toward higher states of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

The prefix or the noun, I'm sorry, the adjective you, epsilon, upsilon, epsilon, upsilon in Greek pronounced you is the adjective meaning good, and then genos is the other part of epi, I'm sorry of eugenics, genos means race or stock or breed. So it just means creating a better breed of person. That's all it means okay.

So I truly want eugenics. I don't want dysgenics. As we said yesterday, you can't really call the social engineers of the world eugenicists. They're not trying to breed humanity for the better. They're trying to down-breed us so that we cull ourselves and help them cull us. That's dysgenics. That has nothing to do with good breeding. That's bad breeding.

So you know, they thought that I would be suited to help them in their work of disgenics when I was involved in Satanism, because they saw a certain characteristic skill set within me that they wanted to exploit okay.

And see, that's the thing. I did understand what so-called eugenics what, what it really is, is disgenics. I understood it. They knew I had a grasp of what it really was and how it worked. That's why they wanted to bring me involved in that agenda. It's part of like understanding a psychopath.

You can't really deeply understand the level of evil that's going on in the world unless you can put your mind into that mindset. This is part of the problem, folks. People can't envision evil. They can't envision a psychopathic mind state. That's a bad thing not to be able to do that.

People will think, oh, why would I want to try to imagine that or put myself in that position? You can't, if you can’t visualize that level of evil, you can't understand how it's operating. You can't visualize how someone would want to control a whole population. It's hard for you to even grasp that this is being done because you can't even conceive of the mindset of the people who are doing it.

It's almost too fantastical for the mind to accept. And people would think, oh, that's a great thing. That means I'm not ever in these bad, horrible mindsets thinking like this. No, it's not. It's not a good thing. It's a very bad thing that people can't think like that.

You have to have the ability to shift your mind into that almost psychopathic mindset. It's something I call having the psychopath. You don't have that aspect to your personality, you can't understand the level of evil that we're up against, let alone fight it. Not possible without having that dark and shadow side to yourself. Not possible.

Other groups, intelligence agencies abound in this agenda, particularly the United States Central Intelligence:

  1. The Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank that directs political operations in conjunction with the eugenics agenda.

  2. The United Nations, another worldwide political organization that is directly involved with eugenics operations and supports things like population control.

  3. The Rockefeller Foundation, responsible for a lot of the pharmaceutical aspects of the eugenics agenda.

  4. The Bilderberg Group, again setting international policy, amongst many different countries regarding this agenda.

  5. This very small cabal of international financial leaders.

  6. Political leaders

  7. Leaders in science, everything

  8. The Fabian Socialists, what that shield represents, their logo is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Fabian Socialism is also known as incremental socialism. It is the form of politics that we have operating here in the United States right now. Fabian Socialism. It means that you're going to march through the institutions to get done what you want to get done politically. You're not going to try to conquer a nation militarily and wage a military revolution. You're going to do it through a cultural revolution as we will talk about.

That means you're doing the totalitarian tiptoe toward full communism and that's what the Fabian Society is actively involved in progressing through cultural Marxist promulgation in the United States.

Again, as we're going to see, this is a direct communist plan. This is a communist agenda, folks. To weaken the entire fabric, the main essence that strengthens the fabric of a culture, which is the familial bond between man and woman, that is one of the main overarching methods of attack that communists have used in every country they've ever taken over, and they are well entrenched in the United States and they're getting it done. They are a cohesive unit operating through mainly the public school system.


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(01:41:30) Organized religion. Every so-called cultural religion out there, ultimately behind the scenes, is actively involved in the disgenics agenda and the population control agenda. This is what these absolutely ridiculously out-noted-dations of out-noted ideas about human sexuality are all about. They’re putting out these ancient views of human sexuality that are all about repression of the natural sexual dynamic and energy between men and women. And that’s a deliberate part of the agenda.

So, you think that all of these religions are separate. They’re not. They're all working behind the scenes on the same accord okay. It's like, it's like just like politics, you know, except we think we have a three-party system here instead of a two-party system all right.

It's all the same people behind the scenes. It's directed by the dark occult agenda, the eugenics agenda, and these are just fronts for those groups. You have to understand that. So many people are attached to their religion. They think their religion is right and all the other religions are wrong. They're all invented to divide humanity. They're all invented to give people a rigid belief system so they don't understand what's really being done.

They all have a seed of truth within them, or most people wouldn't buy into them. So at the core, yeah, there's a seed of truth. But you know, all the other trappings and laws and rituals and all that other stuff is just there to throw you off the path of truth. You know, get you into a, put you into a box and say you shouldn't consider anything outside of this box.

Here's the real religionists that lie behind the so-called cultural religions. It's all invented by the same people, folks, and it has been run by these people for tens of thousands of years.

This is the main bulk of my work and what I talk about, the dark occult. The priest class that's really running the show. You don't know any of their names and neither do I. It doesn't matter what their names are. They come and go. They jump in and out, you know.

One leaves this plane, another one comes right in take its place. That's how it works. Let me tell you something, it ain't all men, it ain't all white people, it ain't all Jews, it ain't all Freemasons. It's an eclectic worldwide variety of human beings in every walk of life and I'm telling you there's probably some sitting in the room. Just a quick, real quick anecdote.

I amazingly synchronistically, in my life passed on the streets of Philadelphia, two Satanists in the last couple of months that I worked within the Satanic institutions when I was actively involved.

I passed by two Satanists on the street within the last couple of months. They didn't see me as I passed them because I was in a car both times. And I'm telling you, if I pass by two people that I personally recognized from my involvement, I am guaranteeing you they are all around us.

My attitude is starting to be readjusted about the numbers of these people. The numbers are bigger than I think I had previously imagined. Because if that kind of frequency can happen, I guarantee you there's so many you have absolutely no idea.

So it, it’s this is something, this religion is ancient. You have to understand these people have been breeding on the earth for a long time, and they've been performing these eugenics operations for a long time. I'm not trying to make them sound all-powerful and that we can't stop them, but I'm just trying to like help you to understand. You have to really understand who's running the show.

We don't live in a matriarchy. We don't live in a patriarchy. All myths. Neither one of those things exists or has existed.

Contrary to neo-feminist propaganda, we do not live in a patriarchy, nor do we live in a matriarchy just because women have been conditioned to condition men and to influence them to obey the control system. That doesn't mean we live in a matriarchy. Okay?


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(01:45:52) We do however live in what I refer to as an occultocracy. A society that is ruled covertly by a hidden priest class of dark occultists who use their advanced knowledge of the human psyche to mind control the overwhelming majority of the ignorant human population.

The occultocracy comprise a small subset of humanity who believe that they are super worthy and that they are on their way to becoming gods on Earth.

Out of control, ego and selfishness is the essence of their satanic religion. They have inculcated us with their own ego-driven belief system which has replaced our traditional moral values and has become pervasively entrenched in our culture. That's the problem, folks.

The problem isn't that there's a subset of Satanists running the world. The problem is, they've given the bulk of humanity their psychopathic mindset. That's the problem.

And until we break the bonds of that psychopathic mindset, don't expect freedom, don't expect positive change, don't expect anything but more death.

That's what this cult is about and that's what they're going to give us till we wise up. You have no choice. You have owners, probably the greatest politically oriented comedian ever, George Carlin.

Neo-feminism is at its core, a communist and satanic agenda.

First and not necessarily foremost, but first I'm going to talk about how it's a communist agenda. Socialists and outright communists have long ago taken over the school system in America. The public school system and the university school system.

Communism infiltrates the educational system throughout our country and has slowly, over the last few generations, culturally taken over the minds of the young. I'm telling you, younger generations of this species are the absolute most mentally enslaved generations that have ever been born.

It's sad, it's a sad, sad, sad, thing and it's a testament. It's a testimony to how well this enslavement agenda is proceeding and working through the school system. If anybody within the sound of my voice, get your children out of public schools and home school them!

Their minds are being destroyed, destroyed, in the public school system. They are being blatantly programmed to accept communism. All ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place in America. Not one, not three, not five, not seven, all ten.

Do the research and understand what the actual tenets of communism are and you'll see all of them are in place. This makes this nation a de-facto communist regime and sadly most people in America cannot even define what communism is.

They don't even understand it's the takeover of the means of production by the state. They don't understand it's a system of enslavement. They think it's a worker's paradise. Absolute bullshit propaganda put out by dark occultists. That's all.

They want people to think it's an absolute paradise to be a working slave for the party members at the top who are an occultocracy.

The cultural Marxist plan to wage a covert war on America through a long march through the institutions was formulated by the Frankfurt School think tank under the direction of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, and if you don't know who this guy is, you better get online and start typing his name in some search engine and reading all about it. Because he's probably one of the biggest cultural influences in this country and nobody even knows his damn name.

Realizing America could not be conquered easily from without, Gramsci's plan was to weaken it over time by infiltrating its institutions and creating socially divisive issues and strategies.

This would produce the long term effect of dividing the genders and destroying the familial dynamic, the familial bonds between man and woman in society. You have to weaken those bonds to weaken the society at a core level.

This would pave the way for the takeover by the party. And it ain't gonna look like that party there. It's more gonna look like political gulags and concentration camps. And starvation of mass numbers of people. Like it always does. In this failed bullshit system. That people still think is so idealistic and desirable. If you think that way you got your head up your ass.

Here's some quotes from communists:

V.I. Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”.

Yeah, that's called the university system. Nikita Khrushchev who told America that communists would silently bury us and that our children would wake up and the country would all be communist already, and you know what, he wasn't lying. He was telling the truth, this sick depraved occultist.

They're getting it done, because we're not on the same page yet. We're still not on the same page. It's mid 20, it's almost mid 2016. Humanity still ain't on the same page about what's going on. Their heads still on their television and their mouths are still full of GMO food.

“Your children's children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright, but we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We'll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands”.

Yeah, that's not happening. Don't worry about it.

America, Joseph Stalin, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold. It's patriotism, it's morality, and it's spiritual life”.

And I would suggest he's talking about the real patriotism, not the absolute nonsense kind of thinking that your country can never do any wrong. He's talking about patriots like me. That's the kind of patriots he's talking about.

And you know what? He's absolutely right about that first part of the statement. That is America's immune system. And it's slowly growing.

“If we can undermine these three areas of true patriotism, morality, and spiritual life, America will collapse from within”.

Don't worry about it. It's not part of the plan. It's not happening.

“When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the level of communism. We will not take it under the label of socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under the labels we have made very lovable. We will take it under liberalism, progressivism, under democracy, but take it we will”, Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties 1944.

They've been busy. But, you know, don't worry about it because there's no communist plan to take over America. It's not happening.

Neo-feminism is at its core a satanic agenda, which we've already somewhat talked about, but I want to even offer total proof of this, and they're very blatant. Believe me, one thing I'll tell you about Satanists when they talk amongst themselves or to people who they're you know directly outreaching to openly.

They're very candid about what they are doing. They are so 100%, this is maybe their only possible chink in their armor, is that they have such over abundance of confidence, they may underestimate humanity's fighting spirit.

That's a hope that I have okay. I'm telling you they talk very candidly and openly amongst themselves, and are very blatant about what they are doing, as if yeah we're doing this who's gonna stop us. Not a damn person. That is how they talk okay, and you'll see what I'm talking about here in this quote I'm about to read.


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(01:55:20) Eugenics is one of the four main tenets of the satanic ideology along with moral rel-selfishness, moral relativism, and social darwinism.

One of this religion's significant books, “The Satanic Witch”, is a manual on how to manipulate men to bring them to the selfish bidding of a crafty woman. It reads like a diary of modern neo-feminist- of the modern neo-feminist female.

Quote from Zina LaVey, Anton LaVey who wrote the book “The Satanic Witch” which is a field manual for how women can completely manipulate and dominate men to bring them to their bidding to do whatever they want or to give them whatever resources that they want for their own selfish purposes.

Zina was Anton LaVey's daughter at the time she wrote the introduction to the book “The Satanic Witch” I believe it's first and second printings and here's her quote on page 2 of “The Satanic Witch”:

The Satanic Witch” among many other things is a guide to selective breeding, a manual for eugenics”. Right on the second page of the introduction to the book, very candidly and openly admitting this is what it is, this is what we are doing, because they know most people are never going to read this thing okay, because you're going to see oh that's all about Satanism and I don't want to fill my mind with that

Well, if you haven't read “The Satanic Bible”, it's totally unacceptable. If you haven't read “The Satanic Witch”, it's totally unacceptable. Because you don't know the mindset of your owners. That's why.

They're giving you their playbook out in the open because they're so sure you're not even gonna be interested in what they're telling you they're gonna do.

See, this image I wanted to throw into the presentation because it represents, it's a perfect representation of that unholy feminine energy that I'm talking about. The destruction of the sacred feminine.

You know, in biblical allegory, this is the Lilith energy. That's what we're talking about here. Okay? This isn't about the nature of the female. This is about the absolutely egoic, mind-controlled state to want to be God, to want to control, that the feminine essence can be twisted into okay. That's the Lilith energy. That's what we're talking about here, okay.

This agenda at its core is based upon that unholy energy. You know, it's just a name folks, so I don't believe in it as an actual embodied deity or anything like that. It's a conceptual idea that represents aspects of ourselves that could go completely rotten and perverted.

So the solution is to awaken the sacred feminine energy, the eve energy if you will, the Sophia energy. That's what needs to be awakened. Wisdom, true wisdom, care for truth, okay?

The heart-based intelligence, a desire for justice and morality and natural law, and true equality under rights, which is what the ancient goddesses symbolically and allegorically represented in every ancient mystical tradition, in every ancient wisdom tradition.

We have to embody both men and women the lost principle, care for truth. The lost principle is the dynamic of care. What we care about on a day-to-day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions. Therefore care can be seen as the ultimate generator of the quality of our experience.

This principle has often been referred to as the generative principle, the sacred feminine creative principle.

The word generative comes from the Latin verb genere which means to make or to create. It is the motherly womb-like energy, the nurturing creative energy that we all have within us both male and female. This is not about gender. This is the principle of mental gender or spiritual gender.

All beings regardless of their physical gender carry these qualities both masculine and feminine within us. Most people however don't care about the truth.

They only care about what works in their favor no matter how unfair and inhumane those conditions happen to be or what the result of their getting happens to come from inhumane and unfair conditions.

And you know what that ideology is called ladies and gentlemen? Thank you. Repeat it after me. Satanism. That's what that ideology is called. Okay?

That's what Satanism really is. It's not worshipping some devil entity. It's saying, I'm God. I'm the only one who matters. I don't give a damn about what's happening to my fellow human being. And as long as it's working out in my favor and to my comfort, screw everybody else.

That's how people think. You're a Satanist, and let me tell you something the vast amount of the overwhelming bulk of humanity are Satanists. They're not Satanists who are in the know in the dark occult who are actively directing this agenda, but they are Satanists nonetheless. They're de-facto Satanists in their mind in their emotions and in their behavior and that's where it really counts.

And that conditioning leading to that the living of that type of a lifestyle is what's keeping the world a prison and until that mindset goes, we free ourselves of that satanic mindset, expect to live in a prison. Hell, exactly that's correct.

What we care enough to put our will behind is ultimately what will get created in our world, what we will manifest in our world.

The world is the way that it is because most people do not care enough even if they say they want change and they say they want things to be different to change it through their actions.

And people hate when I say this, because they're like, well what you're saying is more people really ultimately want it that way. Yeah, it doesn't matter what you say you want, matters what you do ultimately about, see that's the whole thing, there's one choice or another. You accept it to stay the way it is or you actually take action to change it, and if you're not actively involved in that process, again you're part of the problem. You're helping things stay the way it is whether you say you want it to change or not.

That's what the principle of care is about. You have to care enough to get up and do something about it and that means speaking to other people. That means it doesn't matter how uncomfortable or how crazy, how uncomfortable the situation may get or how crazy you may be perceived by other people. Doesn't make a damn bit of difference. You gotta speak it anyway.

See, and part of that process, part of this healing process because all of this is ultimately about the lack of true self-esteem. That's where all of this desire to control comes from. It comes from people who are ultimately inwardly self-loathing to all fear, all this fear, that's where it's produced from. Thank you.

It's a self-loathing mentality. Somebody who truly loves themself doesn't want to try to control other people, folks. It's real simple. You truly love yourself at a deep fundamental core spiritual level, you're not trying to control the behavior of anybody else.

I'm not interested in being anybody's leader or master or ruler, you know? I'm uncomfortable even trying to be a teacher of this information because I don't really want to do this. I don't want to do this with my time. I'm going to continue to do it because I know I have the moral responsibility knowing what I know to continue to do it.

This isn't how I want to spend my time. I want to go ride my bike. I want to do martial arts. I want to make smoothies and juice. Get my health in even better shape than it is. I want to play music. That's what I really want to be doing with my time. I want to go see other bands play. I enjoy creating. I want to get better at art. you know and creative endeavors.

This isn't what I want to do. You think this is what I want to do you've got to be on really really really bad drugs. Keep them away from me, if that's what you think.

The word respect is derived from the Latin prefix re meaning again and the Latin verb spectare meaning to look at. True respect means that you have to do the internal shadow work and take another look at yourself, your own attitudes, your own emotions, your own behaviors.

And that's one of the hardest things for any human being to do. To ask the question, who am I? And do I truly like myself? You know? You wanna talk about the real hard work. That's harder. You gotta do that first before you get involved in the great work. You know that's the hardest work there is to do.

That's the long treacherous dark night of the soul you know, where I almost lost my self the connection to my higher self and went into such depressed states that I contemplated suicide and you know just wanted to just not be alive anymore you know, that's that's where that dark process will happen but once you go through it, I guarantee you do that shadow work you'll emerge out the other side transformed.


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(02:05:28) Another solution is the non-support of all order followers and dominators by women. Women need to step into their empowering roles as influencers of human morality, which they very much could be again.

One of the most significant ways they can do this is to draw a line in the sand by refusing to support in any way men who are employed as order followers.

Any man accepting a job in which they engage in the initiation of violence and coercion should be encouraged by women to quit that immoral job and to find a moral one.

This is called the concept in Eastern thought of right livelihood, and so many women are completely complacent in this regard, regardless of where the money that the man is making that money from, they're just happy to have that income coming in as long as it's going to provide some kind of comfort level for their quality of life. And I'm telling you that's one of the biggest problems in all of this society and that's what women have to start really changing their minds about.

If you're involved yourself or a man you know is involved in doing something that is immoral or coercive, you have to dissolve that relationship with that person. Or you have to tell them if this isn't rectified and changed and you're not doing a moral profession and you're not involved in right livelihood, the relationship cannot continue. You can continue to do that but not with my support.

How many people are willing and prepared to do that? You know? Even if it means discomfort. Nobody's telling you, I'm not up here telling you this is gonna be an easy thing. Change is hard. You might have to suffer. You might have to go through hardship to do what's right. You know, it's not easy. It doesn't mean that it's impossibly complex. It's real simple.

Stop doing things that are violent toward other people and stop supporting those things. Even if it means you benefit from them.

You know, I'm not doing a job where money is going to go to pedophiles. People who I know are pedophiles. You know, I don't care how hard that makes my life. I'll live at pauper level if I have to.

I'm not taking a job that's going to withhold my income and send it to pedophiles. People I know who are raping small boys and girls. Not energy that I make. Sorry, you ain't getting that.

Kill me if you want, but you're not taking it. All you'll get is a pound of my flesh but you're not going to get any energy toward your sick depraved ways. Until people are so doing that and so ready to think like that and act like that, that they're willing to die, don't expect it to change. That's what you have to do is stop supporting the system, stop paying into the system, stop supporting anybody who supports the system.

This works in reverse too. Men need to have nothing to do with women who want anything to do with the state. Okay? Those relationships should be dissolved. Alright?

You have to walk away from people if they insist, I'm going to continue to support immoral ways and behaviors. That's a hard thing to want. I'm not interested in informing true dynamic interpersonal intimate relationships with people who are non-anarchists. Not interested in it. You know?

Because that person is not on an equal level when it comes to consciousness. So, I'm what, gonna support somebody that continues to support violence conducted against me and people I care about? No.

I'm not gonna tolerate that. You know? I understand if you've woken up and you've already been in a relationship, that could be a hard one. I'm talking about forging new relationships particularly.

You know, or, you know, if a woman's married to a soldier or married to a cop. You know, these are people who are boots on the ground creators of the enslavement system, and women have to stop supporting them and walk away from those relationships and men need to do the same when it comes to women who support the state.

People don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear it as a solution, but I'm telling you, it's one of the things that would radically transform this society if people started doing it.

I want to step back a slide there, not only to read that quote but I want to tell you who that woman is. Words of the Buddha, “blessed are they who earn their livelihood without harming others”, the Buddhist concept of right livelihood.

The woman on the right there is Margaret Gage and she is I would actually say I dedicate the spirit of this presentation to Margaret Gage, because she embodies exactly what I'm talking about here and what I was talking about last night. She was an inauthentic woman who became an authentic woman in her lifetime.

She was the wife of Thomas Gage. Thomas Gage was the English general who conducted the main military warfare campaign against the American revolutionaries in the American Revolutionary War. She was his wife of many years from New Jersey, went over to England, had many children with this general.

He was appointed to be the main commander of English troops in America. She came over here with him and had a change of heart when she saw the oppression that was being done to Americans her where she was born by the British, and she got involved in the American Revolution as a spy, one of the first women spies and she gave intelligence to the American revolutionaries about the movements of British soldiers at incredible risk to her personal safety, and without her, many of the battles may not have gone the ways that they went in the American Revolution.

This is what probably one of the bravest women who has ever existed on this continent if not the bravest. And that's an example for women to go through the radical transformation from the inauthentic woman who's with the dominator to the authentic woman who is supporting the true freedom rebel. Thank you.

Could not ask for a better example of a genuine woman than someone like Margaret Gage.


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(02:12:07) We have to invoke and create the sacred union, the holy matrimony between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. The sacred feminine principle of non-aggression and the sacred masculine principle of self-defense. And also the marriage within us of the sacred masculine of the logical mind and the heart-based intelligence.

So intellect plus um... care that's what true holistic intelligence is all about, and these dynamics drive each other. Emotional thinking is a feminine trait. It gets you to care about what is right and true. You have to have that heart-based intelligence to really deeply care for truth but logical and critical thinking is a masculine trait that gets you to figure out things and help to understand the solution regarding what is right and true.

The awakened woman and of course the awakened man balances both of these modalities in consciousness. One cannot take precedence over the other. You have to balance them and bring them into full accord and unity with each other. That's the sacred union that we need to bring into balance within ourselves.

Mastering yourself is true power. Sacred union is love under will. A Thelemic concept. What does it mean?

It means that if you're going to employ the sacred masculine principle of will, of right action in the world, underneath it must be care. Love has to hold the child which is right action being birthed into the world.

That's what the traditional religious images of Madonna and child have all been about in classical Christian iconography. It's allegorical. You know, if you understand real esoteric Christianity.

You know, this is care supporting in her arms right action and birthing right action into the world. The sacred feminine gives birth to the sacred masculine. It's a beautiful spiritual allegory if it's properly understood and then the sacred masculine nurtures and uplifts the feminine in society as well through right action and example, which is what the Christ figure you know bringing up Mary Magdalene is about them having dynamic interchange of energy between themselves in a sacred union.

Probably the most important solution anybody can employ is to consciously parent the young. Be a conscious parent of children. Folks, do not sugarcoat the truth to your children. They will call you on your bullshit. Okay?

Teach them the truth at a very early age. Do not try to shelter them from reality. Speak plainly and simply to them. They can understand. Okay?

They're more resilient than you think they are, too. They can take more than a person who's already been conditioned for half their lifetime can take. Be honest with them. Feed them good nutrition, healthy, nutritious meals. You know, make them active. Build them up strong. They gotta be strong beings.

This isn't about just, you know, nurturing them emotionally. It's got to be physical too. The emotions of course have to be there. We have to build strong people who are going to actively resist this immoral system. Not only mentally and psychologically and philosophically but physically if necessary.

You know, incredible meme here. I will not sentence my children to a future without liberty.

That's what needs to be every parent's primary concern. I've talked to actual parents and said they're taking freedom away not only from us but the future generations, and I've heard back, all I can worry about is putting food on my table. I'm like, you don't love your children. I'll say that right to a parent's face and then they'll get all over my ass for saying that to them and saying I have no room to talk because I don't have a child.

And they'll say oh you didn't take the responsibility of having a child so you're not qualified to say that? Bullshit. I'll say it right to a parent's face who says they're not concerned about freedom, you don't love your goddamn children. I love them more than you. Just because you put a child out of your loins doesn't necessarily mean that you know everything that's going on in the world and what's best. You know, you know, what because I can't speak to that because I didn't have a child? Nonsense.

So you know that we have to get on parents cases like this because they're failing. They're not doing their job. They're not nurturing or raising their children and it's because of this diminished familial bond between men and women. It's largely what's driving that bad parenting dynamic.

So I highly highly recommend the works of Lenin honor on conscious parenting because he's done a lot of great work on that and many others.

Awakening the sacred masculine is as important as awakening the sacred feminine and I'm talking about awakening this dynamic across the board in both genders. Particularly in women you know more women have to get behind the notion of legitimate rebellion.

There are such things as legitimate physical rebellions. You know and it does that, they're not putting the line on there for no reason. It's, it's an understanding of courage and sacrifice and what may have to be done even though it's incredibly uncomfortable and distasteful. If your woman isn't a revolutionary, she will persuade you to be a slave and to accept those conditions of slavery willingly. That's why we need more women rebels.

Quote by Annie Oakley, “I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies”.

So would I.

Resistance is victory. Resistance, ladies and gentlemen, is victory. What we need to ultimately do is to wake up to the manipulation and resist it on all fronts.


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(02:19:00) Information regarding this occult agenda can be extremely difficult for the victims of its manipulation to hear.

And I'll tell you why, women are some of the biggest victims of this manipulation. The neo-feminists think that women are gaining power by this agenda, you're being enslaved by it along with the men in society.

It can be very difficult for the victims to hear but when you finally recognize the methods and goals of this epi-eugenics agenda, you will wake up and see the programming, exactly like when Neo wakes up in the matrix and he can see the code in the matrix, which is when he gains all the power he needs to fight back.

Resistance, because if we fight we might lose, but if we don't fight we've already lost.

Folks, we're at war. It doesn't matter if you don't like the term fighting and resistance, you're at war. War is being waged on you now, already. It's not coming, it has been ongoingly waged upon you and your children.

That's what has to be consciously recognized and it's time to fight back. When the conscience is denied its freedom, when the workings of society hamper the artist, the musician, the poet, the philosopher, in short, the thinker, it is time for the instinct of rebellion to declare a state of war.

That's where we're at, and make no mistake about that ladies and gentlemen that is not just we're not talking about just the gender war, this is the worldwide spiritual war that is ongoing on this planet and if we're going to win it, and yes there is such a thing as winning it, somebody asked me this question last night, is there such a thing as winning and losing?

Absolutely there is, yes. You know, you don't like polarity? Tough. It's legitimate and real. Losing this war is being enslaved and making this planet a living hell, which is already rapidly on its way to being, if not already there.

And winning it is being free, having and expressing your natural human rights as a being and going on to higher states of consciousness and building things that we could scarcely even imagine that we can do and realizing the true human potential. That's winning.

And if, that's a choice, the choice between what's gonna happen in this war is for us to make. That's the good news about all of this. We change our minds and we change our consciousness, we change our behavior, we can choose for that better result to happen and actually quote-unquote win.

Simultaneously, we choose to stay where we're at in this low state of consciousness and not do the great work, you know we're gonna lose big time and we're gonna end up in hell.

See, it's all about the lost word. Saying no. Resistance. This is spiritual immunity to the whole satanic mindset.

Neo gained his power when he said no, finally. That's when he woke up consciously in the Matrix and can see all the code and see what it was really made of. He could see the truth as it really is when he spoke the word no.

This is one of my favorite quotes on Earth. It was from the comic book Captain America. I'll give a brief anecdote.

I know I'm going way over time but it's worth it. I was in a local pub and I was wearing the hoodie that I wore right after I finished my speech last night when I went out for a bit after the conference concluded last night. It is a black hoodie with the Gadsden snake on it, and I was sitting outside of this venue this music venue, and a guy came up to me outside and started trouble with me just because he didn't like the original American iconography of the rebellion and freedom of this country. One American going up to another American and starting a problem when I was sitting there not speaking to any living soul, minding my own business. Okay?

What's your snake about? I said, it's the Gadsden flag snake. Don't tread on me. It was actually the first flag of America. They flew it at the Battle of Bunker Hill. It was created by Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, one of the militiamen who helped unite the militias in the American Revolution.

Oh yeah?

I see that with these militia types today. You guys think you're gonna fight against the police and the military?

And I was like, well, since you asked, if it has to come to that, I said, I guess that's up to you. Are you in the police and military? I guess that would be up to you guys if you are.

You know, and he goes, he looked at, I had some other I guess he thought I was in the military because, what branch did you serve?

I'm like I'm in the people's militia. I didn't serve in any branch of the military okay. You know, I'm for just freedom that's it and he goes, oh what are you one of these anarchists?

And I said, actually I am an anarchist. You know, I don't believe in the authority of the state.

So his girlfriend was there and was listening and I started to explain what anarchy meant etymologically. It comes from the Greek an which means absent or not present and the word archon in Greek which means master or ruler.

When I explained that, his girlfriend like suddenly turned very lot like had this logical look on her face like, wow yeah that makes a lot of sense, because it means you know the absence of ruling anybody and absence of ruling means there's there's no slavery. So you're free said exactly that's what that's what it means.

He got so angry that his girlfriend agreed with me when I explained the etymological meaning of anarchy that it's like this rage came over his face and he said to me, if you don't like it here why don't you move?

And I said, well I'll answer that question. I remained very very calm. As a matter of fact a friend of mine was sitting there watching the whole thing and he knew I asked for no part of this conversation. The guy was clearly intoxicated actually and I you know repeatedly said you know nothing's going to be proven or resolved here you know we're sitting outside Pub talking about political issues like you're not gonna convince me of anything different.

I'm not gonna convince you of anything different I don't even know why you're bothering with this, and his girlfriend was you know saying, yeah he's right come on let's go but he was clearly visibly intoxicated from being inside drinking for a while and he wanted to continue to pursue it, so he gave me this you know typical thing, if you don't like what how we run things here why don't you move and I said I will answer that question

I'm not going anywhere because I'm right. That's why I'm not going to move from America. Because I'm standing in truth and righteousness. I am in the right when it comes to moral reality. That's the reason I'm not going anywhere. I know the difference between right and wrong. I don't aggress against other people's rights and no one should aggress against mine, and I'm living in those principles and because I'm right about those things don't expect me to leave if anything you should leave.

You can call that combative speech. I don't care what you call it. I said you asked me. Don't expect me to sit here like some timid little boy and not answer you Okay, and then his girlfriend pulled him away. And I immediately thought of this quote from Captain America every time somebody says that to me, it goes right back to my childhood reading these comics, you know, and I remember this quote, one of my favorite quotes that he ever spoke in the whole comic book.

And here's what it is:

“It doesn't matter what the press says. It doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right.

“This nation was founded on one principle above all else, the requirement that we stand up for what we believe no matter the odds or the consequences.

“When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree next to the river of truth and tell the whole world, NO! YOU MOVE!”

And that is the energy of the lost word which people have to fall in love with and understand at a deep deep core soul level. The word no is the most powerful word in the universe. When we say no, we reclaim all of our natural rights and we take back our power, and that means you have to be willing to defend those rights, not just philosophically but physically if required to do. So that's what our ancestors understood, that's what too many of us have forgotten.

Particularly women have to develop the courage to let go. Attachment is a big spiritual stumbling block when it comes to how the true sacred feminine in all of us is manipulated.

People want things to be orderly and peaceful and comfortable. We may not be able to get to where we want to go at the point that we're at in total comfort and peace and order. It may require a period of chaos and we have to be willing to embrace that fearlessly if we're going to get to where we want to go.

The control system has to go by any means necessary to dissolve it. It has to all burn down. Out of that chaos, the authentic man and the authentic woman will be the survivors and they will build the new world.

In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.


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(02:30:25) A few people whose information you should look into and once again I offer the caveat just because I list these people to look into their information does not mean I agree with everything that they stand for politically, ideologically, socially or anything. I just think they have some good information on the topics they talk about:

  1. Jim Keith one of the greatest researchers that I've come across. He wrote the book “Mass Control Engineering Human Consciousness”. If anybody hasn't read this book. it's unacceptable. It is a must read to understand social engineering.

  2. John Coleman who wrote the book “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” and many others. Absolutely brilliant historical researcher.

  3. Camille Paglia, who wrote “Sexual Personae”, absolutely brilliant discourse on neo-feminism.

  4. Stefan Molyneux, whether you like him, hate him, or feel ambivalently about him, has put a lot of good work into the exposing of the neo-feminism agenda.

  5. Christopher Hitchens, again politically leftist but had so many great things to say about political correctness and how it's a form of censorship and the importance of maintaining free speech at all times. I think people would find value in looking up his work.

  6. Gary Allen the author of “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” a book that is out of print but I'm telling you you can go online and get it probably for still pretty cheap prices

If the people in this room, I need to know by a show of hands, how many people have read in its entirely, in its entirety, “None Dare Call Conspiracy”? Absolutely horrific. I'm horrified. No I'm serious. I'm not even joking. It's not funny. That's horrifying. People need to read that book. It's that important about what's going on in America right now.

This man seems like a prophet in this book for what he told people was coming and it's all happening, because he knew the people who were actively running this agenda, just like I know some of them that were actively running this agenda. I'm telling you that book is a must read. Get it and read it through in its entirety.

Janice Fiamengo and Christina Hoff-Sommers also two pretty good analysts when it comes to breaking down some of the ideologies that are contained in neo-feminism and very much worth checking out their work.

Ultimately the solution is to do the true great work, which sadly people don't want to accept is, to help drag people kicking and screaming to the truth. Whether you accept that, want to accept it or not it doesn't matter. Until we get involved in doing the great work of helping to be the transformers of other people by encouraging them to look at the truth, don't expect things to change.

The true great work is to help people to abandon the false and dogmatic beliefs which have been holding back the progress of consciousness and impeding the reception of truth and natural law.

The true great work is the arduous task of influencing others to realize that in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of authority that they have actually been supporting and condoning the legitimacy of slavery, and that they were immoral for having done so. That is the ultimate true great work that we need to do.

Smaller parts of it include exposing the sub-agendas like the gender war and the neo-feminism agenda and the eugenics agenda. It's all part of the true great work to bring that work to others.

I call this the law of one in zombie land. That's what the true great work really is. You know, and there's a good old Rick from The Walking Dead, you know, looking at the zombies and saying, you're telling me that we're all one? Yeah, that's right.

We are unfortunately attached to those who are unconscious and unaware. As unpopular as it is to hear for many people, we live in a shared reality and we will all share the same social fate.

Maybe not the same fate at a soul level, but the same social fate because the same shared manifestation is going to happen for all whether they're conscious or unconscious.

If we want to change the world for the better without experiencing large-scale societal chaos and disaster, our one great work lies in waking the walking dead.

Make no mistake about it. The zombies do have to be awoken. Too many people think that this does not need to occur. I'm telling you, we are connected with those. We are not separate from them. We are not separate from the unconscious.

You can call them the sheep all you want, the dead, the unbegun, the uninitiated, the profane, the unwashed masses, it doesn't matter what you call them. You better get to work on waking them up, because they're making decisions about what happens with your life. They affect your freedom. Their ignorance affects all of our freedom.

That's what the true great work is is to make the darkness conscious and people ain't interested in that work. You know, they're interested in maintaining their comfort level, not rocking the boat, not getting in arguments with people and not being hated by your family members and so-called friends.

Maybe that's what needs to happen. Maybe tension and division is what needs to happen when it comes to moral issues. This is what the words of Christ mean in the New Testament when he says, I came not to bring peace to the earth but a sword, the sword of truth.


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(02:36:02) The Goddess Reborn. The unholy feminine currently reigns supreme in our world but ask yourself the question: if women as a whole reawaken the sacred feminine within themselves, the principle of care, just how much would they be capable of transforming the overall consciousness of humanity?

And I would suggest the answer is radically, totally, revolutionarily. That's how much.

Women are the traditional nurturers and caregivers of our entire society. If anything, they hold the fate of humanity in their hands.

You are more powerful than you know. They fear the day you discover it. We have to break out of that shell and let the inner lion loose, lose all the fear, lose all the trepidation. What are we waiting for? We're the ones we've been waiting for. We're the answer. We need to put the truth out there for ourselves and others. That takes courage to do. We have to step into that lion energy.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

It's all about the sacred union, that sacred familial bond between man and woman. That is the core strength of human society.

Dark occultists don't want that to manifest but if we set aside all of these divisive things and we bring that sacred union into manifestation, we can turn this planet from a prison to a paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your kind attention.



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(00:02:44) False ideas of male privilege are created to divide men an women.


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(00:05:55) Totalitarian tip-toe will continue so long as conditioned women support order-followers, who implement/continue the slavery system.


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(00:10:13) Androgyny, which is to condition people to neither be specifically feminine or masculine, is another tactic to destabilize society.


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(00:19:05) A religious puritanical mindset is being slowly re-infused into Western culture by religious fundamentalism. Such religionists are demonizing consensual sexual relationships between adults and pushing the notion that normal human sexuality is somehow sinful or even evil.


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(00:23:05) Fear myths around sex help to keep men and women divided and fearful of sexual intimacy, such as hook-up culture, which is a myth.


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(00:25:30) Rape culture is another fear myth to keep men and women divided.


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(00:28:26) AIDS is does NOT exist as a sexually transmitted disease. That is another fear myth to decrease sexual intimacy and create fear between men and women.


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(00:32:08) Japan is an example of the conditioned population culling itself, showing how well the social engineers can manipulate people and nations.


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(00:37:00) Asexualization means ZERO natural sexual desire period, and Japan has been manipulated/conditioned into this mindset and statistics show it is already happening in America too.


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(00:39:13) The sexodus term describes the modern phenomenon of men giving up on relationships period, because of the rampantly terrible female conditioned mind.


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(00:44:38) Misandry, the hate of men, is gaining ground due to social engineering.


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(00:48:00) Toxic masculinity is another fear conditioning tactic to demonize normal male characteristics.


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(01:02:34) White Knights are conditioned men who jump to support any woman, regardless if she is right or wrong, which is more evidence of social engineering.


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(01:06:50) Political correctness is another mind control program to limit free speech in self-censorship as well as other censorship. This helps to prevent talking about the truth of these issues and hence solutions.


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(01:14:00) Part of the solution is understanding change is difficult because of brainwashing into subjective, dogmatic, erroneous, belief systems, which is basically religious programming of various types.


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(01:17:46) Initiation is a big solution most can’t do, as the two biggest mistakes in life are NOT starting and then failing to go all the way. Since change is difficult, most never really start but just drag through life.


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(01:26:16) Conscious parenting is the #1 solution to the problems society faces.


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(01:33:25) Understanding which organizations are pushing the death/culling agenda is a important to understanding solutions .


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(01:41:30) Understanding the corrupt ideologies of organized religion is important to understanding solutions.


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(01:45:52) The Technocratic Occultocracy is the real dark religion running all religious agendas.


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01:55:20) Eugenics is one of the four main tenets of the satanic ideology & the occultocracy running the worldwide agenda, along with selfishness, moral relativism, and social darwinism.


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(02:05:28) Another solution is the non-support of all order followers and dominators by women. Women need to step into their empowering roles as influencers of human morality, which they very much could be again.


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(02:12:07) An important solution involves individuals creating the sacred union of masculine and feminine, within their own consciousness, AND influencing/inspiring the collective to do so as well.


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(02:19:00) Information regarding this occult agenda can be extremely difficult for the victims of its manipulation to hear, but overcoming the lies we have believed is an important part of the solution(s), because we need to realize we are at war, whether we like it or not. We cannot help others overcome the war if we lack knowledge and/or courage to communicate the truth.


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(02:30:25) A list of some good resources about the agendas.


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(02:36:02) The unholy feminine currently reigns supreme in our world, but if women as a whole reawaken the sacred feminine within themselves, the principle of care, they would be capable of transforming the overall consciousness of humanity.

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