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Mind controlling the minds of men

Videos from the ARK about mind control

Basically, it starts pretty young

  1. Parents (mind controlled themselves usually): obey or punished

  2. School: obey or fail

  3. Religion: obey or hell

  4. Employer: obey or fired

  5. Governments: obey or jail

    The whole system is based on (and ruled by) fear, lies & error, and slavery, instead of love, truth, freedom!!

    The whole system is also based on trauma based mind control from birth, as the intro video shows. I’ll post a few more examples below.

Here are some good tests to see if you are mind controlled. If you think covid-19 vaccine is safe and necessary, despite TONS of evidence coming out that proves the opposite, then you are showing evidence of mkultra type trauma based mind control to NOT question the official government narrative.

They are testing their programs and systems worldwide, and they are almost ready to attempt to forcefully push the world into accepting open worldwide communist dictatorship. Their hidden worldwide communist dictatorship is already in place, as proven by that fact that ALL governments (except Russia--think about it and why Russia may not be as bad as you are led to believe) pushed the covid psyop narrative and still do! Russia refused the Pfizer & Moderna vaccine and claimed they would make their own.

Don't get me wrong. Russia is a dictatorship too, and all governments are about flawed humans dictating "truth" to other flawed humans and you must comply OR ELSE! Russia is just an independent dictatorship not entirely controlled by the privately owned central banksters (as some of my sources claim but nearly impossible to confirm). But all forms of centralized governments are evil and need to go.

People must learn to think for themselves and act independently. The issue is NOT whether or not the covid science is correct; the issue is I have the right to decide what to put in my own body, end of story. My analysis shows covid vaccines are bullshit. I don't have to be an expert and lay out tons of evidence to government representatives and convince them I am right. The government just spins it all differently and refuses to accept the truth anyway, as probably most reading this do the same.

Most are programmed to ultimately go along with the government, whether sincerely confused & programmed to not think too much or not think very critically & clearly, OR fear of negative consequences to themselves if they don't capitulate. Those who break the programming would rather suffer and/or die than go along with the lying narrative.

Again, the real issue is: I have analyzed the evidence for myself and covid is obvious bullshit. I refuse any shots, even under ANY threat: fines, jail or even death. If you are afraid of that possibility, then that is normal. Everybody feels that way sometimes. But if you cannot face that, then that is evidence you have NOT broken the trauma based mind control ALL governments put on their "citizens" from birth. Yes, they do it to everybody from birth, whether more directly through humans or sort of indirectly through AIX.

Some break the programming before physical death, but most do not. Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO) is ultimately in control of the type and intensity of your mkultra mind control. If you fear jail too much, that is possibly because you endured literal mkultra-type rape, torture, drugs like LSD, threats of death during this etc... Everybody has some subconscious memory of these types of traumas, literal or otherwise, as this is how they trauma program ALL people from birth. Then they can bury conscious memories of these things under more layers of programming.

If you fear death, that is because they program your mind to fear literal fire forever (AIX lies, not truth from OCO), even worse than rape, torture, murder memories, whether or not you remember these things consciously OR subconsciously. A big part of the test of life is to discern & discard religious lies about the afterlife.

Our current reality is like a prison planet for spirits, and death is a good thing, if you are ready to leave attachment to the physical and return to pure spirit state that you once had. You are here to remember, and for growth and learning and to return home. Most are not ready for this and would prefer to live as flesh and blood forever. But flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of OCO. If you need more flesh lives, then that is your destiny. This is my last one and I am here to tell you the truth.

Mind control is so pervasive that I thought I would post a few more select videos as examples from Mark Passio's ARK drive:

1) Your Thoughts Are Not Yours (

2) TV programming (mnemonic mind control)

3) Mk-ultra minds

4) Haarp control

5) Cathy O'brien, Mk-ultra survivor

6) Trance movie, with Cathy O'brien commentary on New World Order


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