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Mark's ARK drive offer

I highly recommend obtaining Mark Passio's ARK (Amazing Repository of Knowledge) drive directly from him, as he constantly updates it. Best to get the most recent version from Mark, IMHO. The ARK external drive is not connected to the internet so can't be censored.

However, I created this section to share some of this valuable information. I cannot share ALL of the tens of thousands of videos, ebooks, articles, pdfs, audio books, etc... and it would probably all be censored at some time in the future anyway. But I have some abilities to share some things.

Mark has very particular steps to follow, and asks for a donation, as per the above video. As a convenience, my readers may get it from me a little easier. I will buy a 2TB external hard drive, copy the information over, and mail it anywhere in the world. The hard drive is currently about $110.00 Canadian and I add $20.00 shipping costs. This is only to cover my costs and time, and I am not trying to make a profit. The paypal button below has all the details.

Obtain ARK from Dennis on paypal

Alternatively, I found this link (maintained by somebody else so I can't guarantee how long it will remain) with at least some of the drive information. I tested it, and it can take days to download all the zip files, depending on your connection speed, and some of the information differs from the physical drive Mark sent me. I am not sure which drive has the most recent information, but it can be better than nothing, for those who can't pay and want something NOW.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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Commentary on Mark's Ark drive information, various snippets, clips, posts, etc ... to demonstrate the type of data on the drive and its excellent value to educate the masses.