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Two Masks, same Face: The dark occult origins of Nazism & Communism (part 1)


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Download Two Masks, part 1

Nazism And Communism Part 1
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1) (00:08:13) Nazism & Communism ideologies

Nazism and Communism are NOT totally opposite, as is commonly believed.

2) (00:11:34) Nazism & Communism are NOT opposites

Nazism and Communism are just different forms of Socialism. They are both essentially Socialism, varying only in methodologies.

3) (00:14:48) The only true political spectrum

True human freedom in consciousness is the only true political spectrum.

4) (00:17:18) Dialectics end up in slavery

Polarization dialectics are manipulation tactics that disguise the fact that both sides of the dialectic end up at the same place, slavery.

5) (00:23:57) Nazism & Communism are religions

Religion, as defined throughout this whole presentation, and really throughout all of Mark’s work is a mental, spiritual and sociological control system based in unchallenged, erroneous, meaning false, and dogmatic beliefs. Nazism and Communism are both religions that suppress consciousness and control people, until full and open slavery can be openly done.

6) (00:28:27) Nazism & Communism are dark occultism

Dark occultism is the common religion of both Nazism and Communism.

7) (00:34:54) Controlling self versus controlling others

There is light occultism and dark occultism, either used to uplift consciousness or degrade it. Light occultists specialize in controlling themselves, and dark occultists specialize in controlling others.

8) (00:38:49) Exoteric/Esoteric knowledge rules the world

The difference between exoteric and esoteric knowledge is important if one wants to understand occultism. Hierarchical and compartmentalized world control is easy for dark occultists, when knowledge is split into exoteric and esoteric.

9) (00:46:47) Definition of Satanism

10) (00:51:30) The four tenets of Satanism

The four tenets of Satanism are: egotism, moral relativism, social darwinism, and eugenics (which includes genocide, and democide).

11) (00:58:47) Satanic reasoning of Nazism & Communism

Satanism ultimately leads to this conclusion: since mankind is God and mankind gets to make up what right and wrong are, and since it's simply the natural order for the most ruthless human beings, whose genes are the fittest to rule the rest of the human herd, then that elite class of human beings has every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate and who must die by genocide and democide. This becomes cults like Nazism and Communism, where cults are physically dangerous versus “normal” religion that doesn’t harm others for not believing.
Therefore, understanding the true characteristics of the Creator is important to discern this trap in thinking, because mankind is NOT God, and neither are other created beings traditionally called angels and demons. It seems human existence has something to do with solving this ancient dilemma regarding created beings governing other created beings, as per ancient rebellion stories about Satan and fallen angels rebelling against the Creator.

12) (01:03:56) Dangerious Ideology of authority & collectivism

The ideology and behavior that forms a big part of all cults is collectivism over individualism. Next, belief in authority prevails.

13) (01:08:56) Materialism or secularism

Materialism or secularism is the next mentality that foments cults.

14) (01:11:09) Post-modernism in Nazism & Communism

Another ideology underlying cults is post-modernism, which rejects modernism ideas of enlightenment rationality, philosophy, and spirituality. This leads to the mental illness of cult beliefs in: pluralism, irreverence, solipsism, epistemological relativism, moral relativism, and millenialism.


15) (01:20:36) Theosophy paved the way for Nazism

Perversions of Theosophy helped pave the way for Nazism, although this occult tradition can be used for good too.

16) (01:27:26) Cataclysm resets actually preserve humanity

Blavatsky taught semi-extinction level events or cataclysms are sometimes necessary to reset humanity, which the dark occultists have co-opted the term and idea and want to create their own great reset instead of the Creator’s.

17) (01:28:39) Anthroposophy & Rosicrucianism in Nazism

Anthroposophy and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, were co-opted and perverted Steiner's teachings, especially his teachings of Rosicrucianism and Anthroposophy meaning human and Sophos meaning wisdom.

18) (01:33:06) The Völkisch movement

The Völkisch movement directly help create the Nazis.

19) (01:40:17) Lebensraum (living space)

The next concept to understand that widely influenced Nazi ideology was Lebensraum or living space.

20) (01:46:16) Wotanism in Nazism

Guido von List was an Austrian occultist who founded a Germanic pagan religious movement known as Wotanism, and this man was a major influence on Nazism.

21) (01:56:48) Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels

The next big dark occultist that paved the way for Nazism and its rise to power was Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels.

22) (02:05:16) Theodor Fritsch

The next occultist to look into is Theodor Fritsch who was very instrumental in the founding of the Reichshammerbund and Germanenorden secret societies.

23) (02:09:13) The Thule Society & Nazism

So the next dark occultist and group you have to look at is Rudolf von Sebottendorf and the Thule Society.

24) (02:15:04) The Thule Society & Rudolf John Gorsleben

Through his periodical Aryan Freedom, Rudolf John Gorsleben, who was involved in the Thule society and German politics, disseminated his occult racist ideas which centered upon the concept of racial purity and the reactivation of the occult powers that every Aryan possessed, but which had become atrophied.

25) (02:19:36) Dietrich Eckart

Dietrich Eckart was a German Völkisch journalist and political activist who was one of the founding members of the German Workers Party and a key influence on Hitler.

26) (02:44:01) Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s speech coach

Erik Jan Hanussen is another influential occultist, who trained Hitler on his speaking techniques.

Gestapo (Secret Police)

***Break to pick up again at Gestapo in next presentation***


Thank you so much. Thank you, that's very kind of you. Jeff, thank you so much for that wonderful introduction.

I want to thank everybody on the production team for this great event. All the volunteers, couldn't have done it without you guys, made it go so smooth this morning with setup and I want to thank everyone for coming out. It's like great to see you all, so thank you for being here.

And as Jeff said, this one has been in the making for many years. I've been talking about and planning this presentation to try to expose the origins of these very twisted religious cults, and that's really what they are.

And I'm going to finally once and for all expose them as being masks on the same face of dark occultism and Satanism here today, and I think that you'll come away with a very profound understanding of that by the end of the day today.

So let's jump in. My presentation of course is entitled “Two Masks, Same Face, The Dark Occult Origins of Nazism and Communism”. Before we begin I always have some caveats and warnings to just go over. You know that's probably not really necessary for the live audience, but for people that are going to watch this later on the internet I always like to do this.

There is nothing new that is really going to be presented here. This information is already with us, it is just not widely recognized.

So a lot of people will complain and say, well, he's not talking about anything brand new here today, and I fully admit that. You're not really going to be seeing or hearing anything new here today. As the old saying, that ancient saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun. And that means that the truth is objective and eternal. It has always been with us, it has always been here, it always will be.

All I can do is present my findings in a personalized framework with my own style and my own aesthetics applied to the presentation.

This presentation is not a political presentation. It is apolitical. I am not a member of the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the Libertarian Party, or any other political party. I do not ideologically align with any political party. I don't ideologically align with politics, period.

I'm not an advocate of left-wing or right-wing politics. I am an advocate of moral spirituality. I completely and totally reject the belief in the idea of human authority, period, and all forms of government. Because such ideologies are based entirely in coercion and violence.

I advocate for the abolition of these forms of human slavery. They are covert forms of human slavery, but rapidly moving to overt forms of slavery.

I embrace and teach the principles of objective morality and natural law, which is the moral laws of the universe. The problems of our world are not a matter of left versus right, they are a matter of right versus wrong. And that's what I've been trying to expose for many, many years.

This presentation is not geared for what I would just simply refer to as psychological children. This is for psychologically mature adults who are ready and able to hear factual information and truth. It is not for those who appear to be adults bodily but still have the psychological mentation of a child, those who attempt to quote think and quote reason with their emotions.

The emotions have to be left out of this as much as is humanly possible for us to do so. We have to try to judge the veracity of the information, not how it makes us feel. Because quite frankly today, a lot of this information is not going to make you feel good.

So we have to try to leave our emotions aside and look at the truth of the information being presented. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. But if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. That should be a life motto of people. That should be a guiding principle of most people.

My present style, presentation style, is often extremely intense, at times even combative. I don't sugarcoat my words or my delivery. Some people who watch this presentation may very likely become upset or angered by what I have to say during it. So be it.

Feel those emotions, go through them, and that's fine. That will never make what I'm about to say here today untrue. Truth, by its very nature, is belligerent because it wages war against all forms of deception and mind control. Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

Why do I do this type of work? Why do I do this public speaking?

Well, I don't present this information to be liked because, quite frankly, it's not going to get you a lot of popularity. To be popular, to make money, or to make friends. Those are not the reasons I do this.

I speak publicly because I recognize that in the crisis of overwhelming ignorance and deception in which we currently live, I have a moral obligation to communicate what I know to be taking place in our world in order to help others to understand it so they can then take action and do something about it.

We have to strive to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do and for no other ulterior motives. What is right stays that which is right, even if everyone is against it. And what is wrong remains wrong, even if everyone is for it, as happened in these totalitarian regimes of the past and the present.

This presentation is a tapestry of information and it's informationally dense. So be prepared for that and just put yourself in a receptive mind state because it's a lot to take in. And it's a tapestry. It is meant to be taken in as a whole in its entirety.

So I highly recommend you stay and watch the entire presentation in all of its three parts that I'm going to deliver here today. If you don't do that, you're most likely not going to recognize the patterns that are inherent to the tapestry. And more likely than not, you will not come away with an accurate understanding of the topics I'm going to present today.

Another thing to keep in mind is this is just a drop in the ocean compared to where this research leads. I could probably have done, you know, a week long presentation or a month long. One day couldn't possibly cover the entirety of the scope of these topics. It's enormous. You couldn't fit it all in a week, a month, or even a year.

Such topics require ongoing, eclectic research and investigation and could potentially constitute a lifetime study. This presentation is intended merely to wet the appetite of potential students so that they may pursue their own autodidactic investigations. And that means self-directed learning process. So keep in mind you can't possibly cover this all in a day. I have to give you a general overview.

(00:08:13) So, let’s start in with the section called Nazism and Communism as political ideologies.

Because yes, there is an aspect to them that are political ideologies. And we have to define terms. Definitions are very important. So, what is Nazism?

Nazism is a totalitarian political ideology directly associated with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party of World War II era Germany.

Nazism is a form of fascism which incorporates the ideologies of strict authoritarianism, one of its underlying ideologies, political dictatorship, devout nationalism, racism, white supremacy, anti-semitism, social Darwinism, which we're going to talk about, and eugenics into its system of beliefs and practices.

What is fascism? So as a definition, fascism is an authoritarian, ultra-nationalist political ideology and movement characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual rights for the perceived quote-unquote good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

It has been historically symbolized by the symbol of the fascis seen there in the middle. An axe surrounded by a bundle of rods and that symbol represents the strong centralization of political authority and power by the rods being bound around the central axe.

What is communism? Communism is a socio-political and economic ideology within the socialist movement whose goal is the creation of a socio-economic order centered around common ownership, quote-unquote, there really is no such thing, but that is what the claim is, of the means of production, distribution, and exchange that allocates products to everyone in the society based on quote need. Again a claim.

It has been historically symbolized by the emblem of the hammer and sickle representing the combined strength of both workers and food producers. Again the hammer representing workers and industry, and the sickle representing food production.

What is socialism? Socialism is a system of society or group living in which there is no private property. And this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the presentation. And in which the means of production and distribution of goods and services are owned and controlled by the state, or in other words the government.

That is the basic definition of socialism, and as we will be discussing, both of these totalitarian ideologies are rooted in socialism. So let's clear up one common miss-perception in the human population.

(00:11:34) Nazism and communism are not diametric opposites.

You hear this from people that buy into the political ideology. They buy into left versus right politics, the political spectrum as it's called. These are not opposites. They are almost identical in every way that they are carried out in the respective societies that they were implemented in and I'm going to show and prove that.

It's all socialism. Nazism is national socialism. Communism is international socialism. They are both forms of socialism.

They only differ in the method by which they are going to get to a world dictatorship. Nazism is national socialism. It spreads its form of totalitarian control by growing to cult-like proportions within a single nation state, then through military conquest over surrounding nations, eventually becoming a world empire through conquest.

Communism, on the other hand, is international socialism. It just varies in its approach, and it spreads its form of totalitarian control through the conquest of worldview and social institutions first, eventually becoming a world empire through regional centralization of power and policy-making in its satellite nations.

So, it’s just a difference in approach. But they are both forms of Socialism, where ultimately it’s neo-feudalism and private property is going away. And if private property goes away, rights go away. Because all rights are based in property rights, as we'll talk about later.

People have to get out of the mind control methodology that is waged against them of the political spectrum being a breakdown of left versus right wing politics. This is the traditional view of the political spectrum where you have on the left side communism and on the right side fascism.

And then you have center politics in the middle. There is no place on this chart for actual freedom, or abolition of government. There is no place on this chart where the actual coercion and violence exercised over human beings to keep them under government control is absent.

So it's all a form of slavery. It's all control over people. Whether it's left-wing control or right-wing control. I have introduced what I call the true political spectrum to try to steer people away from falling into this mind control trap, because that's what it is. It's social engineering, the existing publicly recognized political spectrum.

Here's a far more accurate, what I call the true political spectrum, and I put even politics in quotes in double quotes because it's really not a spectrum of politics.

(00:14:48) This is a spectrum of human consciousness by which there is only one razor's-edge, a needle point where there's true freedom in the middle at the top of the chart.

I know it may be a little bit small to read here in the audience, people can study it later in the slides, but basically this axis at the bottom represents control of human beings and the axis on the left hand side represents consciousness of human beings.

So as consciousness is low, control goes to total, and as consciousness is raised higher and higher, control is less and less and less.

The only place where control is absent is in the middle, at that zero point, right at the very top of the mountain peak or that needle point at the top. A very difficult place to go to and maintain that position. Most people slide down those slippery slopes very quickly.

So you could see on the left all the way to the far left, total control or slavery of human beings, you have communism or international socialism. Just to the right of that is democratic incremental socialism. That's where this country is right now. We're sliding down the slope toward total control, but we're at that point where we are trying to institute democratic incremental socialism. We're going to talk about that as an ideology later.

Then you have a republic based on classical liberalism, then you have libertarianism, slightly left-leaning perhaps. Then on the other side you have maybe slight right-leaning libertarianism and then a republic based on classical conservatism, then corporate incremental socialism, which is what Nazism basically was, and the fascism under Mussolini in Italy. And then you have outright fascism, national socialism being implemented as a slavery system.

So again, this is a function of consciousness. The left hand side gauges the amount of consciousness, alignment with objective morality and natural law, and respect for self-ownership that is present in human society.

So that's what I think people should understand as the real political spectrum or the real way consciousness and control of human beings are related to each other. And again, we'll talk about that later when we talk about natural law and the law of freedom.

People have to stop falling in line with what's called polarization dialectics.

(00:17:18) Polarization dialectics, also referred to as the Hegelian dialectic, after the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, refers to the structured psychological manipulation of two polarized worldviews to bring them toward an identical sociological end.

Dialectics are specifically used in the political realm to steer polarized political factions toward a totalitarian system of government.

The relevant question for us to ask is, who created that dialectic in the first place to steer the seemingly opposing sides to the same outcome? And that's what I'm going to talk about and reveal that these are social engineers and they are occultists, what I call dark occultists.

See, it doesn't matter whether you join the donkey cult, the elephant cult, the camp of international socialism or national socialism, they're all taking you to the same place and this is the world that they want to create.

They want to build a prison society. They want to put the world into bondage and slavery. It's like giving a farm animal the choice to go down one road to the slaughterhouse or down the other road to the slaughterhouse. It doesn't matter which road they choose, they're going to end up at the same place. And that's all politics is. It's just a polarizing dialectic to get people into slavery.

Let's look at the political commonalities just as political systems alone of Nazism and communism. You know, if we get into the underlying ideologies, they're almost completely identical. But just let's look at how they are very very similar in their political methodologies.

They both have underlying totalitarian political ideology. The complete control of people and resources is ultimately their objectives as political systems. They share in common the use of propaganda and indoctrination to influence the minds of the public, especially the young.

So this is social engineering. They use pseudo-religious symbolism and trappings to foment cult-like religiosity in their political followers. They both share that in common.

They both exercise complete control of their media systems within their nations, within their regimes, and exercise total censorship of conflicting information, so that people really can't get conflicting information to even think differently than the totalitarian regime of Nazism and communism wants them to think.

They engage in shaming and dehumanization of all political opponents of the regime. They use the brutal utilization of military and secret police forces via order followers, people who will unquestioningly obey their orders no matter how immoral they are. And we'll talk about order followers later as well.

They share in common the deployment of internment or work camps or concentration camps to punish or kill political opponents and undesirables in their regimes. And about the only real way even in the political aspect that they differ is in the 20th century alone how many human beings they respectively killed.

Nazism was confined within Europe and the Nazis were stopped in World War II and before they were stopped they exercised the extermination of approximately 20 million people, and those numbers are you know it's probably a conservative estimate if you take into account all the people that were the result, that died as a result of what Nazism did, and communism is responsible for the estimated deaths of 94 million people in the 20th century.

So absolutely horrific numbers of people who lost their lives to these ideological regimes. But we have to look past the politics. This is where most people stop. They look at just the political ideologies. They don't understand that these things are not just political mentalities. They are religions. I want to say that unequivocally.

Nazism and communism are religions. This is very much not known by the general public. They don't see it that way, they don't view it that way, because they've been conditioned not to see it that way. But make no mistake, behind these political ideologies lies religion.

And what I want to get to is what the religion that they share in common actually is, because they have a common root religion and that's the thesis of this whole presentation.

Nazism and communism are political masks which are presented to the public as diametric opposites but at their ideological core lies a common root religion which created and controls them both as systems of human slavery. That's the whole takeaway of this entire body of research.

You have to understand that there is a common puppeteer hand that ultimately controls both of these political masks. And that is a religious system. It is a covert religious system, but it is a religious system nonetheless.

So, in this body of work, I am defining religion in a particular context. It's not what people generally think of as religion. And for people who have studied my work, you know this definition.

The word religion is etymologically derived from the Latin verb religare, meaning to bind, to hold back by tying, to thwart from forward progress. That's what the verb in Latin religare means.

(00:23:57) Religion, as I am defining it throughout the whole presentation, and really throughout all of my work is a mental, spiritual and sociological control system based in unchallenged, erroneous, meaning false, and dogmatic beliefs.

Belief which is specifically designed to hold back the progress of human consciousness by preventing it from recognizing and accepting reality and truth.

Any form of religion is just a system of mental control that prevents someone from accurately perceiving reality. Keep that definition in mind. It is mind control.

There is no better synonym for religion and religiosity and religious belief systems and thought than mind control. That is the entire purpose of all forms of religion, whether they are overt or whether they are covert.

So let's look at the difference between overt religions, meaning ones that we can readily see in society that are operating as religious belief systems, versus covert religion, which it's much more difficult for the public to recognize as a religious belief system, some ideologies and thought processes.

Overt religion is obvious and readily seen by the average person as a religious belief system, whereas covert religion is difficult or impossible for the average person to recognize as a religious belief system. That's why it's covert, it's hidden, it's largely unseen or recognized as a religion.

Overt religion openly displays aesthetics and conducts rituals of traditional religious beliefs, those that would be recognized as religion.

Covert religion displays aesthetics and conducts rituals which are religious. They contain religiosity and religious notions and ideologies, but the public does not recognize them as such. That is what makes those ideologies covert religions. They're still holding people back from the truth, but people are told, oh, that's not a religion, that's just politics, that's not a religion, that's just believing in things that have to exist in our reality. It's all a mind control game that's being waged against people.

Overt religion, some examples include what we would historically and culturally recognize as religious beliefs: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. on and on.

Covert religion, some examples would include the very idea of authority of some human beings over other human beings. That's a religion. That's a religious belief. It has no bearing in truth, but people believe in it fervently, with a religious fervor.

Government, same thing. That's a religion. That's religious thought. They've just replaced the old religions with a new religion called government.

Politics, part of government, supporting government policies and people within government positions.

Money is a form of religion. Believing in exchange mediums that really are completely illusionary, ultimately is a form of religious thought. You're inventing something that doesn't exist in nature and then imbuing it with power.

Scientism, which is trusting science as the only arbiter of truth, when in fact it's often funded by large sums of grant money coming in from government to support the conclusions government wanted to find. So even what we call science can become a religion.

And of course occultism, hidden religious belief systems that are not widely known to the general body of humanity constitute religion.

So what is the common core root religion of these two seemingly political ideologies, but really they're just sects of the same religious cult. They are both sects of Satanism, and what I call in a general overarching term, the dark occult.

(00:28:27) Dark occultism is the common core root religion of both Nazism and communism.

Always has been, since their inception. Now I'm going to talk about how these ideologies came into the power that they came into, and all the occultists and all the occult groups that led to these sick twisted cults, which is what they are, murdering over a hundred million people in the 20th century.

So let's review what the occult is briefly, because of course I can't go over my entire demystifying the occult series, but I want to let people know if you want a firm foundation, a foundational understanding of the occult and the knowledge that it contains, you can watch my two presentations, Demystifying the Occult, Parts 1 & 2.

Part 1, I talk about a lot of different occult traditions throughout time, in a positive sense, because all of this knowledge is a dual-edged sword. It can be used for good or evil.

So, in Part 1, I largely talk about the occult traditions that are designed and have a tradition of trying to uplift human consciousness. And then in part two, called Satanism and the Dark Occult, I talk about how occultism can be twisted and perverted and turned into a mechanism of control and used against people that don't have the knowledge of the occult.

So this is knowledge that can create a power differential, as we're going to talk about. For more information, please visit my website,, and check out those two presentations on occultism.

What is the occult? Let's define it. The word occult is etymologically derived from the Latin adjective occultus, meaning hidden, and that's all the word occult means. It means hidden. Hidden from sight, difficult to see, it requires deeper investigation, it's not easily or readily seen by the average person.

Occultism is the study of the hidden laws of nature, specifically those laws which work in the invisible, mental, or spiritual domain, far more than those that are at work in the visible or physical world.

Therefore, occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider worldview than that which is ordinarily taken by the everyday person. Occultists, then, may be defined as those who study all the laws of nature, both those that are readily seen, and those which are much more difficult to see with the physical eyes or with measuring instruments alone.

Those laws still definitively exist, it's just harder to recognize them in the physical domain, largely because they operate through our behavioral choices and because they are deeply embedded in the fabric of nature and over time. It requires a long view of human behavior in order to see how those laws operate.

And that's why humanity has not yet recognized the existence of natural law and understood its critical importance when it regards human freedom, in regard to human freedom.

So what knowledge does the world of occultism hide? If this is hidden knowledge, what does it contain? Occultism is a body of science, not widely known to the general population, consisting of hidden knowledge about the workings of the human psyche and the workings of the laws of nature.

So, if we break down occultism into two categories or camps, we have the microcosmic world, the world of the self, the world of the individual, and it's a study of the consciousness of the individual, and how the psyche of the individual works, and how it operates, and what its motivations are, what its fears are, how it may be manipulated in a state of ignorance, etc.

So, this is what is known in the occult as the minor arcana. It's called the lesser knowledge because it's the knowledge of the small. It doesn't mean it's less important. It just means it's the knowledge of the microcosm of consciousness, the individual, knowledge of the self, knowledge of the human psyche and how it operates.

Whereas the other aspect of occultism studies the laws of nature, both physical laws and unseen laws, laws that govern behavior, behavioral consequence, etc. So that's the major arcana, the overarching laws of the universe, what we would call the macro-cosmic knowledge, the knowledge of natural law, the universal laws of morality and how they work to bring us the consequences of our behaviors that we choose to enact.

And it also contains the knowledge of the general physical sciences, which can be occulted and held by a few so that they can maintain a power differential over the ignorant. So that's what occultism contains and quote-unquote hides. And I say quote-unquote because this knowledge is really not in hiding anymore. It has been revealed to the public and the public just refuses to study it, accept it, take it in, understand how it works, and then base their behavior upon it accordingly. Because of overwhelming ignorance and because of what, unfortunately, religious systems have told us how we should be wary of this knowledge. And instead of being wary of it, we should take it in so we can steel ourselves against its use against us as a weapon.

So what is the difference between light occultism and dark occultism as I define them in my work. Again, occult knowledge is a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways.

(00:34:54) The knowledge contained within the occult sciences can be used for good, the uplift of human consciousness, or evil, manipulation, control, slavery.

To clearly distinguish between the different uses of this knowledge, I refer to occult knowledge that is employed toward the expansion of human consciousness and morality as light occultism and that which is used for manipulation, control and the suppression of human consciousness as dark occultism.

And again that's why I'm defining Nazism and communism as root, their shared common root religion, they are sects of dark occultism, that which is trying to manipulate and suppress human consciousness and keep us under a system of tight totalitarian control.

Practitioners of light occultism could be referred to as light occultists, magicians, lightworkers or as I talk about, as I refer to myself, a de-occultist. I'm trying to take the knowledge of the occult out of hiding and just explode it onto the world for everybody to see and understand.

So I call myself a de-occultist, because they reveal and disseminate the hidden knowledge which must be known in order for human freedom to be manifested. Practitioners of dark occultism could be referred to as dark occultists, sorcerers, or dark workers. Whichever term you prefer, it's all basically talking about the same usage of that knowledge.

So light occultists over the centuries have hidden occult knowledge in order to prevent its complete eradication during exceedingly draconian times, and at other times they've hidden it, I'm sorry let me step back, at other times they have hidden it to prevent it from falling into the hands of would-be dark occultists, or those who knew of the empowerment that could be gained from such knowledge, but wanted to use it for their own immoral purposes of deception and control.

So these are two reasons that even some good people have taken the knowledge of occultism and put it into hiding deliberately. Okay, now I don't necessarily agree with that tactic. I think the best way you give people psychic self-defense is by sharing the knowledge of the occult widely and freely. And then you have to put it in humanity's hands how they're going to use it.

It's just like a weapon. If only a few people have it, they could do a lot of damage to people who don't. But if everybody has it, it creates a stalemate. And people are much more careful to try to use a weapon against somebody who also has the same weapon. That's why the occult knowledge has to be shared and made common sense.

So dark occultists over the centuries have hidden occult knowledge in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold such knowledge and those who are ignorant of it.

Dark occultists work through fear and manipulation to bring about compliance with their own selfish will. Their work is always done in secrecy, constantly contravening the freedom and prosperity of all but themselves.

There is no better term for them than sorcerers of consciousness. And that’s what the occultists that formulated the ideologies of Nazism and Communism were, and that's what the occult organizations that drove those ideologies and basically brought them, ushered them into the public consciousness of the nations where they flourished. That's what they were. They were sorcerers of consciousness. And we're going to talk about all those individuals and groups today.

(00:38:49) A concept to really get clear on regarding the occult is the difference between exoteric knowledge versus esoteric knowledge.

The word exoteric is derived from the Greek adjective exoterikos. It means external or outside of. So exoteric knowledge is intended for or likely to be understood by the general public. So the average common knowledge of the public you would call exoteric. It contains information which is current or popular among the general public.

Contrary to exoteric, the word esoteric is derived from the Greek adjective esoterikos, and that means within or inside. Esoteric knowledge is intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest.

It is information which is hidden, mysterious, or simply beyond the range of ordinary knowledge, experience, or perception. This information, meaning esoteric information, is generally communicated only to the initiated, meaning people who are on the inside, perhaps of a secret society or a group of people who are have that kind of specialized knowledge already and keep it to themselves. And again we're going to talk about all those esoteric groups and secret societies.

The occult structure of our world needs to be generally understood. Dark occultists of our world throughout the centuries have completely infiltrated and permeated all institutional walks of life on this planet. And when I mean all, I mean all of them. Not some are just exempt or safe or squeaky clean. All of them.

This goes from religion to finance to government to education to the military, you name the human institution, satanists and dark occultists are not only in it, they run them. They maintain their control over the human population through their manipulation of world institutions.

This is not only possible but it is relatively easy for them to accomplish since the structure, the created structure of all of those world institutional bodies is based upon a system of hierarchy and compartmentalization. That means a structure of command and obedience going up the chain of command and down to the bottom levels where you have obedient workers and obedient order followers, and compartmentalization which means the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. It's a need-to-know basis.

The bank teller doesn't know what the chairman of the board or the board of directors of the bank is what their agenda is. The military grunt does not know what the high-level brass knows or why they're even commanding them to do what they're doing. That's hierarchy and compartmentalization. And that's what allows this control of humanity to just go on and on unchallenged.

It's very easy when you structure the world like that. So if you want to look at a basic, simple, building block structure of the occult world, it works like this, at the very bottom of this pyramid of hierarchy and compartmentalization are human slaves, the general population that are basically held in a form of covert slavery.

Above them you have governments of the world, instituted and people believing that they have some moral right to issue all the commands that they call laws and control people the way that they do, and that is just a very low level of the control system. For people that believe that that's all it is, they have a lot to learn. They have a way further to explore and to go down the rabbit hole to know what really lies behind the ostensible power that lies within government because above government still operating if people think it has, you know, well, above government you obviously have the financial world.

Banks and corporations are really intertwined in government and ultimately calling the shots. And most people who even study the conspiratorial aspect of our reality on this planet stop there. They believe that's it, that it's the bankers that are the top of the food chain in this system of control. And again, nothing could be further from the truth, because still entrenched even behind financial power is religion.

And I'm talking about not the covert religions, not the darker cult yet, but even above that level of control are religious institutions. I've talked about this in my work ad infinitum.

People think the world is controlled through New York City, London, Washington DC, Tokyo Japan, Beijing China, etc. These are not the actual centers of power of the world. If you want to go to the centers of power of this planet, you need to go to three cities. Rome, Jerusalem, and Mecca. And then you will find the occultists that are ultimately in power.

Religion has not lost its sway or its hold or its thrall over humanity. It just changed the nature of the control system and it instituted it instead of directly through religion and kingship, it instituted it through finance and government to control the people because they stopped believing in all the religious nonsense that they use to control the population in the old world.

That's all that happened. They just euphemized that control system, called it government, and they're still ruling and enthroned behind the scenes of power. And then above them you have the really super secretive priest class. You have a subset of the secret societies, a subset of the world religions, a subset of all of the intelligence agencies that are really running the show, and you get up to that very top level, and that's where you find occultists.

You find covert religion at the very top of this pyramid of power. And these are the dark occultists of our world. They are the ones who are exerting this top-down chain of command and obedience over all these other structures in the power structure. And this is what people have to realize, that a small covert religious priest class ultimately directs things.

And it's very difficult, it's one of the most difficult things I have tried to convey to people because most people will never enter that world in their lives and I was fortunate enough to at least get a glimpse into that world. I did not make it very high up in that hierarchy because quite frankly what I saw at a low level of that hierarchy scared me so badly and I realized absolutely definitively that these people were trying to institute a system of human slavery worldwide.

That led to a crisis of conscience in which I finally got out of the world of the dark occult and have been blowing the whistle on it ever since. So what is Satanism? So I talk about in Demystifying the Occult Part 2, Satanism and the Dark Occult.

(00:46:47) Satanism is an ancient occult religion. It has been here for millennia under different names.

It is an ancient occult religion comprised of diverse interconnected networks of worldwide adherents. They have a worldwide network of followers and acolytes.

But at its ideological core, the religion of Satanism postulates that knowledge of how the human psyche works and knowledge of how the laws of nature work should be occulted or hidden and held only by a few human beings to create a power differential for them over the masses of the ignorant.

Instead of looking at these people as a very twisted priest class, which they are, right? Don't get me wrong, that's accurate. They're psychopaths, they're evil psychopaths. But instead of even looking at them in this Hollywoodized manner, or as like people that are going to go out into the woods and sacrifice a bunch of animals in black robes, take that image out of your mind.

It is way more accurate, far more accurate to simply perceive occultists, satanists, dark occultists in general as people who have very ancient psychological knowledge. Look at them as the master psychologists of the planet, who can manipulate people's minds at will because of how much they know about how the mind really works.

That's how you have to see occultism in general. That's how you have to see dark occultism. The people who are using that for their own selfish purposes, who hold and wield this hidden information in ways which exploit those who still remain ignorant of the occult. They're social engineers. I apologize, I stepped forward too quickly.

Through the power that these social engineers, these ancient psychologists gain by way of manipulating those who remain in ignorance of occult knowledge, this small minority, this ultra-secretive priest class of social engineers who are in the know, wish to permanently rule the masses of humanity and effectively become God on earth. Now I want you to keep that in mind as we go through.

It's important to understand that contrary to popular belief, the overwhelmingly vast majority of modern, of Satanists in general, do not worship an externalized deity known as Satan in the Christian tradition. They simply take the name. And again, many of them don't even call themselves Satanists. They have no name for who they really are. Most of them.

Some do say we are Satanists because they're taking the image of the chief rebel angel of the Christian tradition in modern in the modern day and they're wearing it as a badge of honor because they want to destroy natural law. They want to destroy the laws of the Creator of the universe.

So, instead, we should see Satanism as an ideological way of being in the world. It's a worldview, and it's a way of behaving toward other people. And they view the ego-driven self as God. That's what you have to keep in mind. That's the God of their religion, is the ego. The ego is put on a pedestal. The ego is elevated to apotheosis or godhood. That's what they ultimately quote-unquote worship. They don't worship demons and conjure demons and worship Satan. This is religious nonsense.

And I was a priest within this religion. That's how far I made it into the religion of Satanism when I was involved in it in my youth. I was appointed a priest in the organization called the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey, who was the high priest of that organization at the time, back in the mid and late 90s. Okay.

So I'm telling you this from a perspective of direct experience within this religion. You know, I don't have this knowledge by studying this religion. I have this knowledge because I was in the priest class of this religion when I was younger. Okay? So this is first-hand knowledge, not book knowledge, about Satanism.

(00:51:30) Let's go over the main tenets of Satanism, or what I call the pillars of Satanism.

You can look at them as the four pillars, the four table legs of the satanic religion, of the satanic ideology. The first is pure egotism. Again, ego elevated to apotheosis or godhood.

Egotism is the first tenet of satanism, expressed through the dictum, self-preservation is the highest law. Or in other words, the survival and comfort of the physical self is always more important, a more important goal than doing what is morally right.

Now just gauge that definition based on the average member of humanity. Really think about this tenet. The comfort of the physical self is always a more important goal than doing what is morally right.

How many people think that way in the world? Almost everyone. That’s because they have been inculcated into Satanism as the world religion. That's how successful these people are in actually training human beings' minds to believe in the worldview they want them to believe.

Going on with what a Satanist would basically, you know, how they would view egotism, live for yourself only, and only care about you and yours. Again, most people think that way in the world. If you must step on others to get what you want, then so be it, for this is a dog-eat-dog world.

Once again, this is the prevailing ideology of most human beings, because the Satanists have propagated their religion worldwide.

The mindset that clearly defines the overarching worldview of Satanism, above all else, is perpetual me, me, me thinking. That's what the Satanist always wants, is always concerned with, from the minute they get up, till the minute they go to sleep at night, all they're thinking about is, what can I do for me? What can I get? How can I exploit? How can I dominate? Etc. Egotism run rampant.

The second tenet of Satanism is moral relativism. And we're going to see these throughout the entire day in Nazism and Communism. Just note these ideologies, note these tenets, because these are the religious tenets of both of those so-called political organizations, those masks on the face of Satanism, communism and Nazism.

Moral relativism, the second tenet of Satanism, is the ideology that there is no objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior. So human beings may arbitrarily create or decide what right and wrong are for themselves. They're just social constructs. Right and wrong don't exist in nature. We just we get to make them up as we see fit.

That's moral relativism. And that's how most people think. Again, because they've been inculcated into this religion. And, you know, we can make them up for ourselves based upon our own whims and preferences. Or in other words, that which human beings consider quote unquote right for themselves is what is morally right. And that which human beings consider wrong for themselves is that which is morally wrong. We're the arbiters of truth and morality.

That's the second tenet of Satanism. And you just go and look at these political regimes, these so-called political regimes of Nazism and Communism, they're just absolutely brimming with this ideology of moral relativism. That they could just make up whatever the hell they want and set it in the law and that becomes what's right and good. And if they want to ban other people from even saying anything or movement, they can do that too because that's what's good for them. It's absolute garbage. It's absolute nonsense. And no society can ever be free if they engage in the ideology of moral relativism. It is impossible according to natural law.

The third tenet of the satanic religion is social Darwinism. And again, these political regimes set up a system of hierarchy and compartmentalization, a pecking order of human beings. They love to do that because they are absolutely obsessed with control. They have the control disease. It's a spiritual illness and social Darwinism is a gigantic part of it. So what is social Darwinism?

It is the extension of the theory of Darwinism, Darwinian macro-biological evolution, into the human social domain. The proponents of Darwinian macro-biological evolution postulate the notion of the survival of the fittest animals, meaning that the animals who are the most dominant and vicious will eventually come to rule their social strata and their environment.

When you apply the Darwinian survival of the fittest modality or theory to the human social domain, this theory then called social Darwinism puts forward that the notion that it is the quote-unquote natural order and even desirable for human society to be ruled by the most dominating and vicious human beings and that such human beings genetics are the reason that they acquired and maintain their positions of social power.

So you're extruding Darwinism into human society. And you're saying, look at how those animals behave. The most ruthless and vicious are the ones that survive, because they exert domination over those that they can, just instinctually, with pure instinctive behavior.

So human beings should act in that animalistic, instinctive way. Imagine thinking that humans should just act like beasts of the field and that's what many many many people in the world today think. Again because they've been inculcated into this sick twisted religious belief system.

And finally taken to the end conclusion, as did the Nazis and as did the communists, eugenics is then exercised, meaning we're going to decide who lives and who dies ultimately. The word eugenics is derived from the Greek adjective eugenes meaning well-born, from the Greek adjective eu meaning good and the Greek noun genos meaning race or stock.

Eugenics is a social ideology that promotes higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents and reduced rates of sexual reproduction or sterilization for those with undesired traits and characteristics.

This tenet describes the ideology of Satanism taken to its ultimate conclusion and it sounds something like this.

(00:58:47) Since mankind is God and mankind gets to make up what right and wrong are. And since it's simply the natural order for the most ruthless human beings, whose genes are the fittest to rule the rest of the human herd, then that elite class of human beings has every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate and who must die.

And once again you may not think eugenics is still all that popular and distributed as an ideology throughout society, but every time control comes into a society, it ultimately leads to genocide. And in the modern day, the biggest non-natural cause of death is democide. That means genocide carried out by government, people dying by direct or indirect actions of their own governments.

260 million people in the last 100 years have been killed by government action. If that's not eugenics, then I don't know what is. And that’s Satanism. That's exactly the religious belief that this ideology is embedded within.

So, let's clear it up once and for all that Nazism and Communism, they're not just political ideologies, they're not just religions, they are cults. That's the strongest word that you could really use to describe them, they're satanic cults. So what is a cult? Let's again define the term.

A cult is an extremist religious belief system that is violent and dangerous to the lives, rights and freedom of those who are not its members. This is, and actually to some who are its members.

So this is what defines a cult versus just a normal religion. You can believe in all kinds of nonsense, call it a religion if you want. As long as it's not hurting anybody else, you can believe that pink elephants are floating all throughout this room right now and call that your religion. As long as it's not hurting other people, you can knock yourself out. Be as stupid as you want, believe whatever nonsense you want to believe in.

Once a religion crosses the line of just saying, we think this, and it says, either you must think this way or we're going to kill you, or we're just going to take over society and do what we want and if you stand in our way, we're going to kill you, because we have these beliefs and we're going to act on them, that's a cult. It’s no longer just a religion. Religion stands in the way of your understanding of truth, but a cult actually violates your rights when you stand in its way in any perceivable way to them.

So, cults throughout human history have traditionally used the same basic techniques. I laugh hilariously when people say, I'm trying to form a cult with what on earth is happening. Oh yeah! I'm teaching everybody all the damn techniques that cults have used throughout time. I have a whole section in my podcast where all I do is teach cult techniques that cults have used against people to say, hey you got to be aware of how this works so you don't fall into a cult like I did when I was young.

I'm teaching the techniques that cults use to get their membership, to make people do crazy stuff. But yeah, I'm trying to start a cult. It's the anti-cult cult, I guess.

They traditionally use the same exact techniques to establish and maintain the loyalty of their fanatic followers. These include, but are not limited to, social isolation, conformity of thought and appearance, censorship of conflicting information, indoctrination via repetition of ideological dogma and mental and physical trauma against their very adherence.

Think about these in relation to Nazism and communism. They're everywhere in their methodologies. The techniques of cults are the exact methodologies that those political regimes, those totalitarian regimes have used. I mean, you look at the religious fervor of cults, political cults today, and these are ultimately religions. They have millions of devoted acolytes. That's what politics has become. It is the new worldwide religion, and the people who follow it are cult members.

Let's look at some of the ideologies that underlay both Nazism and Communism and really define cult behavior. They define cult ideology and behavior. The first and most widespread and important to understand is collectivism.

(01:03:56) Collectivism is a social worldview that emphasizes the needs and goals of the group or collective over the rights and freedom of individual human beings.

Collectivism exists in diametric opposition to individualism, the social worldview that stresses the paramount importance of individual rights, freedom, and property. Collectivism is the basis of ideologies such as groupthink, social conformity, corporatism, religion, politics, totalitarianism, and of course religious cults.

Collectivism is always the very top ideology that these people are bowing down to. It's always, I'm a member of the group, the group's needs come before the individual’s need or rights. Always. They have to get you into groupthink first before they give you the sick ideologies and perverted practices of any cult.

The second ideology then naturally is the belief in authority. Authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is a false religious belief system based upon the idea that some human beings have somehow been magically gifted with the right to control and command other human beings. The belief in authority is the basis for the belief in the moral legitimacy of all forms of government.

Every form of government is based in collectivism and authoritarianism. You can't have government without the belief in authority. If there is no authority, there is no government. This is a hallmark religious belief of everybody who believes in government and politics.

Those who believe in human authority operate under a religiously induced delusion. Now let me be very, very emphatic about that. Anybody who believes that human authority is true and is somehow morally legitimate and should be continued to be conducted is delusional. They're mentally ill and they're operating under religious indoctrination and inculcation. This is a religion. Authoritarianism is a religion.

The belief in authority is an illusion which can only exist within a human psyche that has become diseased, again it's a mental illness, through indoctrination and mind control. Authority is, and always has been, based entirely in violence, direct initiation of harm upon others if they don't comply in some form or fashion, and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that some people are masters who have the quote moral right to issue commands to other people, while others are their slaves who have the quote moral obligation to obey the laws set down by the masters.

That's all religion, that's all authority ever has been, is now, and ever will be. That’s what all forms of government ever have been, are now, and ever will be. And you can call it whatever term you want to call it, but I call it what it really is, slavery.

That's all it is. It's never been anything else. And to condone these beliefs is to condone slavery. Belief in the moral legitimacy of authority is the belief in the moral legitimacy of human slavery. Get as offended about the statement as you want, it's still true.

I need you to find the difference between these photos, because there isn't one. They're all order followers. They're all believers in collectivism. They're all believers in authority and government. It doesn't matter what military it is. That could be the military of any nation on earth, and they could all get equally offended by the statement. It's still true. They're cut from the same cloth, whether they believe it or not because ultimately they are willing to follow the orders of a leader.

I don't care whether you are in the military, you are in the police, you are in the government, it doesn't make a difference. Or even people in order followers in other institutions like education and medicine, etc. Order following is the problem and the belief in authority and taking your place in the authoritarian structure is the moral problem and that's what needs to go away if we're going to move forward as a species and truly evolve.

(01:08:56) The next cult mentality that foments cults that makes them actually have their power is materialism or secularism as it has been also called.

With a worldview driven heavily by the theories of Darwinism, which obviously promulgates materialism, and extruding Darwinism into the human social domain as social Darwinism, both Nazism and Communism completely embrace secularism and materialism, placing significant de-emphasis on philosophy and spirituality, and placing a very strong emphasis on secular institutions and material needs only.

They're not worried about people's spirituality or morality or the understanding of the difference between right and wrong. They're only worried about physical worldly power and gathering whatever needs they feel that they want to meet physically. That's all it is. It's all materialism.

As an overarching aspect of their secular worldview, adherents of both Nazism and Communism erroneously believe that political and or economic solutions to human problems even exist, and that such policies that they envision as solutions should be implemented by coercion and violence if they think that's necessary.

Both of these cult ideologies have continuously failed to recognize and acknowledge that the only true solutions to human problems stem from an accurate and balanced spiritual worldview, one which encourages human beings to live in harmony with objective morality and natural law.

That is the only way that we can solve problems. We have to align our behavior to the objective standards of morality that exist in the universe and are set down by creation's laws itself.

Another ideology that underlies cults, especially in the modern day, is called postmodernism.

(01:11:09) Postmodernism is generally defined by an attitude of skepticism and rejection of ideas associated with modernism, often criticizing enlightenment rationality and focusing on the role of ideology in maintaining political or economic power.

Again, it's the de-emphasis on philosophy and spirituality and it's just telling people, formulate an ideology and stick with it whether it's right, wrong, moral, immoral, it doesn't matter. You have to just be a believer, right? And you just believe those things because there really is no such thing as truth. You have to just pursue what you perceive as truth, which as we'll talk about briefly here is solipsism and moral relativism.

So, postmodern thinkers frequently describe that knowledge and values, knowledge itself and values themselves are contingent or they are socially conditioned factors, framing them as products of political, historical or cultural power hierarchies.

Postmodernists go so far as to say the idea that knowledge even exists is a product of capitalism. I've literally heard them say this. Truth does not exist. That's a product of a capitalist worldview. Or that's a product of the male dominator hierarchy's worldview. I've literally heard them say that.

Common targets of postmodern criticism include, but are not limited to, objective reality. There's no objective reality. We can make up whatever we want as being real. We see this all the time in postmodern thought.

Objective morality, again, they're moral relativists, a big hallmark of satanic thought. Truth, there's no such thing as truth. It's whatever we make it up to be. Even reason, there's no way of actually arriving at truth. That's epistemology, as we'll see, that's also relative to the postmodernist.

Science, you know, they don't even believe there is any objective method of scientific inquiry, and there is. Language, even they see that as a socially engineered construct, and social progress.

Accordingly, postmodern thought is broadly categorized by tendencies toward pluralism, that things could be two contradictory things simultaneously. Irreverence, meaning that there's nothing that is sacred or holy or you know of value that even transcends the human being. Solipsism, the idea that there's no objective truth or objective reality. Epistemological relativism, that means there's no known way of developing a methodology to understand what is true and real. That's the investigation of reality is epistemology. And of course, moral relativism. The idea that there is no such thing as objective right or wrong. This is a mental illness and a cult belief system.

And it's rife throughout especially communism but was probably also very present in Nazi society. And then finally that the last ideology that constitutes cult belief is millenarianism. Not a commonly known term but this is the belief by a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming fundamental transformation of society after which all things will be changed.

Millenialism exists in various cultures and religions worldwide with various interpretations of what actually constitutes a so-called societal transformation. Many of the occultists and occult organizations that we'll be talking about distinctly held a millenarianist worldview. We'll talk about that later.

So now let's explore the first major section here, the dark occult origins of Nazism.


To really understand where Nazism developed from and really was perverted out of older systems of religion and belief, you really have to go back to ancient Germanic paganism because that's what a lot of the occultists based a lot of their folklore upon.

And it is not to say that this is all evil. Please do not make that mistake into me thinking everything I show you here today means that it's evil. You have to have a much more evolved viewpoint of this and understand there's a lot of distortion and perversion that went into taking some of these older ancient beliefs and twisting them to suit the aims that the occultists wanted to use them for.

So Germanic paganism could be best described as the pre-christian polytheistic religious beliefs, traditions, and practices of German-speaking peoples in the regions of Scandinavia, Germany of course, the British Isles, and other parts of Europe.

While these beliefs and practices did vary greatly in different geographical regions of Europe and throughout the world, many commonalities of these beliefs can be identified and we'll look at some of their commonalities.

So again, if you're really going to do a long cultural study and a historical framing of where Nazism came from, you have to go back and look at the ancient Germanic religions of Germanic paganism.

The commonalities shared by these different regional variations include myths regarding the creation and destruction of the world, a general belief in an afterlife, and a wide pantheon of gods, goddesses, and supernatural beings. Themes of astrotheology, which I talk a lot about in my work on the occult, also figured heavily into these religious traditions, evidenced specifically by the names of some of its most important deities.

So you could see astrotheological themes coming through in ancient Germanic paganism. In this graphic here, depicting some of their gods in Germanic paganism, you have the deities Sunna, Mona, Teu, Wodan, Thunor, Freya, and Siterre, representing the bodies of our solar system, you know, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the seven days of the week seen very readily seen in their names. Sunna, Sun, Mona, Moon, Teu, Tuesday, Wodan, Wednesday, Mona, Monday, Sun, Sunday, Wodan, Wednesday, Thunar, Thursday, or Thor, Freya, Friday, and of course Setterre Saturday. Very blatantly obvious in the names of the week.

So this is all astrotheology, it's very much covered in my podcast series, it's very much covered in my demystifying the occult presentation. Obviously that's another presentation unto itself to study astrotheology, but it's very interesting how all of those associations take place within these ancient religious views in Germanic paganism.

There was a Germanic occult revival in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that really paved the way for the coming on of the ideologies that led to the Third Reich. The late 19th and early 20th century saw a general occult revival on the European continent, specifically the regions including Germany and Austria.

Among the occult traditions that influenced this occult revival were astrology, ruins or runology, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, and Anthroposophy.

So I want to talk briefly about the last two here because we'll get into ruins a little bit, we'll get into Freemasonry a bit, we'll talk about some of the other secret societies later.

But theosophy and anthroposophy, we really have to understand them in a framework of distortion by the dark occultists. All of these ideologies are not evil systems. People have to understand they just contained occult knowledge and these dark occultists or sorcerers come along and they twist them and pervert them and use them for their own ends.

So once again it's very important to understand some of the people that led to this occult revival, which did pave the way for some of these dark occultists to come along and twist and pervert those ideologies, they themselves were teaching a pure form of some of these occult traditions and should not be blamed for the rise of Nazism.

(01:20:36) So the first and foremost of these is Theosophy.

I can tell you from personal experience, this is a very rich occult tradition with phenomenal values, ideas and exploration. I've attended Theosophical lodges myself, engaged in discussions with them. You have to see this tradition from the pure perspective that it is intended to be seen from and not fall into the ideology that, oh, theosophy paved the way for Nazism.

It was twisted and distorted by dark occultists. That's all they ever do. They just take the pure form, they twist and pervert it, they give it to people and then it's off to the races.

So, Theosophy, from the Greek nouns Theos meaning God or Divinity and Sophos meaning wisdom, thus literally it means Divine Wisdom or the Wisdom of the Divine.

Theosophy is a system of esoteric philosophy, again intended for initiates, not intended for people on the outside who don't have a lot of knowledge on these topics, that it's taught to an initiated group.

Esoteric philosophy which investigates and seeks direct knowledge of the mysteries of being and nature, or in other words natural law, or the occult. Although it is an ancient philosophy, theosophy was popularized by a 19th century occultist named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society and wrote many famous works of occult teaching.

The Theosophical Society's mantra is, there is no religion higher than truth. If you're going to devote your life to the understanding of something, you should try to pursue truth. The truth about the nature of reality, the truth about the nature of human beings. And there's nothing higher than that path.

You don't strive to just arrive at dogma and belief and just accept. You pursue the truth through true investigative processes until you arrive at it. And it is knowable. It's discoverable, it's knowable. The Creator of the universe didn't make the universe to tantalize us with its unknowability.

I can't believe how many people think we can't arrive at a basic understanding of things, about how things really work. Of course we can. It's just hard work to do that. So most people just give up and say, I'll never understand that. Then they want to try to tell other people, you can never understand it.

No, truth is knowable. It's not some impossible to reach objective. You know, the way things work in all reality can be discovered and known. It's just hard work to arrive at that. And that's what they're basically telling people, that you have to really put in the work.

The main tenets of theosophy as taught by Blavatsky are the same tenets found in many other occult traditions. Chief among these is the belief of the presence of what Blavatsky called a divine spark within every person, which with the proper discipline and training can lead to spiritual illumination or enlightenment.

Theosophies adherents consider themselves searchers after truth, who are dissatisfied with the world and are dissenters of the creeds of organized religion. They just believe that as religious dogma taught to people to try to control their minds.

Theosophists admit the existence of a God, but not necessarily of a personal God, not of a humanistic God. To most Theosophists, God is nature and spiritual law itself. It is the laws of creation that are operating all around us. That's God to the Theosophist. It's the law of nature.

Blavatsky also taught that humanity has had many past incarnations or variations on earth which she called root races. This is a key concept here because Nazis really perverted this and distorted it.

Root races were never meant to be understood as genetic races in theosophical teaching, but rather as different types of civilizations that attained different levels of consciousness.

Blavatsky called the root race, which she claimed was destined to transcend materialist darkness and ascend into the light of knowledge and become enlightened as the Aryan race. So she used the term Aryan to describe the race that would eventually transcend materialism and truly become an enlightened species. I'm sorry, I have to step back there.

The root of the word Aryan is the word Ari in many different ancient languages. Ari, A-R-I, the basic transliteration, regardless of what language we're talking about, means in various ancient languages, it translates to best, superior, godlike, sunlike, light or enlightened.

So, Arian did not mean those with blonde hair and blue eyes. In the context that Blavatsky was teaching in Theosophy, Arian referred to an enlightened people, people who had gained an understanding about the human psyche and the laws of nature, the knowledge of the occult, and became enlightened. Not those with light skin, hair and eyes. A common missperception.

The Nazis and their predecessors, who we are going to talk about, distorted this original meaning of Arian, taught in Theosophy, into their idea of a genetically superior race of people. It has to be clearly kept in mind and understood that the Nazis were distorting teachings of Theosophy.

Blavatsky was not a racist, Blavatsky was teaching people about root races that attained levels of consciousness. The concept of root races was meant to be understood in alignment with what is known as the hermetic principle of rhythm, which explains that there is a cyclical quality or wave-like progression to time, which imparts lessons and influences consciousness to produce certain outcomes.

(01:27:26) Blavatsky taught that if humanity is unable to raise their aggregate consciousness to a high enough level of awareness during the recurrence of such wave cycles of time, that humanity may then experience setbacks in their evolutionary progression as a species in the form of semi-extinction level events or cataclysms, which necessitate a so-called reset of humanity from a subsequent root race.

And again that's what a lot of the darker cultists want to do right now and they're calling it the great reset but they want to initiate the reset of humanity. They don't want nature or the Creator to initiate the reset. They want to be the initiators of it. That's why many of them are calling what they want to institute that their agenda the great reset of humanity.

So now we have to look at Anthroposophy and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, who was one of the greatest occultists of the 20th century.

So, again, a lot of people believe Steiner influenced the Nazi ideology, and I don't see it that way at all.

(01:28:39) I see it also as they perverted Steiner's teachings, especially his teachings of Rosicrucianism and Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy comes from the Greek nouns Anthropos, meaning human, and Sophos meaning wisdom.

So again, whereas Blavatsky taught the wisdom of the divine, Steiner looked at it in a more human term and said this is the ancient teachings of human wisdom throughout the centuries. So it means wisdom of humanity, Anthroposophy.

It is a body of spiritual teaching developed in the early 20th century by Austrian occultist Rudolf Steiner. And I'll tell you what, if you're not familiar with Steiner's writings, you should become familiar with them, because he is one of the greatest occultists of all time, especially in the realm of Rosicrucianism. He really defined the hallmarks of Rosicrucian philosophy.

Anthroposophy postulates the existence existence of an objective and intellectually comprehensible spiritual reality, which is accessible to the human experience.

Think about that for a minute. It is exactly what I was just saying. The universe did not create everything to say, the Creator did not put all the laws of the universe into effect to say, you can never know what is going on here. It will be an eternal mystery forever and ever the end. We're not in some kind of a torture chamber where everything is unknowable. It's just it's hard work to know how it really works and you got to really strive for that. You got to make it your objective in life. That's what the occult trains you and teaches you to do. If it's done right and if it's in the correct motivation and drive of the teachers of it. That's ultimately what all occult schools and mystery traditions have attempted to do.

So he postulates the existence of an objective and intellectually comprehensible reality, which is accessible to human experience. Through anthroposophy, an individual grows spiritually by applying their abilities to develop clear thinking and truthful perception of the world.

So the idea of this tradition of occultism is we must work to align our perception to reality. Perception is not the objective reality, but it is the human being's work to try to discipline their mind and their thoughts to the extent that they can align their own perceptions to the objective reality. Brilliant. And again, you just have to read Steiner to understand his thinking.

Through anthroposophy and individually grows, I read that line, here we go. It is seen by its adherence, anthroposophy as a path to higher moral conduct. Again the goal of it is to understand natural law and objective morality, eventually leading to higher insight into the workings of the spiritual realm.

During his life, Rudolf Steiner fiercely advocated for universal education and self-improvement as a pathway to positive social change. He did not want to see it done through violence and force and coercion. He wanted to see it done through educational outreach. He was one of the most influential teachers of the occult tradition of Rosicrucianism.

One of Steiner's core teachings was that social improvement and the individual inner development, and individual inner development must go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. If you want to see society improve in the external sense, the individuals that comprise the society have to improve individually, internally. And that's absolutely true.

He initiated educational, social and artistic movements that still flourish around the world today, including Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture and anthroposophical medicine and architecture. And again the Nazis twisted a lot of Steiner's writings and philosophy to suit their means and their ends.

(01:33:06) One of the things that did mostly directly lead to the creation of Nazi ideology would what is known as the Völkisch movement.

The Völkisch movement was a German ethno-nationalist movement active from the late 19th century all the way through to the Nazi era.

This is something a lot of people probably don't know about or haven't studied much except people who really have delved into the the origins of Nazism. Erected upon the ideas of blood and soil or genetics and land and Volkskörper, the ethnic body of a people.

The Völkisch movement was characterized by racism, romantic nationalism and anti-semitism from the early 1900s onward. Throughout its entire history, the Völkisch movement contained many dark occultists who twisted the philosophies of theosophy and anthroposophy into their own distorted ideologies of control, conquest, racism, and genocide.

From its very inception, members of the Völkisch movement generally considered Jews to be a quote-unquote alien people who belong to a different race from Germans. So this is one of the places that this fomented in the popular culture of the day. And then the Nazis seized upon this.

The common belief of all Volkisch movement adherents is the idea of a national rebirth inspired by the traditions of the ancient Germans.

So again they predicated their beliefs upon ancient Germanic paganism and thought that German society in general, pan-Germanism throughout the whole region of Europe was in a state of degradation and they wanted to see it rise and come up and have a national rebirth as a culture.

So, the Völkisch movement had been reconstructed on a romantic basis by the guiding occultists of this movement. The adjective Völkisch is derived from the German word Volk, Volk meaning nation, race or tribe. While Völkisch has no direct English equivalent, it could be loosely translated as ethno-nationalist or closer to its original meaning as biomystical racialist.

So biomystical racism is what the Völkisch movement was about. It's incorporating occult and mystical beliefs into racist ideology. Again, the closest translation is biomystical racialist as an adjective. That emphasizes the words occult foundations.

According to the historian Nicholas Goodrich-Clark, who I absolutely have to give credit to much of this research, if you want to look at one person that I think really is founded on these topics better than any other historian, it's Nicholas Goodrich-Clark. So definitely check out his work, it's brilliant.

According to Goodrich-Clark, the Völkisch movement was not a unified movement, but rather a cauldron of beliefs, fears, and hopes that found expression in various movements and were often articulated in an emotional tone.

So this was not led by reason and logic, this was led by a people who did not have a firm foundation in their own spirituality and took a very emotional approach to reviving their culture, which is what the long-term goal of it was, but they just went about it in a completely distorted and twisted way.

The Völkisch movement was inspired as early as 1853 by French aristocrat and racialist author, Arthur de Gobineau, who had written an essay on the inequality of races in which he had made claims for the superiority of the Nordic Aryan race and warned of its eventual submergence by non-Aryans. This notion, along with the ideas about the biological struggle of social Darwinism, again a foundational tenet of Satanism, was taken up at the turn of the 20th century by vulcan propagandists who claimed that Germans could defend their race and culture only by remaining quote racially pure.

So again this is one of the ideologues, occultists if you will, who most people have never heard about, drove the very beginnings of the Nazi ideology.

Volkisch Nationalists and Pan-Germanists found further inspiration of the work of Ernst Heichel, who founded the Monist League in 1906 to spread his racist interpretation of Social Darwinism.

So you're going to see the same ideologies over and over and over. In 1900, Heichel's colleague Wilhelm Bollsch had written a book entitled “From the Bacillus to the Ape Man”, in which he described the naked struggle for dominance between man and the lowest forms of organic life. This quote struggle for dominance, again social Darwinistic theory, was to have a profound effect upon the development of German anti-semitism in the early years of the 20th century. Again we're seeing the very foundations laid as a product of the Völkisch movement.

One of the main concepts within Völkisch theory was blood and soil. Again this was taken up by the Nazis themselves in German Blut und Boden. I'll do my best with the German pronunciations. I do not speak a second language other than English, but I will attempt to do my best with accurate pronunciations. I don't know how close I will get, but I will make the effort.

So, blood and soil was a concept and slogan which expressed the Völkisch movement's idea of a racially defined national body, blood, united with a geographic settlement area, land for living space, soil. Through the concept of blood and soil, many Volkisch proponents idealized rural and farm life as being preferable to urban living. The German expression blood and soil was originally coined in the late 19th century in Volkisch writings espousing racialism and romantic nationalism. It produced much regionalist literature whose romantic attachment was widespread prior to the rise of the Nazis. Blood and soil later became a key slogan of Nazi ideology.

(01:40:17) The next concept to understand that widely influenced Nazi ideology was Lebensraum.

Tied tightly to the idea of “Blood and Soil” was the German concept of Lebensraum or living space. The belief that the German people were destined to expand into Eastern Europe and beyond.

The geopolitical use of the term Lebensraum is credited to Karl Haushofer on which we'll look at more later. We'll definitely look at Haushofer later, who viewed it as a means to avenge Germany's military defeat in World War I and reverse the dictates of the Versailles Treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, which reduced Germany geographically, economically and militarily after World War I.

So Lebensraum was the idea that there would be pan-Germanism throughout Eastern Europe, all the way through toward the territory that was the Russian Empire at the time.

During Hitler's rise to political power, he claimed that the inevitable expansion of Lebensraum would reverse overpopulation, provide natural resources for Germany and uphold German national honor. Nazi usage of the term Lebensraum was explicitly racial, used to justify the mystical right of the Aryan race to fulfill their cultural destiny at the expense of those they viewed as quote racially inferior, such as the Slavs of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and the other non-Germanic peoples of the East.

One of the early ideologues that really paved the way for Nazi ideology and thought was Houston Stuart Chamberlain. He was a British-German author who promoted German ethno-nationalism, anti-Semitism, and quote, scientific racism.

His best-known work, a two-volume book called “The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century”, was published in 1899 and became highly influential in the pan-Germanic Völkisch movements of the early 20th century. Chamberlain's work would later influence the anti-Semitism and racial policies of the Nazi Third Reich. Chamberlain has been referred to as Hitler's John the Baptist.

So if Hitler is the Nazi Jesus, Chamberlain was his John the Baptist. He paved the way for his coming with his racial theories.

Again, these are the ideologues, these are the occultists, these are the people who really gave the underlying ideology a discrete concrete form for the Nazis that came after them.

Chamberlain was one of the forefathers of Aryanism, the ideology of racial supremacy, which views the Aryan race as a distinct and superior racial group which is entitled to rule the rest of humanity. Okay.

The ideology of Nazism was based upon the conception of the ancient Aryan race being a superior race or goth mention, god men. And again go back to Satanism. Ego is first. We come first. You'll see this theme over and over and over and over again. We are the gods. And then they will begin acting like it.

So if you put the ego in the position of apotheosis, only terror, horror and destruction is going to follow in its wake. The ideology of Nazism was driven by this concept of an Aryan superior race, God-men, holding the highest position in the human racial hierarchy.

The idea of God-mention was the precursor to Adolf Hitler's notion of the Herrenvolk, the master race that we hear so much about when it comes to Nazism.

In direct correspondence with Chamberlain's view of God-mention was the Untermenschen or subhumans. This was the term within the ideology of Arianism for non-Arian people who were deemed as racially and genetically inferior.

The Untermenschen were often referred to as the masses from the East, including Jews, Romani, Slavs, Poles, Ukrainians, Serbs, Russians and those of African descent.

During the Nazi regime these people were scheduled either to become slaves of the Nazis and I have some direct quotes by prominent Nazis to that effect or to be exterminated altogether.

According to the Generalplan Ost, the master plan for the East developed by the Nazis, the Slavic population of Central and Eastern Europe was to be reduced through mass murder, with a majority of them expelled to Asia and used as slave labor for the Third Reich.

Let's get into one of the most very deeply embedded and deeply responsible occultists that really paved the underlying ideology of Nazism and that was Guido von List. Absolutely one of the dark occultists.

And again, most of these names nobody will ever have heard of. Some may know von List, he was more popular than some others, but almost entirely, I can almost guarantee, most people will not have heard of any of the names and groups that I'm going to talk about with the exception of one, which we all know probably what that is, which I'll get into later, but most of these names are going to be obscure. Okay.

(01:46:16) Guido von List was an Austrian occultist who founded a Germanic pagan religious movement known as Wotanism, named after the Germanic pagan god Wotan, the Norse god Odin.

It's the same god, just different naming convention in different traditions throughout Europe.

List abandoned his family's Roman Catholic faith in childhood and devoted himself to the pre-Christian god Wotan. Liszt claimed that Wotanism was the revival of the religion of the ancient Germanic Aryan root race.

Wotanism, the exoteric form of List's religion, included a set of esoteric teachings of Ariosophy, which List termed Armonism. OK, so again you have this outer shell that's going to be taught to the average person as a religion.

Then you have the inner core esoteric traditions that are going to be taught to the priest class of the religion. Always separating into the two classes to keep some people ignorant and some people in the know. So List's exoteric version was Wotanism and his esoteric version was Armanism.

In 1877 List began a career as a journalist, writing articles for national newspapers and magazines in which he significantly influenced the early Völkisch movement. During the 1890s his works began taking on an extremely anti-semitic aspect and he involved himself in Austria's pan-German nationalist movement, which Austria into the German Empire.

In the early 1900s, List became increasingly interested in occultism, specifically theosophy, which he distorted into an expansion of his belief system, Wotanism.

In 1902, he invented a new variation of the Nordic ruins, which he called the Armanen ruins or what has now become known as the Armanen futark. I'm using the ancient spelling here of the futark runic system. Some people disagree with this spelling, but this is the true way that the futark is supposed to be spelled.

The popularity of List's work among the German Volkisch movement resulted in the establishment of the Guido von List society. So this is one of the secret societies dedicated to the racist and Volkisch teachings of von List as an occultist.

The word Gesellschaft or Gesellschaft means society or secret society in German. So the von List Gesellschaft was created in 1908, which published List's writings and included an Areosophist inner occult society.

So once again, he's splitting the Wotanic or Wotanic religion into esoteric and exoteric. The inner core is the esoteric order. And this Areosophist inner occult society he called the High Armanen Order, which List founded in 1911 and presided over as Grand Master.

Many influential German and Austrian occultists became members of the Guido von List society in the early 20th century. He was one of the leading and guiding guiding dark occultists that paved the way to the Nazi Third Reich.

List promoted the millenarian worldview, that modern society was degenerate, but that it would be cleansed through the establishment of the new pan-German Empire, List's New World Order, that would embrace Wotanism.

He influenced later Volkisch groups such as the Reichshammerbund and the Germanenorden, again secret societies that most people have never heard of. And through those organizations, List exerted a significant influence on both the burgeoning Nazi party and the SS, the Schutzstaffel, and again more on them later.

List viewed his religion, Wotanism, as the exoteric, outer form of the pre-Christian Germanic religion, while Armonism was the term he applied to what he believed were the esoteric, secret teachings of this ancient belief system.

List believed that while Wotanism expounded polytheism for the wider population, in other words the worship of multiple gods, those who were members of the Armonist priest class, the esoteric order, were fully aware of the reality of monotheism, the idea that there is one Creator of the universe.

List’s Armonism would later be classified as a form of Areosophy, the wisdom of the Arians, a term which was coined by Jörg Lenz von Lebenfels in 1915.

List believed that ancient German society had been led by a hierarchical system of initiates called the Armahnenschaft, an ancient brotherhood with a hierarchy of three degrees, similar to the blue lodge degrees of Freemasonry. And again, we're going to constantly see the theme where it takes an occult tradition and it bastardizes it, it twists and distorts and perverts it and uses the same basic trappings and ways of working through the population and distorting it for their own purposes. Again, von List did this and many other pre-Nazi dark occultists did this with the system of Freemasonry as well.

Von List believed that the Armandenschaft had societal control over the ancient German people acting as teachers, priests, and judges.

List generally saw the world in which he was living as one of degeneration. Adopting a millenarianist perspective, he believed in the imminent defeat of this enemy and the establishment of a better future for the Ario-Germanic race.

For List, this better future would be intricately connected to the ancient past, reflecting his belief in the cyclical nature of time, again, something taught in theosophy, but he is distorting it for his purposes. Something which he had adopted from both his reading of Norse mythology and from theosophy.

Reflecting his beliefs that monarchy, kingship was the preferred form of government by which humanity should be ruled, List envisioned a future worldwide monarchical state governed by the House of Habsburg.

And again, if you really want to try to understand, in my research of all of this, I couldn't believe how many sick twisted distorted ideologies were coming out of Germany, especially all of these ideologies came out of Germany. When we get to socialism and Marxism and communism, it all came out of Germany, all of it.

This is because the house of Hapsburg was one of the biggest royal dynasties coming out of the ancient Holy Roman Empire and then going way back into the ancient past into dynastic kingship long before even the Holy Roman Empire. And if you really want to trace all of this sick distorted ideology, you have to look into the house of Hapsburg and other ancient royal dynasties. Because this is all, these people are their progeny. They came after them and they even refined their psychopathology.

So List believes that there is going to be a resurgence of the House of Habsburg with a revived system of feudalism. Now keep that in mind, because both of the Nazi and communist ideologies are forms of what I call neo-feudalism. We are going to talk about that later and what it is.

But he wanted a new system of feudalism from the ancient dynasties of kingship to be reintroduced into German society. I mean talk about authoritarianism and collectivism.

In List's opinion, this new empire would be extremely hierarchical, with non-Aryans being subjugated under the Aryan population, a system of masters and slaves, and opportunities for education and jobs in public service being restricted to those deemed racially pure.

List envisioned this empire following the Wotanic religion which he promoted. Prominent members of the Guido von List Society included many influential German occultists of the day including Friedrich Waniak, Philipp Stauff, Eberhard von Brackesen, Karl Helwig, George Hauerstein and Bernard Koerner, some of whom were also founding members of the Reich Hammerbund and Germanen-Orden occult societies, more on those later.

Through the Germanen-Ordens Munich offshoot, the Tudor society, a lineage can be drawn directly between the List society and the early Nazi party as it was established after World War I.

Some historical scholars contend that List's vision of a future German Empire constituted a direct blueprint for the coming Nazi regime. This is how influential this one man was and this is how influential dark occultists ultimately are in human society throughout time.

(01:56:48) The next big dark occultist that paved the way for Nazism and its rise to power was Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels.

And again, I'm not even going to ask for a raising of hands how many people know about any of these people. It's almost certain most people have never heard of these people.

Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels was an Austrian occultist, a political theorist, and a pioneer of the occult ideologies of Areosophy and Theozoology. Again, most people have probably never heard of those ideologies.

He was a former monk of the Catholic Cistercian Order and the founder of the magazine Ostara, in which he published anti-Semitic and Völkisch theories. On Christmas of the year 1900. Von Liebenfels founded the occult secret society called Erdo Novi Templi, which means the order of the new Templars.

So this is about the the ancient knight society of the Templar Knights, but Liebenfels thought that he was bringing about a resurrection of the Templars and thus he called it the New Templar Society. An occult order that was dedicated to bringing fascist extremists together and mobilizing them in favor of national socialism in Germany.

In 1905, Liebenfels published a book called Theozoology, in which he advocated sterilization and forced labor of the lower races, and glorified the Aryan race as Gottmenschen or godmen. Through his ideology or religion called theozoology, Liebenfels distorted occult, spiritual, and even biblical teachings to justify his esoteric racial ideology. He taught that the biblical Eve had procreated with demons to give birth to what he described as lower races.

In 1905, Liebenfels founded the magazine Ostara, a magazine through which he promoted Areosophy and Theozoology. Liebenfels claimed that Ostara had over 100,000 subscribers including Adolf Hitler himself.

Liebenfels claimed that he was visited by Hitler in 1909 and supplied Hitler with two missing copies of Ostara that Hitler did not have in his collection.

In 1915, Liebenfels began using the term Areosophy to describe his esoteric doctrines, again distorting theosophy and anthroposophy. Theosophy meaning the divine wisdom, anthroposophy meaning human wisdom. Now this is the wisdom of the Aryans. The word Ariosophy translates to wisdom of the Aryans. Ariosophy is generally used to describe the Aryan esoteric theories which constituted a subset of the Völkisch movement.

While both Liebenfels and Guido van List consider themselves Ariosophists, List called his esoteric doctrine Armonism, while Liebenfels used the terms Theozoology and Ariochristianity since he was formerly a Christian monk prior to WWI.

Liebenfels' occult secret society, which he established on Christmas 1900, was called Ordo Novi Templi, the Order of the New Templars. Ordo Novi Templi used esotericism to justify violence, such as the castration of those they deemed racially inferior to establish a fascist state. It was modeled, Ordo Novi Templi, was modeled after the Catholic military order of the Knights Templar and similar in its hierarchical structure to the order of Cistercians of which Liebenfels himself had been a former member. That was one of its, they were one of the earliest groups to use the swastika by the way, along with the Reich Hammer Bund. Okay, so that's one of their insignias there.

Influenced by Liebenfels Areosophy, the Austrian industrialist Johann Waltari Wurfel founded an occult society called Lumen Club. Some of these organizations are so secretive they had no insignias or logos. So again Wurfel and Lumen Club, you're not going to find their insignias. They were just completely underground secretive orders.

He founded Luhmann Club in Vienna, Austria on November 11, 1932. Luhmann Club overlapped in membership with Ordo Novi Templi. Its ideological sympathy toward Nazism was beyond question, and it acted as a growth center for the Nazi Party, again in the 1930s, which had already been previously banned in the country of Austria.

Luhmann Club and Ordo Novi Templi were both later suppressed by the Gestapo under the Nazi regime, a fate which they shared with many other esoteric groups. Now here I want to pause and explain something.

The dark occult has a tradition of using people as tools to further their agendas and when the people who they've already used as tools are finished fulfilling their job, they take them and they throw them under the bus. They throw them out like a rusty or dull tool when it's done being used for whatever purpose it's being used for.

A gentleman whose work you should all become familiar with if you're not already is Jay Parker, a friend of mine, who was also in the world of the Dark Occult and much higher in it than myself because he was born into it. I just got a peek behind the curtain. He lived it most of his childhood, his whole childhood really.

And he will tell you, all the dark occultists do at the highest levels is, they'll take their rank and file members, they'll use them for whatever they can get out of them, and then they'll use them as scapegoats and throw them under the bus. And you’re going to see that over and over and over again today as we go through this. So keep that in mind.

After Hitler's rise to prominence in the 1920s, Liebenfels tried to be recognized as one of his ideological precursors and he absolutely was. It is known historically that Hitler read Ostara and collected it. So he definitely took ideas from Liebenfels and von List.

In the preface of issue number one of the third series of Ostara magazine, Liebenfels wrote, one shall remember that the swastika and fascist movements are basically offsprings of Ostara as a movement and as a propaganda tool.

After Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938, Liebenfels hoped for Hitler's patronage, but Hitler banned him from publishing his writings and copies of Ostara were then removed from circulation. After the war, Liebenfels accused Hitler of having not only stolen, but corrupted his ideas, and also he accused him of being quote inferior racial stock because Liebenfels probably learned that Hitler had Jewish blood and was of Jewish descent, mainly from the house of Rothschild.

Hitler never mentioned Liebenfels in any recorded conversation, speech, or document even though he was clearly one of his ideological precursors.

(02:05:16) The next occultist to look into is Theodor Fritsch who was very instrumental in the founding of the Reichshammerbund and Germanenorden secret societies.

Theodor Fritsch was a German publisher and journalist. His anti-semitic writings heavily influenced popular German opinion against Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Fritsch was a believer in the absolute superiority of the Aryan race. His opinion was radicalized by the changes brought on by rapid industrialization and urbanization of the Second Industrial Revolution.

Fritsch called for a return to the traditional values and customs of the past, which he believed exemplified the essence of the the German people.

In 1893 Fritsch published one of his most famous works, the “Handbook of the Jewish Question”, which leveled a number of conspiratorial charges at European Jews and called upon Germans to refrain from intermingling with them.

The book was read by millions of Völkisch movement sympathizers. The ideas espoused by Fritsch's work greatly influenced Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during their rise to power after World War I.

In 1902, Fritsch founded an anti-Semitic journal called “The Hammer”, which became the basis of the Reich Hammerbund Society in 1912.

The Reich Hammerbund, meaning the Reich's Hammer League, was founded by Theodor Fritsch in 1912 as an anti-semitic collective movement. The founding document for the Reich Hammerbund had been Wernerbald Henschel's 1901 book called Varuna, which preached racial purity and anti-Semitism. The aim of the group was to coordinate the activities of the many small anti-Semitic organizations active at the time, and to bring as many of these groups as possible under the banner of the Reich Hammerbund.

The battle sign of the Reich Hammerbund was the swastika, making it one of the first organized Völkisch movement’s to use the symbol of the swastika.

In 1912 Fritsch also established the secret society known as the Germanenorden or the German order. The Germanenorden was a clandestine or a cult group for leading members of society who wish to work in secret rather than the Reichshaberbund which operated more in the open.

See, this is for the people who considered themselves more of the, you know, the higher echelon of society that didn't want themselves to be seen as operating in such overt racist or Völkisch circles and they wanted to keep it as an occult society hidden from the general public.

So the Germanenorden was the esoteric or occult and the Reichshammerbund was the exoteric or operating out in the open.

Members of both the Reichshammerbund and the Germanenorden formed the Tools Society in 1918, which eventually sponsored the creation of the Nazi Party.

So these are two basically secret societies and they were obviously influenced by earlier ones of von List and von Liebenfels and then members of them came together and formed the Thule Society and there you have the actual creation of the Nazi Party through the Thule Society which we'll get to.

(02:09:13) So the next dark occultist and group you have to look at is Rudolf von Sebottendorf and the Thule Society.

Sebottendorf was a German occultist, writer, intelligence agent and political activist. He was the founding member of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occult organization in which he played a key role and influenced many members of the Nazi party.

Sebottendorf was also a Freemason of the clandestine rites of Memphis and Mizraim. So not traditional organized Freemasonry, but what one would call clandestine rites of Freemasonry or occult rites. And he was also a Sufi, which is basically mystical Islamic beliefs and practices of the Bektashi order.

In 1916, Sebottendorf came into contact with the Germanenorden, Fritschen’s Society, and was subsequently appointed the Ordensmeister, the group leader, for its Bavarian schism faction, the Germanen-ordent Walther of the Holy Grail.

Settling in Munich, Sebottendorf established an occult order known as the Thule Society in 1918 with fellow occultist Walter Nauhaus. The Thule Society quickly became an increasingly influential behind-the-scenes force of German politics.

The Thule Society was the rallying organization, the rallying occult society for the Nazi Party and the predecessor of the Nazi Party, the German Workers Party.

In classical literature and cartography, the word Thule represented the northern-most regions of earth. So literally what Thule society means is the society of the north, the northern regions.

The term Ultima Thule acquired the mystical notion of any distant place located quote beyond the borders of the known world. So we're talking about Arctic regions. And again, you see the use of the swastika in the Thule Society's logo slash insignia.

The occultist Anton Drexler, who had developed links between the Thule Society and various extremist workers' organizations in Munich, Germany, together with the Thule Society's Karl Hauer, went on to establish the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP, or in English, the German Workers' Party, on January 5th, 1919.

This party was joined in September 1919 by Adolf Hitler, who transformed it into the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the NSDAP, or the Nazi Party. So the Nazi Party came directly out of the German workers’ party, which itself came directly out of the Occult Thule Society. Direct lineage.

Sebottendorf was also the owner of the Völkischer Beobachter, the Völkisch Observer newspaper which the Nazi party purchased in December of 1920.

In 1921 Adolf Hitler acquired all the shares of the company, making him the sole owner of the publication. This newspaper was to become Hitler's most important propaganda tool in his rise to power, and subsequently.

In January 1933, Sebottendorf published, before Hitler came, documents from the early days of the National Socialist Movement, a collection of writings dealing with the Thule Society and the early days of the German Workers Party. In other words, the lineage of how it all got started, how he got the ball rolling in National Socialism.

Hitler disliked this book. Again, he wanted all the credit. He didn't want people even knowing that these descended from occult orders and secret societies. That's why they banned all other occultists, they wanted to be the only occult game in town.

Sebottendorf was arrested by the Nazis but somehow was able to escape Germany and flee to Turkey, presumably due to a friendship from his days in Munich and with the Thule society.

It is believed by some researchers that Sebottendorf committed suicide by jumping into the Bosphorus Strait near Istanbul, Turkey on May 8th, 1945. And again, this is another thing you're going to see over and over again. Suicide is a common theme. Once they get thrown under the bus, they either get killed or they off themselves. This is the ruthlessness of the dark occult and again, directly shown by the ideologies of egotism, moral relativism, and social Darwinism.

The next occult society that paved the way for the coming of the Nazis was the Edda society. Again largely unknown, certainly more occult oriented and esoteric.

Guido von List and his followers believed that the Icelandic Eddas were chronicles of the ancient Aryans. List's occult system was elaborated by Rudolf John Gorsleben. After World War I, Gorsleben traveled to Munich where he became involved in the Thule society and German politics.

(02:15:04) Through his periodical Aryan Freedom, Gorsleben disseminated his occult racist ideas which centered upon the concept of racial purity and the reactivation of the occult powers that every Aryan possessed, but which had become atrophied.

With these magical powers, once more at their fullest, the Aryans would hold complete sway over the processes of nature and would thus be in a position to dominate and rule the world. Again, this is sick, distorted religion. This is all politics is. Politics is just the child of religion like this, of occult ideas like this. That's all it is.

With regard to the Eddas, Gorsleben believed that the Scandinavian ruins contained an inherent magical power that provided those who understood their significance with a spiritual conduit through which could flow the force that drives the universe itself. And again, many dramatic occultists referred to this as Vril.

In November 1925, Gorsleben founded the Edda Society in Bavaria, Germany. The treasurer of the society was Frederick Schaeffer, a close associate of Karl Maria Willegut, who we're going to talk about a lot more later because he was one of the driving occultists of the Third Reich, an occultist who would come to exert great influence upon Heinrich Himmler, the future head of the Nazi SS, or Schutzstaffel, the protection squadron of Hitler.

When Gorsleben died in 1930, the Edda Society was taken over by Werner von Bülow, who had designed what he called the World Ruin Clock, which illustrated the correspondences between the ruins, the zodiac, numbers, and gods.

Although the primary intention of the Edda society was to conduct research into the ancient Aryan religion through interpretation of the runes, it declared its allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in 1933 stating that, quote, the rise of Nazism was occurring in accordance with universal laws. Okay. Talk about dark occultism. And they would not have obviously used the term Nazism, they would have used the term National Socialism. So that's a that's a an approximation of the quote. And there's a depiction of the Rune clock that Werner Bülow created in the Edda Society.

Let's take a look at the German Workers Party which as we've already seen came out of the Thule society. In 1918 Rudolf von Sabatendorf wished to extend the influence of the Thule society to the working classes of Germany. He asked journalist Karl Hauer to form a workers ring as they called it. Hauer and fellow Thule Society member Anton Drexler formed the political workers circle. The group met every week throughout the winter of 1918 for discussions about nationalism and anti-Semitism.

At the instigation of Anton Drexler, this workers ring became the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German Workers Party or DAP on January 5th, 1919. There's Anton Drexler, one of the founding members of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

These were the four most influential founders of what eventually became the Nazi Party and it looked innocuous at the time. This was its logo, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei simply means German Workers Party. Drexler, Harrer, Dietrich Eckart and Gottfried Feder were the founders of it. Let's talk about now Dietrich Eckart.

(02:19:36) Dietrich Eckart was a German Völkisch journalist and political activist who was one of the founding members of the German Workers Party.

Eckart was a key influence on Adolf Hitler in the early years of the Nazi Party. He was a participant in the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, the first time Hitler tried to take over Germany, and died on December 26th of that year shortly after his release from Landsberg prison, which Hitler also went to after the failed coup d'etat.

Eckart was elevated to the status of a major thinker in the Nazi Third Reich upon the establishment of Nazi Germany in 1933 and was acknowledged by Hitler to be quote, the spiritual co-founder of Nazism, or again, he would have said National Socialism. And a guiding light of the early National Socialist Movement. So again, these are the ideologues, these are the occultists, these are the thinkers that actually paved the way for what the Nazis did. They're the ones who formulated the ideology.

Now we're going to see Hitler come onto the scene and make his rise to power and how that was done. In July of 1919, Adolf Hitler was sent as an intelligence agent of the German army to infiltrate the newly formed Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP, German Workers Party, and monitor its activities.

So Hitler was originally a spy that was spying on for the German military what became the Nazi party. And then he eventually joined it. He eventually realized, hey, I could take this over with the help of some of the occultists and I could run this whole thing. I could run the whole country. Forget being a spy for the military, I'll eventually seize military power.

Hitler quickly made an impression on the other DAP members and again, definitely its leadership who were the occultists, with his oratory abilities and if you really study that dynamic Hitler didn't have very formulated oratory abilities. He was known as a flat speaker when he first began public speaking. He was trained by occultists in neuro-linguistic programming techniques, more on that later, to become an effective public speaker.

The DAP's chairman, Anton Drexler, was impressed with Hitler and encouraged him to join the DAP. On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party because they wanted him to further infiltrate it. He was accepted into the DAP in September of 1919.

Hitler initially wanted to form his own political party but was convinced to join the DAP because it was small and he thought he could eventually become its leader. He consequently encouraged the DAP to become less of a debating society which it had been previously and more of an active political party.

The small number of party members were quickly won over to Hitler's political beliefs. With the support of Anton Drexler, Hitler became the chief of propaganda for the German Workers Party in early 1920.

In February of 1920, Hitler along with Anton Drexler and Gottfried Fetter, drafted a 25 point manifesto which summed up the German Workers' Party's political views including an expansionist foreign policy, again Lebensraum, the nullification of the Treaty of Versailles, which they saw as keeping Germany in an inferior position, you know, politically and militarily in Europe, and the creation of a greater Germany, again that's pan-Germanism, and exclusion of Jews from German citizenship. So more of the racial ideology of the Völkisch movement taken into the political realm.

On February 24th 1920 Hitler revealed that the DAP's new manifesto revealed the DAP's new manifesto in a speech at a DAP rally in Munich to over 2,000 people. On the same day, the DAP was officially renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party. I'll do my best to pronounce it.

National Socialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP, I think I did that pretty well, in an attempt to make the party more broadly appealing to larger segments of the population. The name was intended to draw upon both left-wing and right-wing ideals, with socialist and workers appealing to the left and national and German appealing to the right. Playing the polarization dialectics, incorporating them both, taking both so-called wings of politics to the same place. It's an ancient strategy and people still haven't figured it out.

This brings us to the National Socialist German Workers Party or NSDAP. Shortly after its official formation on February 24th 1920, the National Socialist German Workers Party announced that only persons of pure Aryan descent could become party members. Members of the NSDAP could not be related either directly or indirectly to a so-called non-Aryan.

So now they're really, you know, strong-arming the whole racial aspect of this. Party members found guilty of a racial defilement, were persecuted heavily and some even sentenced to death when the party eventually took over Germany. That was just for race mixing.

Adolf Hitler quickly became the NSDAP's most active orator with huge crowds flocking to hear him speak. Again, the occultists had already whipped them up into a fury with their former ideologies and organizations and now the whole Völkisch movement was dominant in Germany and they were they were praying for a Germanic savior like Hitler to come along.

Hitler soon became the party's most dominant political figure. The NSDAP continued to attract new members gathering over 2,000 members in its first year. On May 20th, 1920, the symbol of the swastika, which was originally a symbol used by various ancient cultures throughout the world to represent good fortune and spirituality, again distorted. That's all the occultists know how to do. They never really create anything new. They just twist and distort what already exists to their own ends.

So the swastika was formally adopted as the party emblem. In Völkisch circles, the swastika was considered the symbol of the Aryan race. It's two Sieg ruins together. It represented the replacement of the symbol of the Christian cross with allegiance to the National Socialist State.

In December 1920, the Nazi Party had acquired a newspaper, the Völkisch Observer, of which its leading ideologist, Alfred Rosenberg, became the editor. Others to join the Nazi Party around this time were Heinrich Himmler and World War I flying ace, Hermann Goering.

On July 29, 1921, Adolf Hitler officially replaced Anton Drexler as party chairman and was granted absolute power in the Nazi party as its sole leader. Hitler soon acquired the title Führer or leader and it was accepted that the Nazi party would be governed by the Führerprinzip, meaning the leader principle, again hierarchy, chain of command. The same principles of the occult structure of occult societies, organizations and how they want our world ultimately organized.

Under this principle, the party was a highly centralized entity. That's what all totalitarian regimes want. Centralization of power that utilized a strict top-down hierarchy with Hitler at the apex.

In September 1921 the Sturmabteilung the SA also known as the storm battalion or storm detachment, the stormtroopers again that's what really actually influenced the stormtroopers of Star Wars, also called the brown shirts, these were the Nazi Party's paramilitary. The Sturmabteilung was founded as a paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party and began violent attacks on other German political parties. They wanted to be the only game in town.

In 1922, the NSDAP formed its official youth organization for children of party members called Jugendbund der NSDAP, the youth league of the Nazi party which was a predecessor to the Hitlerjugend, the Hitler youth. Again that was the SA's insignia and here's a depiction of SA members marching through the streets, carrying the swastika banners.

On October 31st 1922, the National Fascist Party came into power in Italy under the dictator Benito Mussolini. Hitler was inspired by Mussolini and the Italian fascists, and he began to adopt elements of their form of fascism for the Nazi Party.

Hitler borrowed their use of the straight-armed salute as the Nazi salute. When the fascists took control of Italy through their coup d'etat called the March on Rome, Hitler began planning his own coup d'etat less than a month later.

By November 1923, Hitler had decided that the time was right for an attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic and seize power in Munich.

On the night of November 8th, 1923, the Nazis used a patriotic rally in a Munich beer hall to launch an attempted putsch or coup d'etat. This so-called beer hall putsch failed within one day when German military commanders refused to support it.

Hitler and a number of his supporters were arrested and tried for treason in March 1924. Hitler and some of his close associates were convicted but given very lenient prison sentences. While he was in Landsberg prison, Hitler wrote his political manifesto called Mein Kampf or My Struggle.

The Nazi Party was officially banned in Germany on November 9, 1923. However, it continued to operate under the name the German Party or Deutsche Partei or DP. And again there's a cover of a modern printing of Mein Kampf.

Hitler was released from Landsberg prison on December 20th 1924. On Feb 16, 1925, Hitler convinced German authorities to lift the ban on the Nazi party and it was formally re-founded on February 26th 1925 with Hitler as its undisputed leader.

It was at this time that Hitler began referring to himself as der Fuehrer, the leader. Nuremberg, Germany had remained a Nazi party stronghold during this time. So Hitler decided to hold the first Nuremberg rally there in 1927.

The Nuremberg rallies soon became massive displays of Nazi paramilitary power and attracted many recruits to the party. By 1929 the NSDAP had 130,000 members and I mean they gathered bigger than any modern football game in force, especially the members of the SA or Sturmabteilung.

The Blutpfand or blood flag was the flag that was carried, and here we're going to start seeing some of the occult inspired rituals, the religious rituals and regalia of the Third Reich. The blood flag was the flag that was carried during the failed November Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 during which it became soaked in the blood of a fallen member of the Sturmabteilung.

When the Munich police fired on the Nazis, the flag bearer Heinrich Traumbauer was hit and dropped the banner. He dropped the flag. Andreas Bauriedl, a member of the SA, who was marching alongside the flag, was killed and fell onto the flag, staining it with his blood. Hence it became known as the blood flag.

The blood flag subsequently became one of the most revered objects. It was a revered religious relic of the Nazi party and an object of pseudo-religious ritual. All new Nazi flags needed to be quote consecrated in a ritualized manner by it being physically touched to the original blood flag.

So here you see that ceremony being performed and then Hitler touching the new banner that had been created for the SA to the original blood flag. They incorporated all kinds of pseudo-religious rituals into all of their proceedings and then it got really intense with the coming of the SS and it really became an occult order. The whole Nazi regime was really led by an inner occult order as we're going to get to.

During the Great Depression in the early 1930s, the German economy was beset with mass unemployment and widespread business failures. The Nazis blamed the crisis on Jewish financiers and the Bolsheviks, a position which resonated with wide sections of the German electorate.

In the 1930 elections, the Nazis won 18 percent of the votes and became the second largest party in the Reichstag or German Parliament.

By 1932 the Sturmabteilung had grown to 400,000 members. That's bigger than almost every country's army. And its street battles with other political paramilitaries reduced some German cities to combat zones.

So before they even seized actual political power through seizing the German government, their strong arm paramilitary was already killing people in the streets of Germany in a warfare like fashion. This is where the United States is going to be headed with the political polarization that exists here.

Part of Hitler's appeal to a frightened and demoralized middle class was a promise to restore law and order. How many times do politicians promise that? And again, because of what his own people were doing. He created the problem and then he tells people, you got to give me power so I can restore law and order. It's one of the most ancient games in the book.

In the July 1932 Reichstag election, the Nazis won 37% of the vote and became the largest party in the German parliament by a wide margin. So you're seeing them become more and more and more popular with the German people.

The German people voted for Hitler primarily because of his promises to revive the economy, restore German greatness and save Germany from communism. Hitler was again, two masks of the same face playing off against each other, just for complete control. They'll continue to do this for as long as the tactic works. They don't need to change the tactic because it works. Until the public wakes up to it, that it's all nonsense, and stops supporting either side, this tactic will continue to work flawlessly.

Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933. On February 27th a fire broke out in the German parliamentary building the Reichstag, widely recognized as a false flag operation. This fire gave Hitler a pretext for suppressing his political opponents and again this is the same tactic. You create the problem, you blame it on your political opponents and then you have the justification to go and seize more power, implement more control, hurt more people, etc.

False flags have also constantly worked throughout the ages because the public is not psychologically sophisticated enough en mass to understand how this tactic works. So clearly the Nazis started this fire and said, oh our political opponents did it, we got to go and hunt them all down and kill them.

The Reichstag fire decree was issued the following day, which suspended most civil liberties within Germany because of this threat. Sound familiar after 9-11? The NSDAP won the parliamentary election of March 5 with 34% of the votes. You see they're going up and up and up in popularity. On March 23rd the German Parliament passed the Enabling Act which gave the cabinet the right to enact laws without the consent of the Parliament. In effect the Enabling Act gave Hitler dictatorial powers because he was the head of the Nazi Party.

Now possessing virtually absolute power, the Nazis abolished all labor unions, banned all other political parties, and began imprisoning their political opponents, first at improvised camps, like at Dachau, then in full concentration camps.

The law against the formation of political parties of July 14, 1933, legally established the Nazi party's political monopoly in Germany. Yes, legally. Everything the Nazis did was done through legal decree. It was all legal according to them. When asked in an interview in 1934 whether the Nazis were a right-wing party as alleged by their political opponents, listen to Hitler's response. Hitler responded that Nazism was not exclusively for any class and indicated that it favored neither the left nor the right but quote-unquote preserved pure elements from both camps, and he stated quote from the camp of bourgeois tradition meaning the aristocratic class or the moneyed class, it takes national resolve. And from the materialism of Marxist dogma, it takes living creative socialism.

So he is telling people out in the open, it is a blending of these ideologies into his form of fascist political ideology. Very, very out in the open, blatant and in people's face about it. And people would still say their polarized opposites.

From June 30th to July 2nd, 1934, Hitler disempowered the SA, the Sturmabteilung, through secretly coordinated assassinations of the SA’s leadership. Here we have the example of people who helped him attain his rise to power are getting thrown under the bus. Because that's what the dark occultists do. As soon as they are done using you as a tool, we are done with this tool, out it goes, into the garbage dump of history. We are going to assassinate them, we are going to implement some new people who don't have any of the historic hindsight of how this all happened. They bring young idiots in to keep doing what the old idiots did. They don't need the old idiots anymore. Now they got young dupes in their place.

So this operation was known as the night of the long knives. Hitler accused the leader of the SA, Ernst Röhm, of conspiring to stage a coup d'etat. But this was simply a pretense to justify the suppression of any intra-party opposition. He didn't want people that already had some physical paramilitaristic power engaging a coup later on. So that's what the Night of the Long Knives was all about.

The executions under the Night of the Long Knives were carried out by the Schutzstaffel, the SS, Hitler's personal protection squadron, led by the Reichsführer SS, or Reichsleiter of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, and assisted by the Nazi's Gestapo secret police force and members of the Reichswehr, the German armed forces.

After the night of the long knives, the SA continued to exist but lost much of its importance while the role of the SS grew significantly. Formerly only a sub-organization of the SA, the Schutzstaffel was made into a separate organization of the National Socialist German Workers' Party in July of 1934.

On Aug 2, 1934, Hitler merged the offices of party leader, head of state, and chief of government into one position, taking the title of Führer und Reichskanzler, leader and Reich Chancellor, blurring the distinction between structures of party and state even further.

Under Hitler's direct authority, the Schutzstaffel increasingly exerted police functions and the Zeicherheitsdienst or SD became the de facto intelligence agency of Nazi Germany. This would have been the equivalent of the CIA today.

On September 1st 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland beginning the conflict of World War II. Officially, Nazi Germany lasted only 12 years, finally coming to an end when the instrument of surrender was signed by a representative of the German high command on May 8, 1945, which officially ended the war in Europe. I'm going to show that instrument of surrender later on today.

The formal abolition of the Nazi party took place on October 10, 1945, which was followed by the trials of major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. Since its inception, the Nazi Party was ultimately responsible for the deaths of approximately 20 million human beings.

(02:44:01) So the next occultist I want to explore is Erik Jan Hanussen.

This is the person who trained Hitler in his speaking techniques. Again, most people will have never heard of him.

Hitler was a flat speaker. In almost every documented piece of writing about how Hitler spoke before he was trained by Jan Hanussen, people said he didn't have good inflection in his voice and he did not have good control of the crowd. He wasn't a commanding presence while speaking. Hanussen changed all of that.

Erik Jan Hanussen was an Austrian hypnotist, mentalist, occultist and astrologer, who instructed Adolf Hitler on how to achieve dramatic effect and elicit emotional responses during his speaking performances.

Hanussen taught Hitler a set of occult speaking techniques that later became known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, which uses word choice, tone, cadence, and body language to subtly influence thought at the subconscious level.

Hitler took regular lessons in speaking and in mass psychology from Hanussen. Hanussen met with Hitler shortly before the elections of November of 1932, during which Hanussen taught Hitler his crowd control techniques of using hand gestures and dramatic pauses.

Now here's what becomes very interesting because Hanussen got thrown under the bus, but for a different reason, not because they just wanted to attack him for his occult knowledge as they did other occultists, but because he was what he claimed to be be a prognosticator or predictor of the future, and one of the things that Hanussen predicted was the Reichstag fire. You see. He knew of the false flag operation and wanted to get credit for predicting it so he blabbed about it.

In his most famous feat of alleged clairvoyance Hanussen quote-unquote predicted the Reichstag fire, the event that allowed Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933. This was most likely a very miscalculated use of inside information.

Some researchers have claimed that Hanussen may have been directly involved in the Reichstag fire by hypnotizing the convicted arsonist Marinus van der Lubbe to commit the act of arson.

Hanussen was subsequently assassinated by members of the Sturmabteilung on March 25th 1933 and his body was found over a month later buried in a field on the outskirts of Berlin.

These people don't play though, right? They don't play games. If you are really on the inside, they take the oaths of loyalty to them very seriously and they take people out who go against their oaths of loyalty. Fortunately, I never took those oaths of loyalty.

I was still at least enough in the exoteric realm, on the outside of it all, that I never actually swore allegiance to these people, because if you do then you're done. They don't let you out of those oaths. I did not take those oaths to the occult orders that I was involved in. I worked with them, I observed, they wanted to groom me and take me up into higher levels, but that never materialized, thank God.

So, Rudolf Hess was a leading member of the Nazi party. He was an ardent student of astrology and other occult sciences. The Nazi regime was just littered with occultists, filled with dark occultists. This guy was a low-ranking man. He was like Hitler's next in line to take over as Chancellor, but he didn't have any real political power. The real occultists were all behind the scenes and we'll get to those people. But Hess was just a poster child of the Nazis.

He was a prominent member of the Nazi party but as far as real power being wielded it was not Hess. He was appointed as the deputy Fuehrer to Adolf Hitler on April 21st 1933. Hess held that position until 1941 when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate the UK's exit from World War II. His plane was shot down and he was taken prisoner and convicted of war crimes. He was serving a life sentence when he committed suicide in 1987. Again you'll see the theme of suicide of these people and occultists all over the place.

In 1919, Hess enrolled in the University of Munich where he studied geopolitics politics under a cultist called Haushofer, a prominent proponent of the concept of Lebensraum or living space, which became one of the pillars of Nazi ideology.

Hess joined the Nazi party on July 1st 1920 and was at Hitler's side for the failed Beer Hall Putsch on November 8th 1923. While serving his prison sentence for the attempted coup, Hess assisted Hitler with Mein Kampf. This is one of his big claims to fame. And of course, Mein Kampf became a foundation of the political platform of the Nazi party.

Now Hess was a long time associate of Karl Haushofer, and this is one of the people that really informed both Hitler and Hess's ideologies. And he did that through what he called geopolitics or what we now call geopolitics and Lebensraum.

Karl Haushofer was a German general and professor whose concept of geopolitics greatly influenced the ideological development of Adolf Hitler. Haushofer also coined the political use of the term Lebensraum, a concept Hitler used to justify genocide.

Under the Nuremberg laws regarding race, Haushofer's half-Jewish wife and their children were categorized as Mischlinge, race mixers. So again, even their own people came down under levels of persecution if they didn't fully conform to what the good Nazi was in their structure of control.

After retiring from the German army with the rank of Major General in 1919, Haushofer forged a close friendship with Rudolf Hess, who became his personal assistant. He became a teacher of politics and philosophy, and I would say probably occult ideology to both Hess and Hitler while they were in Landsberg prison following the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

Every Wednesday between June 24th and December 12th, 1924, Haushofer traveled from Munich to Landsberg and offered hours of intense personal mentoring to both Hess and Hitler, whom Haushofer called his young eagles.

Historian Joachim Fest stated that bringing Haushofer and Hitler together was the most important personal contribution that Rudolf Hess made to the creation of National Socialism. And again, most people never would ever hear Haushofer’s name, one of the most influential ideologues of the Third Reich, prior to the rise of the Third Reich.

After the establishment of the Nazi government, Rudolf Hess protected Haushofer's wife from the Nuremberg Laws. Under Hitler's regime, Haushofer became rich and influential, but his influence shrank abruptly after Hess was captured in the United Kingdom.

So you see this is how they take care of each other in a certain way. Hess was protecting his political and ideological mentor, but once Hess went out of the picture, then they came after Haushofer and his wife.

Before being prosecuted at the Nuremberg tribunals for complicity in Nazi war crimes, Haushofer committed suicide together with his wife near their home in Bavaria Germany. So he committed suicide with his wife to avoid being brought up on war crimes charges at Nuremberg. And folks, I'm not gonna have any particular place I'm going to leave it. I'm just going to continue until one and then we'll take our break and wherever I'm at, I'm at and pick up on the other side of the break.

The next section is about the Nazis secret police force, the Gestapo.

The Gestapo

The Gestapo or Geheimstaatspolizei, the secret state police was the official secret state police force of Nazi Germany. The Gestapo was created by Hermann Goering in 1933 by combining the various political police agencies of Prussia into one organization.

On April 20th 1934 oversight of the Gestapo passed to the head of the Schutzstaffel, Heinrich Himmler, who was also appointed chief of German police by Adolf Hitler in 1936. So here you're seeing the further consolidation of power. The SA became less influential and while the Gestapo continued its secret police activities they were absorbed under Heimer Kimmler's SS. The SS ultimately ran everything within the Nazi Party and we're going to see there was a secret order within the SS that almost certainly called all of the important shots.

The Gestapo had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and attacks on the Nazi Party. Laws passed by the Nazi government in 1936 gave the Gestapo carte blanche to operate without judicial review, in effect putting the organization of the Gestapo above the law.

As early as 1935 a Prussian administrative court had ruled that the Gestapo's actions were not subject to judicial review. Most Nazis considered that as long as the Gestapo was carrying out the will of the Führer it was acting quote-unquote legally.

And this is what believers of all authoritarianism think. If the authority says that it is right, then it is right. If the authority says that it is wrong, then it is wrong. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is moral relativism, one of the defining hallmark ideologies of Satanism.

And I think that's a pretty good place to leave section one. We'll pick up with section two at 2:30pm. Please be back and ready to go. Promptly at 2:30, an hour and a half break, 2:30 we resume promptly. Thank you.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
The state and Satan are the same thing. This section is about various state shenanigans, psy-ops, distractions, misdirections, misinformation, and disinformation, threats of violence and/or actual use thereof, that ALL so-called "nations" use to mind control their populations.