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The problem(s) with "State"-anic order followers

Must statists always be with us?

In prep for my soon upload of Mark’s Passio’s “Two Masks” presentation, I can pretty much guess Mark would agree that both Nazis and Communists think similar to the order followers in the video above, less some immediate physical violence, but the violence came eventually in the next video(s):

The Authority Problem Part 2: UK order followers refuse to think for themselves and even arrest those who dare do so

If you can stomach the bullshit, retired police officer, Mark Sexton, from the video(s) above, continues his struggles with the “system” in the next video:

The Authority Problem Part 3: Retired police constable Mark Sexton from the above video(s) with updates about his efforts

James Roguski substack regarding some courageous people and actions regarding above videos.

James Roguski
Mark Sexton, a retired police constable, has been calling for official police investigations into multiple crimes against humanity for many, many months. Philip Hyland and Mark Sexton have filed a claim that is explained in the video and is detailed and made available below…
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Dr. Yeadon substack, where he attempts to help Mark Sexton in his stuggles to stop the ongoing covid vaccine genocide.

Exposing The Darkness
Dr. Mike Yeadon: Introductory Statement About Serious Crimes
Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. One-time or recurring donations can be made through Ko-Fi…
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Your efforts, Mark Sexton et al., have NOT gone unnoticed……the other Mark, Mark Passio, will soon have his “Two Masks” presentation uploaded to this site to add to your voice(s)!


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
The state and Satan are the same thing. This section is about various state shenanigans, psy-ops, distractions, misdirections, misinformation, and disinformation, threats of violence and/or actual use thereof, that ALL so-called "nations" use to mind control their populations.