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The parable of, "The Gorn conspiracy"

This classic Star Trek episode called, “Arena”, serves up some big clues about what the fuck on earth is happening.

In this episode of the original Star Trek TV series, the Enterprise pursues an alien ship of previously unknown design after it had attacked an Earth colony. A powerful race known as the Metrons force the captains of both ships to fight to settle the dispute.

My allegorical take on it is this: Kirk represents all “good” sentient beings in the universe (not perfect, but good … humans, angels, aliens, etc…), the Gorn represents all “evil” sentient beings in the universe (humans, demons, artificial intelligence X, etc…), and the Metrons represent Originator-Creator-Oversoul(s).

To end their conflict quickly & easily, the Metrons would destroy the losing ship and crew, as decided by a fight to the death between Kirk and the Gorn captain. The Gorn was too physically strong, so Kirk had to use his intuitive intelligence, to create a primitive “gun” to assist in winning the contest. Kirk won, offered mercy to his enemies, but the Metrons were still willing to destroy the evildoers, nonetheless.

The forces allied against us seem so strong! But they are already defeated. I AM one “Kirk” who has changed my “vote” among the other “Kirks”. We have attempted talks with the Gorn in good faith, but they simply do not seem capable, nor desirous, of the same courtesy. It seems they want to be destroyed. So be it. That is the “Metrons” job, and I say let them do their job.

…… I am not talking about this physical life of flesh and blood, in case metaphor talk is not something you are used to ……


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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