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Primer on Mark's "Two Masks" presentation, soon to be uploaded here

......who really deserves to die?......

The above is a brief clip from the movie, “A Time to Kill”. In the movie, some evil men raped, tortured, and murdered the man’s daughter. Can you blame him for desiring they die and burn in hell?

If you investigate deep enough, you come to understand (as Mark does) the horrific things the Satanic controllers of the world do to children, while hiding behind the state. I think Mark’s followers are tough enough to handle a few videos about such:

Document about state child abuse

Those like Mark, and myself, who understand the evils of government slavery and oppose it, cannot help but feel like Maximus in the clip below, from the movie Gladiator.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Emperor Commodus character represents those who directly & consciously work in government and/or the Emperor of Rome represents all who condone state violence by believing it is somehow necessary “for the greater good”.

Russel Crowe’s Maximus character encapsulates the attitude of all decent people, abused by the state’s mere existence and come to understand this, who are determined to have “our vengeance in this life or the next”, as the gladiator so convincingly & justly says.

If you need to stoke some more Maximus type outrage energy against the state, check out Dr. Makis’ interview below about Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Dr. Makis on substack

Note: I have met Dr. Makis personally on his public speaking engagements, as he lives in my province. I know Dr. Makis is a real person, and this is NOT a hoax interview.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
What the fuck on Earth is happening and what the fuck to do about it
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