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Interview with a moron, who has ZERO understanding of natural law and loves violence & government slavery

Owen's Benjamin’s stupid argument is that simply because violent gangs called government claim ownership over all the land of the earth, it is our current reality, so it's right and reality and just deal with it. Also, the Federal reserve did NOT work hard to make that money. Click on a computer button and make it fiat from nothing. So, we must pay 40% for fake Fed dollars because they kill for us, and that is a service I must pay for or get killed? And this makes sense to this moron?

He loves violence and thinks it is normal, but just doesn’t want to risk doing it himself. It is NOT normal, but cowardly, and it is low consciousness state of mind to think like him. Just because the evil of this world has become normalized and brainwashes people like Owen DOES NOT MAKE IT MORAL OR RIGHT! He is indoctrinated and conditioned to accept violence and evil, so he rationalizes and justifies it. Rather than admit government is wrong and look for higher consciousness solutions, he wants to justify low consciousness-evolution state.

People like this are not worth talking to, as he is determined NOT to be convinced. But the interview was entertaining. He also claimed the only reason he owns his house is because the government allows it and enforces it with violence. Actually, he does NOT own his home. Nobody does, because if you don't pay your rental fee (which they re-name to property tax to confuse you) they take your house and evict you, just like a non-paying renter.

The problem is people like Owen are cowards, because he wants violence to enforce things but doesn't want to do it himself, but rather pay government to do it for him. Until true freedom comes and anarchy becomes common sense, yes there would probably be some violence and good people would probably have to VOLUNTARILY work together and risk death to implement full freedom, but voluntary militias don't FORCE people to fight other evil gangs. Good people know it is sometimes necessary, and proper to defend oneself and those s/he loves.

Governments order police and soldiers to kill on demand, just because they say so, not totally voluntary or because the individual thinks it correct self-defense or a just war. Also, Government is the one doing sex trafficking, in secret. He is naive. The deep state uses children in horrible ways. He doesn't have a clue about anything. Forget him, I say. Here is some conditioning currently going on.

There was NO evil government thousands of years ago, when matriarchy existed. Followers of the goddess lived love/truth/freedom voluntarily, but patriarchy types "Annunaki" around 3400BC showed up and used violence to condition the collective consciousness to think violent slavery is normal. Owen is wrong and doesn't know true history to think humanity has always been brutalized by governments and we can never change this so-called “fact”.

Owen seems to think government protects children from sexual manipulation and child sex trafficking? He thinks government protects the world from child porn etc.??? He should watch this too, as the WHO is currently doing a worldwide coup d'état, and this is the future the WEF/WHO/United nations wants for the world:

Owen Benjamin is uneducated about what on earth is happening, and 100% stupid fucking moron.


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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