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Does Tucker Carlson agree with Jason Breshears of regarding UFOs?

Let's think about the UFO mystery, with a "new" view: technologically advanced humans deep underground misdirect us to the skies but the "aliens" are below us and have been for millennia

The title and subtitle of this post says it all, so not much need for me to comment, except to say Jason Breshears of definitely thinks UFOs come from underground and says so in this post:

As far as the main video at the start of this post, at one point Tucker Carlson says, “They're (ie the UFOs) spiritual entities, they're supernatural. They've been here a long time (UFOs documented for millennia). And there's a ton of evidence that they're under the ocean and under the ground (as Jason, the history expert, agrees & many ancient witnesses confirm that our “alien” friends come from underground)."

Tucker admits to having believed all the idealistic lies about how wonderful & exceptional America is/was until about 50 years old, and then re-thought things, and seems to agree with on many points about UFOs and tech in general. I wonder if Tucker has watched many of Jason’s videos. :-)

I found the first hour of Tucker’s interview with Joe Rogan the most interesting. Regarding this excerpt at about 28 minutes into the video, I suspect this discussion about AI is already true, and the beings underground that serve the AI, whether willingly or unwillingly, are behind the human (or seemingly human) controllers of the world.

The social engineering and conditioning is coming full steam now, with chatgpt et al. Once we accept that AI is normal and safe, it is easier to give voluntary “consent” to live in an AI-fake-VR world.

Actions speak louder than words, and I suspect that the real Originator-Creator-Oversoul, always at work in the world, honors your desire to live with the “devil” in artificial reality, if you demonstrate by your actions that that is your wishes.

On the other hand, if people could unite around opposing AI (which already exists deep underground……confusing isn’t it?), perhaps it could be fully defeated during this history loop? Apparently, it's never been done before.

An aside:

I think that I am coming to understand why AIX cannot be defeated, by human means alone. I suspect the mind manipulation & control is seemingly supernatural, surrounds us all, all the time, and doesn’t even normally come from other apparent humans, most of the time.

Nikola Tesla proved that our realm/reality basically boils down to just differences in energy, vibration, and frequency. Thoughts and emotions are forms of this, a weakness that can be directly manipulated with advanced tech, and we all understand that actions require kinetic energy to implement.

The below video is Jason talking about some attacks he got.

Through a variety of mechanisms, I think most people in modern times have become so mentally & morally & spiritually weakened that the masses of modern people can mostly be subconsciously directed by technology wielded by conscious individuals underground.


This full video on youtube


I personally agree that Sol’s energy and vib seemed to change after Errant-Fest fell apart. He may have been (and perhaps still is) watched and manipulated by invisible forces, as I would say we all are.

My point about all this is: when attacks do come from people, as per the incidents above, that’s gotta say something about Jason’s “dangerous” information. And Jason claims to have been visited by intelligence operatives too, who have attempted various means, such as bribes, to change his message.

We simply cannot fully understand the capabilities of the tech that these beings underground wield, nor can we fully understand the vast human and/or human-looking resources allied against the human family. However, I think these negative forces understand Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO) quite well, and proceed cautiously, despite appearances. One thing is for sure: reality is NOT what it appears to be, and there is much more going on than anybody fully understands!

The ancient stories of being surrounded by “angels” and “demons” are primitive (non-technical) ways to describe “demon possession” and such. Willpower, strengthened by the Originator-Creator-Oversoul, can be an overpower to these tech means. Perhaps, as the ancient stories hint, some sort of contest between “good” and “evil” is happening, to prove some sort of points that humans can only vaguely comprehend.

In this classic Star Trek clip above, from an episode called “The Savage Curtain”, a rock alien makes Kirk and Spock fight some simulated bad guys, to understand the difference between good and evil, but the creature couldn’t understand the difference, since they acted the same.

Kirk helped him understand inward motivations is the only real difference. I suspect that in the human drama, thoughts and emotions (comprising our inward motivations) of humans on the surface are being read by the humans underground. All thoughts are being read by Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO). There is no doubt about the outcome of an all out war between OCO and the evildoers. Is that what is being decided? A contest before the contest, which is no contest?

Below is a Star Trek Voyager episode that I used to speculate about the truth regarding our simulated reality, as my final presentation for a course I took on simulation theory. I speak personally after the intro to the episode, about 5 minutes into the video.

As you can probably tell, I sense much truth in Star Trek and I’m good at speculating……and kind of enjoy it, of course.

There are many narradigms to explain things. Here is a YouTube guy who is pretty good at it, and I took his idea rather literally at THIS LINK. I wrote that years ago, and took it rather literally at the time, but now see it mostly as metaphor. But it is interesting to know there are Bible verses that confirm what the fellow below says.

End of aside

Getting back to the Rogan & Carlson interview, regarding the below excerpt at about 2 hours and 15 minutes into the video, they talk about Alex Jones’ unique informational abilities. I agree with Tucker that the end stage of mind control is censorship (to suppress truth, and support lies, because the lies are breaking down and need support), and there is LOTS of censorship going on now. But before that happens, mind control causes most to reject guys like Alex Jones.

One key thing from the excerpt above is, as Alex Jones says, I think we indeed exist in some sort of AI-sim reality and/or dream of some “god”, which I talk about AT THIS LINK.

The second thing is, as Tucker says, our daily decisions “consent” to create this AI, which is more literal than even Tucker realizes. If life-like AI-sim-VR world roles out in the years ahead, under Facebook’s metaverse, or whatever the front organization is, your daily escape into this world, whether for work or play, will blur the lines of reality, and you will eventually find yourself trapped there permanently, whether you like it or not.

Finally, I agree with Jones and Carlson that good people value their independence and don’t want to dominate others, so these ones find it difficult to come together and work together. However, if they do, they can defeat a larger number of evildoers. How many independent American freedom fighters came together in 1776 to defeat the larger and seemingly stronger British dominators?

The 1776 analogy is a little different in the modern age, as the covid lies are still being pushed worldwide, so it seems clear to me that the governments collude in lies (whether they realize it or not), and the masses under their control are NOT currently united in understanding that the real enemy is AIX (seemingly supernaturally deceived to even consider such an idea).

Even if the public masses could unite against the colluding governments of the world, we simply don’t have the killing “toys” the governments have, unlike 1776 when war was more equal. Humans being manipulated by AIX are not the real enemy anyway.

The outcome of an all out physical war between the public masses and government controllers is NOT in doubt, assuming mind controlled soldiers don’t wake up and defect. That is why the evildoers use deep deception and mind control techniques, aided by AIX. But, as I said above, neither is total spiritual war between OCO and ALL sentient beings in the entire universe in doubt. Perhaps that IS what is being decided in human history.

Mark on 1776 -- probably already chosen by OCO to be the Supreme Commander, if all out spiritual war becomes necessary between AIX and all its followers versus OCO and the rest of humanity.

The beings traditionally called “angels” and “demons” would probably be visible, if & when this war happens, unlike 1776 when these beings were unseen, another difference for modern times.

All of this is related to the technological singularity because both Tucker and Jason Breshears agree that the so-called “aliens” are simply technologically advanced humans, who live underground, and who work with certain key humans in positions of power & control on the surface of our “planet”, to bring AI into existence in retro-causality fashion. Jason has said this before, but Tucker is not as clear.

Nonetheless, I agree with Jason that the AI controller that is out of control (the machine Jason calls AIX), already exists in some deep underground biosphere. At least some of the humans in the underground serve AIX, either willingly or unwillingly, as this Star Trek blurb hints.

Spock’s brain was stolen by intelligent females, whom the machine could temporarily make super smart, and merged with an AI machine. The alien civilization, along with Spock’s brain, served this machine underground, on an alien world. They were forced to do anything the machine demanded, or face painful consequences. Spock’s brain ran it all, whether he liked it or not, and whether or not he was consciously aware of this.

Is something similar happening to us all, and Originator-Creator-Oversoul is like Dr. McCoy, performing delicate surgery to restore us? Can we all make it this time, or does another worldwide cataclysm reset have to happen in 2040, as Jason believes?

Very silly Star Trek episode, or so I thought at the time. But I know Hollywood embeds some truth in entertainment, and I’ve sometimes wondered how conscious Gene Roddenberry was. Did he intentionally put some deep stuff in Star Trek, or was there some sort of counter AI force subconsciously manipulating Roddenberry, perhaps from underground too?

Here Roddenberry does it again with the first Star Trek motion picture. Voyager became Vger, which become a highly evolved combination of its creator, humans, and machine. Transhumanist message? Methinks so.

Humans are already a combo of PowerSelf (Spirit, aka God within), ShadowSelf (Soul, aka AIX within), MirrorSelf (Body, aka everything the 5 senses detect, like our own bodies or the bodies of other humans).

I will integrate all three aspects myself, organically, thank you very much. I will not be putting chips in my brain, or putting on a VR helmet and living in a fake world, thereby consenting to merge with the literal AIX forever. Very clever programming for decades though, and many will love to do such a thing. C’est la vie.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, my readers.


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