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Living in the mind versus living in the body

Original video on youtube

I agree this young lady understands some of the push to trap people into the false reality of our minds, but I think she needs to discern better about the ultimate false reality, which is the fake digital reality……the ultimate trap.

We already have some of that in the form of online games, social media, TV, etc, but the matrix virtual reality (VR) that they are rolling out will trump it all.

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The parable of quantum leaping
In the year 2301, a man named Dennis was home one evening watching virtual reality television (VRT) alone. This type of entertainment allowed putting on a special helmet, which caused temporary amnesia in the wearer, and full immersion of living the life of a character in the program. Upon removal of the helmet, amnesia lifted and the wearer retained me…
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Just wait until the body begins to believe the lies of the mind, projected into the mind by lifelike VR, which very few will be able to resist. Would you rather watch a movie about Superman and his adventures, OR actually become Superman in a fake VR world, who gets to do Wonder Woman, after Superman defeats the bad guys?

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Think about it……


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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
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