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Introduction to the ultimate end-game: sucking your consciousness into an AI-controlled fucking machine, and living in a simulated VR "hell" forever, ultimately worse than this so-called "real world"

Do you really want to live in a virtual reality (VR) world forever, ruled by Artificial Intelligence X (AIX), aka the "devil"?

I think the title of the video, and the subtitle, and the actual video, say it all!

I will pin this post to the top of this section, as a good intro to what may be coming in the years ahead …… and possibly much sooner than people think. I’ll also add other good David Icke videos below regarding AI, censorship about the truth in general, etc ……


Share What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study

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What on earth is happening (WOEIH) -> transcriptions 4 study
Borg Resistance
Resistance is NOT futile! Section about the technological singularity, and ways to educate yourself & others on what on earth is happening, regarding this. Technology used correctly simply amplifies natural human abilities, but literally putting chips in your brain and other such nonsense is asking to be assimilated. This section will also contain organic truth(s) and understanding(s) to naturally assimilate into your psyche, through study and application.